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Forum Post: We need to build our own Bailout....

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 8, 2012, 10:44 a.m. EST by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC
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we (the middle class) are not spending because we have little capital to spend... for a zillion reasons.. but mostly because we had no bailout and the necessary capital to rebuild our economy is not trickling like the dunbasses promise.... so... the real answer is to either socialize (which would be a big step backwards) or to build our own source of development capital.... here's my view of a good way... and I'm sure there are other ways that work too... let's do anything and everything that helps...




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[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 6 years ago

instead of just linking to this forum, you should bump your thread, and hit some other forums with this exact post linking to that thread on this forum.





[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

Hi Richard... I just thought the "Bailout" keyword might catch some of those who havn't seen the thread...

I'll check your links... I've participated on many Occupy sites... personally I believe this one we're on... has the most activity ... thx

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 6 years ago

It does but the others get a lot of traffic and your topic may bring more folks here, is what I was getting at. It's a topic that would interest many, good hook. :)

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

cool ... ;)

[-] -3 points by FreeDiscussion2 (9) 6 years ago

STOP,,,, STOP. Your friends that read slow probably had a heart attack. I,,,, love the first part of your Subject post, "We need to BUILD OUR OWN,,,,,,,,,," Way cool. Build your own. What a novel idea. Actually roll up your sleeves and solve your own problems for a change. "BUILD OUR OWN",, what an idea. Not one whine word in the messsage. WE NEED TO,,,,,, BUILD OUR OWN. You know some of the OWS lazy folks on here would be very mad at the idea that they would actually have to DOOOooooooo something rather than have someone else DOOOOooooooo something for them. BUILD OUR OWN is the new battle cry. (bet it wont. bet it will be, GIVE ME SOMETHING BECAUSE I DESERVE IT.)

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

don't worry FD2... we'll fix it up for ya ...