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Forum Post: We march in the Manhattan streets with our Ron Paauulll signs!

Posted 9 years ago on Nov. 6, 2011, 2:25 p.m. EST by thomasmiller (163)
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I am setting this up right here, right now. I believe we all have one common agreement in this forum and that Ron should be President of the United States. The main reason why the NYPD chose to use pepper spray is because they were pissed we voted for Obama and you know what...I dont blame the NYPD because I feel like I deserve to get sprayed with it after voting for Obama.

Please join me on Monday and march for Ron Lawllll. I bet you the NYPD would gladly mount a sign on the back of their vans and Bloomberg would join in the march! We might even get Ed Koch too.



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[-] 3 points by brightonsage (4494) 9 years ago

I don't think so. Please find another group.

[-] -1 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

So let me guess, it's an equal voice for the people, as long as they agree with you. Your kind are destroying occupies ideology.

[-] 1 points by otherdreams (34) 9 years ago

Yeah, I totally relate to your sentiment. I agree that OWS has more power when it is less specific and focused.

And by the same token, I hate hearing on the news that we demand government hand-outs, jobs bills, and other federal programs.. because I, for one, would like to get myself out of debt to the banks and to the government. I don't trust that mostly anything they would offer us could actually serve our needs or best interests.

No thanks.


More government spending will not bring prosperity to us or to our country.

[-] 1 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

I do agree with that. In fact the biggest problem that Occupy has right now other than bad media presence from both halves of that corporate monster is the internal problem of the "GiveMe" crowd who ask for handouts to take them out of their own bad decisions while they demand we stop handouts to big business. Neither handout is right in my opinion.

[-] 2 points by nucleus (3291) 9 years ago


We do not support an election campaign for 2012. At all. We have removed election material for Obama, Paul, Warren, Paul, Cain, Paul, Perry, Paul, the green party, Paul, Nader, Paul, and did I mention Paul? The spamming by the Ron Lawl 2012 fan club was getting out of hand. We will continue to remove such material and any call for the Paul 2012 campaign will, at this point, be considered spamming. End of. We're tired of hearing about it. Main street debates are also largely off topic.

[-] 2 points by MortgagedTent (121) 9 years ago

Bring it on. We need to consider every angle of how to fix this economy.

[-] 2 points by notaneoliberal (2269) 9 years ago

No, we don't want RP.

[-] 2 points by an0n (764) 9 years ago

Lawn Roll 2102?

[-] 2 points by nucleus (3291) 9 years ago

Prawn Loll.

[-] 1 points by looselyhuman (3117) 9 years ago

an0n explained the 2102 thing in another thread. Was classic: "democrats vote on wednesday, libertards in 2102."

I almost peed my pants.

[-] 1 points by puff6962 (4052) 9 years ago

More like 1892.

[-] 1 points by an0n (764) 9 years ago

All of this has happened before, all of it will happen again.

[-] 0 points by puff6962 (4052) 9 years ago

History may not repeat, but it does rhyme.

[-] 1 points by Riott (44) 9 years ago

RP shares some very good views that would put a stop to government spending, bailouts, and the fed. If he could do that, he's worth a 4 year term. Use him for what he's worth, why let somebody else fill the role? This nation does require a leader, wouldn't you want that leader to put an end to this economic disaster?

[-] 3 points by notaneoliberal (2269) 9 years ago

More free market stupidity is not an answer.

[-] 1 points by RufusJFisk52 (259) 9 years ago

crony capitalism got us here...not true free market principles.

[-] 1 points by notaneoliberal (2269) 9 years ago

Well I guess we do need to define our terms. What would you define as "free market"?

[-] -3 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

Yes we do

[-] 2 points by JamesS89118 (646) from Las Vegas, NV 9 years ago

Overthrow the FED, great! RP? Not so much.

[-] 1 points by aahpat (1407) 9 years ago

History regurgitates itself.

[-] 1 points by aahpat (1407) 9 years ago

RonPaul's 2010 U.S. House financial disclosure form http://pfds.opensecrets.org/N00005906_2010.pdf

All years Luap Nor disclosures http://www.opensecrets.org/pfds/candlook.php?CID=n00005906

[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8708) 9 years ago

You're welcome to march, if you think a march to defend the status quo is necessary, but you ARE NOT a part of Occupy!

[-] 1 points by MJMorrow (419) 9 years ago

I don't know, that Fox- Mean Green is some bad ass sh-t! I don't care if you voted for, "Bag of Leaves,"...I can't imagine you deserving a face full of that, unless you are a serial killer! [giggle]

[-] 1 points by dessert567 (5) 9 years ago

The entire 99% does not want Ron Pauul for president. If we openly take up supporting Ron, we will no longer be the 99%. We will be something else, something far less powerful.

If you wish to support Ron at the protests, I'm sure you are welcome to do so. But the OWS movement is not about Ron.

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 9 years ago

Please don't assume that your belief system is shared by anyone else.

[-] 1 points by brightonsage (4494) 9 years ago

Naw. We don't all agree but clearly there are some clumps around some ideas. You believe we all have a common agreement. about one set, others thinks so too. The sets are mutually exclusive. Some want violence. I don't

But people make their own choices and act as they choose. Both have consequences we are all the 99% but we aren't all the same.

People will find their own groups or subgroups and the will do what they think will work. Some will be more successful, Some will go to jail. Some will vote for Ron Lawl. But, if you think everyone in the movement is going to support Ron Lawl, you are dreaming.

[-] 1 points by zoom6000 (430) from St Petersburg, FL 9 years ago


[-] 1 points by jhoffman (22) 9 years ago

Ron Lawl is a racist, but more importantly OWS isn't about campaigning for an officially that is already in office.

[-] 1 points by seeker (242) 9 years ago

Ron wants to stop wars of terror and drugs..The radical idea of nationalising the fed..He speaks out against authoritarian government and defends the constitution. Is there any one better? If not why not support him?

[-] 0 points by MVSN (768) from Stockton, CA 9 years ago

Because too many people here are flat out stupid enough to want a Marxist government.

[-] 1 points by Teacher (469) 9 years ago

I have no beef with Dr. Paul or his supporters, but the moment this turns into a pep rally for a candidate then we are at Game Over.

Superman can't save you. You have to be the hero. Stop waiting for a politician to change the system.

[-] 2 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

You say that, but I here very little about people complaining about the obama supporters in the crowds.

[-] 1 points by TLydon007 (1278) 9 years ago

There's a big difference between supporting Obama and trying to hijack OWS and turn it into his 2012 election campaign.

I am both an OWS supporter and an Obama supporter but the last thing I want is for this to turn into the Obama 2012 movement.

[-] 1 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

That is fair enough, but there are people in the crowd and the man himself that are trying to do that. We are talking about a man who was backed by Goldman and Saches and even has one of their executives on his cabinet.

[-] 1 points by TLydon007 (1278) 9 years ago

We're also talking about a guy that vocally opposed Citizens' United.


Against another shill that vocally defends unlimited lobbying funds in politics.


[-] 1 points by RufusJFisk52 (259) 9 years ago

Obama signed the patriot act...more damaging than anything citizens united can ever do.

[-] 1 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

Never said I agree with all that Paul stands on, just that he is the closest thing we have in the election I can stand for on outside of Buddy Roemer.

Also Obama says a lot of things, but I look at a mans actions, and he still takes special interest money and plays to special interest. I mean come on, half a billion to a Finnish company for an electric care that will cost 70K+ to buy and get 30-50 Miles to the charge. And then we get the excuse that "There is nobody in America who can produce this car."

That completely ignores Tesla motors, who have a Sedan coming 2012 that cost under $50,000 and gets 120-300 miles to the charge. Oh and compact model in the sub 30K. Imagine if he put that money towards them, how much further they could take it, the jobs it could bring (all cars sold here are manufactured here).

The only reason he did it was special interest, namely the company is related to Al Gore, who is on the board of directors.

Dems and Republicans are bought, we need to clean house.


... sorry had to get it out of my system. >_>~

[-] 1 points by TLydon007 (1278) 9 years ago

He loaned Tesla a half a million.


This is from a conservative newspaper that hates him, by the way.

Google, "tesla" and "obama" and you'll find out that there was a relentless response to his support of Tesla from every conservative news outlet and blogger. I've listened to what he has said and I've looked at his actions... And then I see the disgusting, shameless reactions of the opposition and I swear I will never vote for anyone still willing to call themselves a Republican for the rest of my life.

[-] 1 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

500,000 for the local and 500 Million for the foreign. Not saying Republican incumbents are any better though, it was the Bush Administration who created that bailout plan that Obama passed it. As far as I've been concerned, both parties have equal fault in all this, and their little blame game is just distraction. It's like two toddlers arguing over who broke the vase.

:Actually correction: You meant Billion not million, still then why redundancy? It's just waste then. Also the 500 Million given to Fisker was originally promised if they would only use it to make jobs in the US, then the government gave the okay for the manufacturing to be done in Finland. Still kind of messed up.

[-] 0 points by Teacher (469) 9 years ago

I am against that as well. Support whoever you want, but Occupy shouldn't be a campaign rally for a political candidate. They have actual campaign rallies for that.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

Is this what you want......... The U.S. Libertarian party, libertarianism is the advocacy of a government that is funded voluntarily and limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence.......................Funded voluntarily means no Government, is that what you advocate?

[-] 1 points by sunshower (80) 9 years ago

wrong again thomas

OWS will not march for a Republican

that Bloomberg, the hypocrite, would join the march is a nauseating

[-] 2 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

So democrats only? That seems a bit partisan for a non-partisan movement.

[-] 0 points by sunshower (80) 9 years ago

same goes for Dems too I guess you don't know much about OWS

[-] 0 points by Ravinous (38) 9 years ago

Lol, I know more about than most people. But apparently participating in the early discussions since that article in AmpedStatus that lead up to Occupy means nothing around here according to mods.

This was never meant to exclude or raise others above. It was an open forum about the injustices of the government and wall st.


Here is the article that started the discussion.

Here is the original group for the AnonOps A99. http://ampedstatus.org/network/groups/a99/

Don't assume too much about someone.

[-] 1 points by sunshower (80) 9 years ago

Thank you for this information I had never heard of AnonOps A99 before

[-] 0 points by sppratam (-14) 9 years ago

Bloomberg's not a Republican, either.

[-] 1 points by FedWallFedWellFedUP (183) 9 years ago

you are funny! keeping your sense of humor...always good in times of plight

[-] -1 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

Im serious. If the NYPD knew we were flying Ron's flag then they wouldnt be so rough. The NYPD is getting the stick under Obama and so they look at OWS as another one of those Obama liberal groups. Believe me, if we took out the RP signs then they would join in the march and maybe even give us a police escort.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

How is Obama a liberal?

[-] 2 points by otherdreams (34) 9 years ago

He's not liberal.

He's stolen every play from the crony Republican handbook.. which does happen to include some very liberal spending and bailouts.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

Obama is a centrist not a Liberal. Ronald Reagan said "deficits don't matter" and he is the Saint of the Republicans, that's why a Republican deficit is good planning and a Democratic deficit is over spending on entitalments.

[-] 1 points by FedWallFedWellFedUP (183) 9 years ago

interesting strategy...

[-] 1 points by Occupytheimf (134) 9 years ago

Central park is ideal family camping


[-] 0 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 9 years ago

You are right. Ron Lawl is the sane choice. Together, we can live the dream.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 9 years ago

Do you have good links to information pertaining to Ron Paul?

[-] 1 points by looselyhuman (3117) 9 years ago

Here's a good mainstream piece: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/10/ron-pauls-economic-plan-eliminates-department-of-education-and-5-others/

It's all about nostalgia for the Gilded Age.

[-] 0 points by asauti (-113) from Port Orchard, WA 9 years ago

I'm for RP. Voted for him in 2008, will vote for him again in 2012.

The OWS crowd does not seem to support RP, but it's really quite funny as I have to wonder... just WHO WILL THEY VOTE FOR, then? Oh yeah, that's right... they'll vote for whoever the media serves up to them. You get what you vote for!

[-] 0 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

I bet you if we had a rally for Ron Paaulll then the NYPD would give us an escort and may even flash his name on their overhead lights. Why should I find another group when 90% of Occupiers are for Ron? I believe the Ron group is right here, right now.

[-] 0 points by Spankysmojo (849) 9 years ago

You march alone. You don't blame the NYPD because you like to hurt people but can't really get away with it. Ron Lawl is out of touch. Doesn't get many votes either. Never will. Never. Save your strength. You're gonna need it when NYPD comes for you.

[-] 0 points by Killumination (80) from Los Angeles, CA 9 years ago

Pizzazz Picasso and the Killumination - Killuminati ft. Gaje http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLUpGGmku8g

Pizzazz Picasso and the Killumination - Change (Killumination version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SMrnx6nkRw

Pizzazz Picasso and the Killumination - The inevitable incredible truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Wg1bH6-1YY

Pizzazz Picasso and the Killumination - The all seeing eye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgKS4i-u0OM





[-] 0 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

We march on Monday and show the world our support for Ron!

[-] 1 points by Frizzle (520) 9 years ago

You'll just set yourself up for disappointment if you put your trust in any politician. Real change can only come from the people.

[-] 2 points by Snoggles184 (19) 9 years ago

How's your unfocused protest going? Accomplishing much yet?

[-] 1 points by Frizzle (520) 9 years ago

aaaw you care! ;)

[-] 0 points by asauti (-113) from Port Orchard, WA 9 years ago

... AND a president that adheres to the U.S. Constitution (Ron Lawl).

Or maybe not, 'eh Frizzle?

[-] 1 points by otherdreams (34) 9 years ago

It's not immediately obvious to those of us who are more leftist or liberal, but temporary alliance with RP might make sense.

Why would we ever trust the federal government to collect money from us all (by numerous forms of taxation), and distribute it sensibly? Think about it.

If the rich were taxed ten times more than they are presently, would we be the ones to benefit? No, we would receive exactly enough so the politicians could ensure reelection.

Sure, we can demand that the government increase taxes for the rich, and for big business.. but it doesn't guarantee a single thing for us. The money will instead be funneled right back to them.


What we actually need are responsive representatives, who will remember that they were elected to represent the people in this democracy.

Congress and the president won't react to the criticisms of the people. They don't, and they don't have to. They work for big business- the real source of their power.


We can only hope to push for positive change by taking power from the federal government and entrusting it at more local levels.

We have to undo the corrupting influences within our federal government to create the sort of democratic republic that we're fighting for.


Don't trust DC to manage your medical insurance, your college loans, or anything else. They devalue our currency and artificially inflate the cost of the services we need.

People like me and my friends end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in student debt rather than the tens of hundreds that the same education would have cost without the government's "assistance."


Under our present system- any "help" from the government is just temporary appeasement designed to win votes.


Obama, I fucked up once. But now it's clear where your allegiances lie. ..and no promise you could make us, and no impending imperial war with Iran could win you my vote this time.


[-] 1 points by looselyhuman (3117) 9 years ago

This post is BS. You are not a progressive. I'm so sick of this sidling up and pretending to be a liberal whose seen the error of his/her ways. It's crap. You're into anarcho-capitalism, Austrian economics, and all the rest. Just be honest.

This is the sort of thinking that has destroyed government in a downward spiral / negative feedback loop. Don't trust government, don't bother trying to address corruption, just undermine and hobble the terrible government.. Oh, look how ineffective and corrupt government is, hobble it some more! Government is the problem, says Reagan. Kill it, starve the beast. Fast forward... what has government ever done for me? Get rid of it.

We get out of government what we put into it - that used to be a whole lot, and we had the most prosperous and relatively equal society the world has ever seen, from the 40s-70s. Small-minded, hedonistic, self-interested people have turned inward and while we were distracted, government has been looted and no longer serves our interests. Your solution is to continue the cycle. No way.

You. Are. Not. A. Progressive.

[-] 1 points by otherdreams (34) 9 years ago

I am in no way suggesting that we continue this cycle.

If we could manage to enact a complete and total revolution, I would be all for it.

Under our current framework, no one else but RP is willing to challenge the profitable codependency which our corporations and government enjoy, and rely upon. And no one else is adamantly campaigning for our civil rights.

Aren't you terrified by the direction things are moving? ...Patriot Act, NDAA, etc..

For these reasons, I think he'd be more likely assassinated than sworn into office. But I do think he's worth temporarily supporting.. Even if we still push for something more extreme simultaneously.

I don't think you really read my posts- as you almost echo some of my points from other comments on this same thread.

Seriously, I'm (mostly) right there with you.

[-] 1 points by TLydon007 (1278) 9 years ago


He supports Citizens' United and believes corporations are people.

This link is to an interview transcript from his own website.

[-] 1 points by ramous (765) from Wabash, IN 9 years ago

@otherdreams, you make a good point. I am liberal in my politics, but can't vote again for the obama bailout/sellout. So I have taken a good look, and Ron P. aul fits OWS goals. That's where I will be putting my mark. We've been discussing him at our local camp for a while now, and we're pretty much of the same mind.

[-] 0 points by Jobrny (-1) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Ron Pau-l is merely jumping on the bandwagon. He doesn't object to the greed on Wall St. He in fact thinks government is the problem and that it should stay out of the way and allow the banks to profiteer. That is the opposite of what OWS is about.

[-] 2 points by otherdreams (34) 9 years ago

You don't understand.. As far as I can tell Government IS the problem. Do you think THIS current infrastructure would ever serve Us?

They don't let banks profiteer.. instead they coddle them and save them when they're irresponsible, failing, and hurting citizens.

Do you, or do you not want to see more bail-outs? Rampant inflation?

The Federal Reserve can't just print us all some more money, and cure our poverty and debt. It doesn't work that way. Our money is worthless because of our lame complacency. We took a nap and trusted the Government and the private Federal Reserve to manage our market.

That is the root of our country's corruption.

If federal agencies really served the public, the FDA, for example, wouldn't employ former Monsanto corporate leaders and lawyers, and it wouldn't approve untested and unsafe food practices for OUR consumption.

We're being poisoned, lied to, manipulated and violated in so many ways. We are worked over by the media, divided by a futile bi-partisan political hampster wheel, and it's all just a distraction to keep those corporations and politicians making more money than anyone could ever need.

[-] 1 points by Jobrny (-1) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

Ron Pau-l has been part of the problem for decades as a member of Congress. He has done nothing to change anything that goes on in Washington.

[-] 1 points by Snoggles184 (19) 9 years ago

+1 for truth and intelligence.

[-] 0 points by nucleus (3291) 9 years ago

"You" is not "we". Speak for yourself, not for OWS.

[-] 0 points by Jobrny (-1) from Brooklyn, NY 9 years ago

You are a TROLL. You are using this forum to promote a politician. Nothing else. This movement exists to serve the people not one particular individual. It's about democracy not cult of personality.

[-] 0 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 9 years ago

This movement exists to serve a select few in the background. The rest are being used as useful bodies to enact a hidden agenda.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

RexDiamond,.... Just what is the hidden agenda that will be enacted? I would like to know. Or are you full of shit.

[-] 2 points by sunshower (80) 9 years ago

That hidden agenda is “The Republican Contract" on America , which is pure neo-liberalism. Its supporters are working hard to deny protection to children, youth, women, the planet itself -- and trying to trick us into acceptance by saying this will "get government off my back." The beneficiaries of neo-liberalism are a minority of the world's people. For the vast majority it brings even more suffering than before: suffering without the small, hard-won gains of the last 60 years, suffering without end.”

It so describes the 1% that are completely indifferent to the suffering of 99% of Americans – and other people around the world.

I think there should be more discussion of the word neo-liberalism on this OWS Forum so that many others may understand the Republican party’s real political agenda. No wonder that their candidates will not support a universal healthcare program, want to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and reject job bills that would help struggling American families, and make it difficult for young, promising students to pay for college tuition or help wounded and disabled American Veterans receive the medical care they so deserve,


[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

sunshower,........ you are absolutely correct, an your articulate post is a breath of fresh air.

[-] 2 points by sunshower (80) 9 years ago

Thank you Chuck If you wish to know more, here are links that can inform and arm you and OWS members with insights about Neo-Liberalism. For the sake of OWS’s ongoing success, I hope many more will check them out.

"A well informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will." Thomas Jefferson

An informed citizenry is the strength of democracy. "...a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives." James Madison

What is Neoliberalism? A Brief Definition for Activists

"Neo-liberalism" is a set of economic policies that have become widespread during the last 25 years or so. Although the word is rarely heard in the United States, you can clearly see the effects of neo-liberalism here as the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.

"……Conservative politicians who say they hate "liberals" -- meaning the political type -- have no real problem with neoliberalism.

…. the capitalist crisis over the last 25 years, with its shrinking profit rates, inspired the corporate elite to revive economic liberalism. That's what makes it "neo" or new. Now, with the rapid globalization of the capitalist economy, we are seeing neo-liberalism on a global scale.

...... The main points of neo-liberalism include:

  1. THE RULE OF THE MARKET. Liberating "free" enterprise or private enterprise from any bonds imposed by the government (the state) no matter how much social damage this causes. Greater openness to international trade and investment, as in NAFTA. Reduce wages by de-unionizing workers and eliminating workers' rights that had been won over many years of struggle. No more price controls. All in all, total freedom of movement for capital, goods and services. To convince us this is good for us, they say "an unregulated market is the best way to increase economic growth, which will ultimately benefit everyone." It's like Reagan's "supply-side" and "trickle-down" economics -- but somehow the wealth didn't trickle down very much.
  1. CUTTING PUBLIC EXPENDITURE FOR SOCIAL SERVICES like education and health care. REDUCING THE SAFETY-NET FOR THE POOR, and even maintenance of roads, bridges, water supply -- again in the name of reducing government's role. Of course, they don't oppose government subsidies and tax benefits for business.
  1. DEREGULATION. Reduce government regulation of everything that could diminsh profits, including protecting the environmentand safety on the job.
  1. PRIVATIZATION. Sell state-owned enterprises, goods and services to private investors. This includes banks, key industries, railroads, toll highways, electricity, schools, hospitals and even fresh water. Although usually done in the name of greater efficiency, which is often needed, privatization has mainly had the effect of concentrating wealth even more in a few hands and making the public pay even more for its needs.
  1. ELIMINATING THE CONCEPT OF "THE PUBLIC GOOD" or "COMMUNITY" and replacing it with "individual responsibility." Pressuring the poorest people in a society to find solutions to their lack of health care, education and social security all by themselves -- then blaming them, if they fail, as "lazy."

Around the world, neo-liberalism has been imposed by powerful financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. It is raging all over Latin America. In the United States neo-liberalism is destroying welfare programs; attacking the rights of labor (including all immigrant workers); and cutbacking social programs. The Republican "Contract" on America is pure neo-liberalism.






http://neoliberalism.org.nz/ http://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/neoliberalism.asp#axzz1dB4I9sbZ

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. -George Orwell

[-] 0 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 9 years ago

Adbusters agenda. Which is probably linked to other radical activist publications. It's a network of activists. It says it right at the bottom of this forum. It's absurd to think it represents the mainstream.

[-] 2 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

RexDiamond.......Where you being serious that the agenda describe below is the goal of OWS? If you are then either your insane or so Ideologically driven that you wouldn't know the truth if it kicked you in the ass. Of course then there is always the possibility that your an Agent Provocateur or a Troll.

Adbusters agenda......................

“We will wreck this world,” Kalle Lasn declares in his book Culture Jam: How to Reverse America's Suicidal Consumer Binge -- and Why We Must. That, quite simply, is the goal of the Vancouver-based organization he founded and runs. A self-described group of “anarchists” and “neo-Luddites,” Adbusters are not merely environmentalists, animal-rights activists, anti-technology activists, or neo-Prohibitionists. They are all these things and more.

[-] 2 points by Snoggles184 (19) 9 years ago

Please tell me your real agenda then. Governmental change should be your true agenda NOT objecting to wealthy people being greedy.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

The wealthy being greedy and dishonest and controlling Government through the Corporations and Big Banks is the Problem.

[-] 1 points by Snoggles184 (19) 9 years ago

And governmental change will solve that problem. Herp derp.

[-] 1 points by TLydon007 (1278) 9 years ago

Sounds like Glenn Beck still has some crackpot followers following his conspiracy theories.

[-] 0 points by sunshower (80) 9 years ago


[-] 0 points by henoktg (66) 9 years ago

What will Ron do, the country is under hostage situation. the only hope is the people.......

watch @ 3:00 , interview with Paul Kanjorski


[-] 0 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

Ron ....Is a Republican/Libertarian which means the man is crazy.

[-] -1 points by escortmessiah667 (-2) 9 years ago

Ron Lawl is a Freemason. He belong to the same group that runs the Federal Reserve. His 30 years of introducing a bill to end the Fed is a political stunt. The Illuminati give him license to talk the way he does because they want him to boast about the New World Order and to stirr up the Conspiracy Theorist to come out of the wood work so they can identify them. His wife is a member of the Eastern Star which is a branch of the Illuminati. If Ron Lawl spoke the way he does, being a Congressman, and NOT a Freemason, he will be 6 feet under RIP. He could of meet the same fate like Senator Wellstone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnfjMxDcClM

[-] -1 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

Look people! You are either with us or you are not when we march for Ronnnn Pauullll. He needs our support and the only way we can do this if we have at least 100+ people marching for Ronnn. You want him in office dont ya? Well, we can give him big time advertising if you march with us. Whoever wants to march for Ron then lets do so! Be ready at 8am with your signs and believe me, Ed Koch will join us because he is sick and tired of Obama's crapola.

[-] 0 points by TLydon007 (1278) 9 years ago

I have to admit that the alleged troll is right.

Where the hell were Ron Lawl's followers in 2003 when Bush was launching the Iraq War??

I'm not saying this applies to all alleged Libertarians, but you guys were non-existent for 8 years and immediately after a Democrat came into office, BAM! everywhere!

I've even heard of many claiming they are both Libertarian and supported the Iraq War and there exists no contradictions.

Also, Ed Koch?? Are you kidding?? He definitely was one of the self-proclaimed libertarians that supported the Iraq War. Also, it's pretty easy to believe in self-reliance when you inherited all your fortune. It's also easy to condemn socialism even though your fortune originated from business with the Soviet Union.

[-] 1 points by chuck1al (1074) from Flomaton, AL 9 years ago

Does Anyone here Know what a "Libertarian" Really is?..... Apparently not, and If you know and support the thought then your border line insane.

[-] -1 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

When they say the 99% they mean that 99% of Occupiers are for Ron Paaulll....this movement is to elect someone like Ron rather then Obama or Romney. We should march on Monday to city hall with Ron Paaauulll signs and show them the solidarity of the 99% who support Ronnn Paull.

[-] -1 points by thomasmiller (163) 9 years ago

Why cant we support Ron Lawl?