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Forum Post: Vision Of The Future: Do Not Give Up!

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 19, 2011, 3:24 p.m. EST by DoNotComply (0)
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I had a beautiful vision on November 16th while I was working. I believe it is a vision of the future which this movement will birth if it remains peaceful, persistent, and true to its cause. Before that vision, I was stuck in my anger and fear. I was unhappy with what I had just read about the police brutally cracking down on peaceful protesters and dismantling their camp in New York in the middle of the night. In my state of fear, I started having dark visions of violence against the police and the elites they serve. I started convincing myself that maybe violence is what is needed against them. Yes, I’m human and not perfect. I started descending into that dark fear place within me and it wasn’t pleasant. I finally realized that all I was doing was making myself suffer. That that fear place may not be real. So I stopped, breathed, and made my mind quiet. Then I got the realization that perhaps the police crackdowns might be one of the best things that ever happened to this movement. The crackdowns are actually bringing media attention and sympathy to this movement and its cause. They are actually strengthening its resolve. Then I got a vision of millions of people surrounding Washington DC in the not-to-distant future. This movement had gained the support of the majority of U.S. citizens and brought millions of them to Washington DC where they were all holding hands in unity and chanting all at once, in a peaceful and meditative state, “Power To The People”. The chant began echoing all over the planet. It wasn’t a loud and angry sound. It was a beautiful hum very much like what you hear from Buddhist monks during their deep throated chants. A deep, soft, beautiful hum. It was making me cry with joy. I had a strong sense that the human race was awakening! All of a sudden, I saw the insides of the Washington DC and Wall Street buildings. The oppressive politicians and the rich and powerful they served were all covering their ears. They could not stand the beautiful, soft, but powerful and pervasive hum. They were trying to escape from it. The hum was echoing everything, including the structure of the buildings themselves. The echo vibrated the structures so much that the buildings started to collapse. However, the elite refused the leave the buildings. They would rather cower down and cover their ears then run out of them. Eventually, the buildings collapsed on top of them. Especially prominent was the statue of a bull inside Wall Street exploding from the echo of the hum. I then had the powerful realization that what the elites really fear is the one true thing that will put an end to their reign once and for all: higher consciousness. Do not give up or feel that the movement is failing because of the crackdowns. The crackdowns are actually a sign that the movement is succeeding! The police and the elites they serve can remove the tents all they want. But what they cannot remove, what they cannot stop is an idea whose time has come! They thought that by removing camps in several cities, they would break this movement and cause it to wither away and die. Instead, what they got was November 17th and this is only the beginning! The authorities cannot continue to crackdown on the movement forever. They cities don’t have the money and resources to do so, especially in this economy. They don’t have the resources to continue paying the police overtime to break up camps and jail people. Do not get violent! Violence is not the answer! All violence will do is cause suffering to others both outside and inside the movement and ultimately harm it by turning the majority of citizens against it. I got from the vision that loving peaceful civil disobediance and noncompliance will put an end the the reign of the elites more powerfully than anything else! All that is needed is for the movement to continue and succeed is for it to do what it was designed to do: keep up the nonviolent civil disobedience. That’s what Ghandi’s movment did. That’s what Martin Luther King’s movement did! Come from higher loving consciousness (for those protesters who are meditating keep it up) and simply refuse to comply and this movement very well may turn into what I had a vision of in the not-to-distant future.



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