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Capitalism has been a miserable failure and is incredibly unfair. It should be replaced with Democratic Market Socialism (DMS), a system that has been rigorously peer reviewed in mainstream economics journals for the past 100 years, beginning with Oskar Lange demonstrating that a socialist market is more efficient than a capitalist market in the famous Economic Calculation Debate and continuing today with the work of Professors Gar Alperovitz and Richard Wolff who demonstrate that labor-owned, socialist firms are at least as productive as privately-owned, capitalist firms.

I wrote a post that describes how it works here:


DMS works largely the same way as the current economy works now where we have individually run firms that compete for customers in the market. The difference is in how income is allocated in the economy.

In DMS, 100% of the economy's income is paid to workers, since they do 100% of the work, and that income is allocated among them based on how much they contribute to production, which you do by limiting differences in income by law to only what is necessary to get people to do hard jobs and give their maximum performance in performance based jobs.

That is the only fair economic system.

If we allocated income this way, we would be able to pay every worker from $115,000 per year to $460,000 per year for working just 20 hours per week. It would make everyone wealthy and when you make everyone wealthy, you eliminate nearly every social problem.



Capitalism is the root cause of all the world's problems. It is a barbaric system based on theft and exploitation which is explained in this post:


The problem with capitalism is that it exploits workers, because it only pays them a tiny fraction of what they produce.

In capitalism, half of all the income workers produce gets paid to the owners of capital, a small handful of gamblers who got lucky investing in the market. Workers have to work for free for 6 months each year just to pay off the gambling winnings of investors. And since what remains is allocated among workers based on how scarce they are, most of it gets paid to a small handful of people who have bargaining power merely because they are unique like athletes and celebrities. It is the reason why Kim Kardashian gets paid hundreds of times more than a brain surgeon for each hour worked.

The vast majority of the workers who produce everything - the engineers, construction workers, factory workers, doctors, miners, farmers, teachers - have to fight over the few crumbs that remain.

Even though workers produce $135,000 per year on average, workers only get paid an average of $26,000 per year. They lose an average of $109,000 per year to exploitation.

Because of capitalism's exploitation, 50% of Americans are living in or near poverty, according to the latest census.

Everyone in this world should be wealthy. We have more than enough resources and income. The reason why there is vast poverty, misery, struggle and conflict is because capitalism allows a tiny, wealthy, ruling class to rob the vast majority of the wealth the workers of the world produce and to then use their vastly greater wealth to rule over them.



DMS is a significantly better deal than what the vast majority of workers are currently getting, so it will have a lot of appeal. But you will obviously never convince everyone to want to adopt socialism.

However, virtually nobody lives in the economic system they want. So the way to change society is to work with capitalists, and everyone else who is dissatisfied, to enact a system where people have a choice of what system they want to participate in.

Instead of having one monolithic system that everyone is forced to live in, what we should have are multiple systems for people to choose from.

The Right, Left and Center should each get their own economic system and these systems should compete against each other for your membership as explained here:


and here:


This is a win, win, win for everyone. Everyone would finally be free to live in the society they want. Not only will this actually solve nearly all of society's problems, it is something we can actually get nearly everyone to agree on. So it is a solution we can get enacted.

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