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Forum Post: Use your strengths to make change! Spread the word of Jill Stein!

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 6, 2012, 4:57 p.m. EST by robbyfox (2)
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The Green Party has nominated Jill Stein for Presidential hopeful. Instead of the "Occupy" movement occupying and protesting make a huge change and get behind Jill Stein with your support. Do the leg work to get her name out there. Find out what she is about and tell everyone. Since her nomination and acceptance speech in Baltimore she has not been mentioned in the media with any regard as to her running. She stands for EVERYTHING the movement stands for and more! Do your home work! Stop camping out and making your movement look like a shanty town and get to the roots of the choking weeds that is the corporate backed United States of America! Take back what is constitutionally our rights. Jill Stein feels what you feel! She gets arrested when you get arrested! She wants to make the changes that you want to make! The media fat cats will not get her name out there so you have to both respectfully, and responsibly! If you go back to your homes you can each spread her message much much farther in each of your communities. She needs your help. WE need your help. Go to www.jillstein.org and find out what she is about. Support her and each other in your neighborhoods. Be her foot soldiers. She needs you!



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[-] 0 points by DemandTheGoodLifeDotCom (3360) from New York, NY 11 years ago

I just looked over her website. She does offer worthwhile solutions. The problem is that she does not explain how she will implement them. And I contend that you could never get these programs to work in a capitalist system.

For example, she says she will offer a jobs program that fully employs the 25 million out of work with livable wages.

According to the BLS, worker productivity is $65 per hour. That means each full time worker produces $135k per year on average.

But let's suppose the living wage is just $60,000, less than half that. You need $1.5 trillion to pay for that. Where is that coming from every year? You couldn't do loans like the stimulus because these people want to get paid salaries, they don't want a loan.

But that is just the beginning of the problems. What about the tens of millions who are currently employed but make less than $60k? Half of all wage earners make less than $26k! Nearly all of them are going to quit their private sector jobs and get one of these government jobs.

So she doesn't explain how she would enact any of her ideas probably because she has no clue on how to. And she has no clue because it is impossible to do in a capitalist system.

I believe the only solution is for workers to organize and demand a fair economy which pays a minimum wage of $115,000 per year, reduces the work week to 20 hours, pays you an income to go to school, and gives you a 100% mortgage at 0% interest as explained fully in this post.

You do that by:

1) putting an end to the world's largest government welfare program - unearned income - by eliminating the law that allows people to collect income that they have not worked for. All of our income should be paid to workers since they are responsible for all of the production. In order to get paid an income (outside of pensions and disability), you have to work.

Allowing people to collect unearned income like rent, interest or profit is just as useful and necessary to a market economy as allowing people to get paid for printing their own money.

2) And putting an end to allocating income based on how much bargaining power you have and instead, allocate total income based on how hard you work by legally limiting differences in income to only what is necessary to get people to do undesirable jobs and to give their maximum effort in performance based jobs.

Paying people based on bargaining power is a scam. It is just a way to allow a very small handful of wealthy people at the top to exploit the entire rest of the labor force. It has nothing to do with making our economy work well.