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Forum Post: Trump 2040 Qualifications

Posted 1 year ago on July 9, 2020, 4:22 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Trump has had more than three and a half years of actual on-the-job [medical] practice/training, far more experience than Biden had ever had. In addition, Pootin 2036 has already been baked into Russia's Constitution so Trump needs to have more office time to finish the job when Pootin defects to the Black Sea. Trump 2040 !

Trump has a much farther vision ( it may well explain why he dislikes reading the presidential intelligence briefings but that can easily be fixed with the help of a competent optician ) than 2020 and is absolutely a moderate between Pootin's 2036 and Xi's moribund-honeypot Infinity.

Regarding "our democracy," we didn't actually have a democracy due to the need for representing slaves in elections. A [male] slave was counted as three fifths of a [male] man for the purpose of representation in the Electoral College. We had a [previously de facto constitutionally protected slave-owning] republic, as Benjamin Franklin had said.

It's very understandable why the U.S. had such a need for [African] slaves--the so-called "master-race" workers had died like flies while working in the fields of the U.S. South due to the tropical/subtropical vermin-borne diseases against which the tropical/subtropical Africans had hereditary immunity. South Africa due to its climate is much more amenable to the colonization of the "master race" than tropical ( hot and wet ) West Africa. "-ism" does matter--Venezuela is richly and locally endowed with both water and fire ( via oil ) necessary for life, so is the D.P.R.K. ( via coal.) In many households, it's municipal water and electricity.

I'll help out by supplying some long-term visions for the oldie foggies. Ancient knowledge can matter such as why the Original Americans had avoided planting crops in the areas where Whites created the conditions for "The Dust Bowl." They probably learnt from their ancestors of the water problem. When the aquifer water in the Great Plains such as in Nebraska is pumped dry, the Great Plains may well turn into yet another Dust Bowl in a drought. The World will then lose a huge chunk of the American bread-basket's content. This is why we MUST push ahead with Agriculture 2.0 to reduce freshwater usage greatly by improving water-to-food conversion efficiency before a famine hits ( the Dutch and the Israelis can probably teach the Saudis how to do it right.) We can impose and gradually increase freshwater well-head charge to encourage efficiency improvement and innovations. In any case, if Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts, much of the bread-basket will be smothered so maybe Agriculture 2.0 should be practiced closer to the U.S. coastal population areas. Note that a strong navy is absolutely mandatory for U.S. national security.

The U.S. should push for Truth in Reporting worldwide--there is a broadcasting tower in the background--let the sword lead to "untie" the Gordian knot in order to cut to the conservative truth. My ancestors knew to be conservative in order to avoid the prophesied Deluge--the ancestral stone lion indeed had blood [smeared by the village "butcher" to play a trick upon the village "fool"] on it as foretold. It's okay to give up a bit to follow the village "fool" than to stay vulnerable with the village "butcher." In conservative Wall-Street parlance: "be nice; don't be greedy--leave the last pennies around for the others to pick up." Elevation by the others for one to become a chieftain often depends upon having good judgment of reality and making rational decisions. In Bottomese: followership makes leadership possible.

There are best practices around the world to learn from. For example, Nigeria in the novel-strain Ebola epidemic did a far better job in containment than the U.S. in this novel-strain SARS coronavirus epidemic. Why? It's probably because of superior Blackness in Nigerian skin color. Orange color smeared onto white skin just didn't cut it. Even in this pandemic, Hong Kong did orders of magnitude better than either New York or London. Hmm, it must have been due to the darker skin color of the Hongkongers. Then there is the best-performing country of all, the D.P.R.K. but why didn't the North Koreans' lighter skin color cause them as much trouble as the orange-camouflaged white skin? It must be due to their white-tipped sacred mountain protecting them ! Our sacred mountain should probably be the Yellowstone Supervolcano which is holding the shallow western Mid-American inland sea up above sea level and has provided at least some of the fertile soil for growing crops so I suppose that there was a color blindness mistaking yellow for the gloriously redder orange. Orange "journalism" works for our Orangestone Supervolcano eruption.

Here's an allegation that countries which work or trade with Redfuckgina should be aware of:

They can steal technology without any repatriation. I have worked with many Chinese 
PhDs in medicinal chemistry. Many of them do not write the correct experimental 
procedure in their note books. They write fake reports and send the correct procedures 
to China. A Chinese PhD student at Boston University developed a procedure for 
growing human blood platelets in vitro and got her PhD. Boston University licensed this 
technology to a company called Nitromed. The biologists at Nitromed were unable to 
grow any platelets. The #$%$ #$%$ had written a wrong procedure in her thesis. She 
sent the correct procedure to China.

This was allegedly how the U.S. got fucked. We had a lot of Teutonic "blood" for sure. Trump has already done something about this type of thing by banning certain graduate students. Trump 2040 !

People who can't pay for needed water anymore should recall this:

The Forest Service’s Strawberry Creek permit decision references a 2017 Trump 
executive order that seems to speak to the controversy. It requires federal agencies to 
“ensure that water users’ private property rights are not encumbered when they attempt 
to secure permits to operate on public lands.”

The whole world loves Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump--Fartvergnügen. U.S. Nationals all have the Zeroth Amendment right. Mexico may well fall in love soon with Trump's bright idea of the Great Wall of northern Mexico ( gran muralla del norte de México ) which may help keep the bulk of the King Flu north of Rio Grande near "Fartvergnügen" Texass.



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