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Forum Post: Troll vs Different Way of Thinking

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 7:25 p.m. EST by RevolutionaryWoman2012 (0) from Sacramento, CA
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What is a Troll vs a differnt way of thinking? I wrote an article about it. I was labeled a "Troll" because I asked a few questions about the General Strike this week. It appears that people who think more outside the box are labeled as trolls these days. What is your take? Below is a short cut twitter link to the article addressing trolls. And the extended link is below the twitter link. I will be surprised if they leave this up because it "goes against the movement." Agree to disagree.

http://shar.es/byRoG http://www.examiner.com/mma-in-sacramento/so-you-want-to-be-a-troll



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[-] 1 points by demonspawn79 (186) 11 years ago

Would a troll by any other name smell as rotten?

[-] 1 points by NotAPuppet (8) 11 years ago

I completely understand your concerns but rest assured they know what they are doing... even if they do banish their own allies for fear of being hijacked. That could be in of itself be hijacking. My depression has gotten worse since just being exiled from my own ideology. Bad enough I was already isolated due to the wrongful thinking of others that have led to major movements like this. Now I feel completely disconnected from everything and wondering how I'm going to survive. Not everyone is a troll but they due tend to mess it up for people like me hoping to make a difference.

[-] 1 points by Democracydriven (658) 11 years ago

You do know this forum is going away unless you respond.

Hmm, are you a troll?

[-] 1 points by Democracydriven (658) 11 years ago

So some moderator said hey, you are a troll. Tell me more about that.

This is the first time I knew there was a moderator

[-] 1 points by Misguided (373) 11 years ago

Agreed thanks.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 11 years ago

HA! HA! HA! HA! Our hate-spewing, foul-mouthed, grammatically-challenged, rabidly Un-American TROLLS are actually "misunderstood geniuses"!!!!

Thank you for that, "RevolutionaryWoman2012", I needed a good laugh.

To understand the deep, dark secrets of T R O L L O S O P H Y, go to:


[-] 1 points by NotAPuppet (8) 11 years ago

The real trolls trolling people who aren't really trolls being labeled trolls and becoming respected leaders but are in fact complete trolls. This recursive ad hominem might need a textbook case study.