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Forum Post: Trauma Informed Policing

Posted 4 years ago on June 7, 2020, 1:47 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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Trauma informed policing works. Many cities are implementing these programs and we should be expanding them and funding them. When police are trained to understand people under stress or trauma symptoms - they are less apt to judge people based on preconceived notions and speculation. they will be better trained in how to diffuse situations and less likely to escalate possible dangerous ones. Most police aren't trained in human psychology or trauma. It's easy for most of us to judge someone as aggressive or antagonizing without understanding the ways people react in some situations. Nervous laughter just for example or talking fast, or those in mental distress, or adrenaline effects. With real training at hand police may be less likely to judge based on preconceived biases or assumptions and instead of using race or redlining people as a "tool" to narrow people down for arrest, or to determine their own level of safety, they will have actual skills to aid in informed decision making. With understanding as well as education in human reactions they will be less likely to build resentment and judgement or loathing (and racism) and other biases. Many cities too are adopting non-lethal devices to detain people. With knowledge, comes understanding.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

"Why Are the Police Like This?", by Alex Gourevitch:

"The police are out of control.They murder unarmed, poor, disproportionately nonwhite people with near total impunity. They provoke protests, antagonize protesters, arrest journalists and - violate civil liberties. They torture detainees & run black sites for interrogations. Their unions protect them from accountability, demand special legal protection and - undermine the political authority of any mayor, governor, or public figure that even mildly criticizes them.They refuse to collect and share national data on how often, when, and against whom - they mete out violence while on the beat. They reject the minimal requirements of a democratic society to know how they operate.

"The Police have become an independent, organized body that now relates to the public ... more or less the way an occupying army relates to the native population. How did they get like this?"

e tenebris, lux?

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 4 years ago

Don't get me wrong the sick fuck killers and racists should be losing their jobs. BUT to me it isn't just a black and white issue and I'm speaking from experience - if you look at it like that, then a whole lot of psychopaths are still going to be working. The psychos who killed Kelly Thomas (a white homeless docile schizophrenic man) are still on the job TODAY despite caving in a man's face torturing him to death and bragging about it. It was all caught on tape and watching it was extremely traumatizing and difficult especially if you saw the hospital photos. How did so many join in here instead of pulling them off him? Same as George Floyd. They all need to go to jail (and the Thomas case needs to be revisited). I guess defunding police is one thought but I do still think we need police in our society. So it's my thought we need a way to begin dealing with psychos who are drawn to positions of authority who will abuse that power, whatever race they are. And for the decent people who were drawn to the position to help others - trauma informed policing? Serve and protect should never translate to judge, jury, or executioner.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 years ago

Concern About Killer Cops absolutely transcends any perceived "black and white issue", and I concur with U 100%! Tho' I did not know the name Kelly Thomas' ... I've posted about the New Mexico Murder by Cops here ...

Defunding The Police doesn't mean abolishing the police; it means resetting the whole basis of policing communities. I agree with your notion of "trauma informed policing" - now I understand what U mean by the term better. Finally, could I ask U to run your eye over this linked article please:

multum in parvo!

(a lot in a little!)

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"Trump Unleashes His Secret Police in Portland!" ... by Jeet Heer:

"In a dangerous authoritarian move, federal agents in camouflage and without badges are rounding up American citizens."

caveat emptor!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

I think that "defund the police" is a sloganeering misnomer. The actual working is more like a different and hopefully better way to achieve domestic tranquillity. Many police departments spend a lot of money on police overtime. It's analogous to my Big Brother's mopping up the overflow of my modest-size kiddie chamber pot after an overflow has occurred.

A better way may be to avoid the overflow in the first place. Of course, there will be much less overtime for the police but their stress level will likely decrease, leading to less usage of violence to suppress lawlessness. There's a well-known saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." As a grade schooler, I wouldn't show off my light-assault carbine rifle and get shot when I was playing with my guppies in my big round bath basin of water ( i.e. too busy with the more imaginative plays with my "ocean" where Godjilla lurks and I had my ballpoint pen "missiles" standing-by ready than just a flash, bang ! ) Speaking of beating swords into plowshares/ploughshares, many high explosives have nitrogenous compounds which can work well as fertilizers for growing plants.

I've succeeded in growing about 2.5 liters/litres of soybean/soyabean sprouts in 10 days, overcoming my childhood failure. The key was the removal of wet organic matter from the sprouting soybeans and keeping them moist but not overly wet after germination. The husks after germination and any debris such as broken, half, or discolored ¿moldy? beans should be removed or rinsed away. Once germinated, soaking wetness should be reduced to minimize rotting ( seediness can be controlled and overcome with diligence.) Mung beans are supposedly easier to be sprouted than soybeans. "Life is electric fire burning slowly in water." I controlled the "fuel"/beans, the water in clean draping terry cloth, and the "ignition"/ambient temperature ( on my inactive oven's rack--I was sprouting, not baking beans.)

Dark skin color is a readily identifiable external trait. It's indeed true that many robbers had dark skin colors. My personal experience was that all of them who had robbed me were like that and they had come after my money. There are some very un-fine people on all sides.

Whites for example promote the narrative which claims America to be an empty virgin land devoid of inhabitants but in fact it's a genocide using biowarfare, warfare, rum trade, and the destruction of the livelihoods of aboriginal peoples via wanton railroad-and-guns-enabled bison massacres which cleared the land for the Whites ( there are relics of the aboriginal peoples such as arrowheads still surfacing from time to time.) The same went for many other lands via White Colonialism.

Australia wasn't "empty." Hong Kong wasn't populated by "a small number of pirates." The initial colonizing British were sailors, likely assisting opium smugglers and tea/silver/silk/porcelain traders, so they were attacked by the indigenous farming/fishing people's "pirates" who didn't like their ancestral Lebensraum suddenly declared to be owned and seized by these "gweilo" "pirates." Who were the real pirates? I sort of understand why the Qing Dynasty wouldn't mind ceding the hilly ¿and also restive? Hong Kong Island with its minute fishing population, the Kowloon Peninsula, and the 99-year-leased New Territories the inhabitants of which took on fighting the British Empire [and lost ( it's probably why the ownership of Hong Kong's New Territories took on such Chinese nationalistic fervor; without parts of the New Territories, keeping only the permanently ceded parts of Hong Kong, a Crown Colony, wouldn't have made much sense to Queen Elisabeth II; it would be somewhat like erecting an international border for the entire length of 34th Street of Manhattan { just imagine the horrific traffic jams there day after day ! } so that the Dutch can keep lower Manhattan in perpetuity; tall Dutch wooden sandals would have made good sense in lower Manhattan during Superstorm Sandy's flooding which stopped at the boundary with upper Manhattan ) ]. Southern China had been restive for centuries if not millennia because it was conquered land by the Chinese Empire of the North. Evidence still exists in the differences between the southern ( also diaspora's ) and northern "dialects" which are largely mutually incomprehensible. It's why the linguistically deprived GAP generation Hongkongers who didn't learn Putonghua/Mandarin ( whose very name belies its bureaucratic domineering origin when its CCP-bestowed name unsurprisingly disguised it as being "ordinary, common" ) in school are so mad about the northerners' incursions. Linguistically ( as most non-Chinese technical people from abroad learn the official language Putonghua/Mandarin,) they are excluded from being integrated into the upper echelons of neighboring "techno-blood-sucking" Shenzhen, China's equivalent of our Silicon Valley. Culturally, they are disgusted by the ways of the crude ( mainland China lost much of its culture during Mao's 1960s' Cultural Devolution,) unhygienic ( spitting in the streets,) but loaded with money ( of course, only these who could afford the prices in this Asian billionaire/millionaire haven's amenities, shops, and services tended to visit Hong Kong often--the best meal I'd had was in [expensive { as remote islands tend to be } Honolulu,] Hawai'ī but it was obviously from a Hong-Kong-style-cuisine chef; there is some truth that Chinese cuisine { e.g. crispy duck } is tasty but I also love the Western influence in Macau/Macao, Hong Kong, such as in the delicious Portuguese-influenced egg tarts and British-influenced sweetened milk tea ) mainlander "northerner" hordes from their "North."

In fact, nearly everyone on Earth is a so-called "northerner" to an Emperor penguin in Antarctica and nearly everyone on Earth is a so-called "southerner" to a polar bear in the Arctic Ocean. Is the polar bear or the Emperor penguin correct? It's only a problem if we assume that there is only one possible label for every single one on Earth, much like a qubit is an admixture of a bit of 0 and a bit of 1 whose state being 0 or 1 can only be determined by a measurement. The measured state must be either 0 or 1 but obtaining 0 has a certain probability and similarly for obtaining 1. At a fundamental level, to know is to measure. All scientific models at a fundamental level are constructed from measured quantities each one may be displayed along an axis. The distribution and the description of the allowable measured states constitute the governing laws of nature and are expressed in algebra ( dealing with variables corresponding to axes and numbers corresponding to orientation and magnitude along the axes,) analysis ( dealing with the relationship between variables; a.k.a. function theory,) and geometry. "Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe,"--Galileo Galilei but a few ancient Greeks surely knew it millennia ago. I almost "crashed and burnt" at the decimal-digits-multiplied-by-two table right from the start, but didn't for a teacher's extra effort. High expectations can make a big difference.

There were native inhabitants in many "colonies" all along. Even Manhattan itself was "bought" by the Dutch from the wrong tribe who didn't control or own it. Stick a for-sale sign ( similar to what the national-treasure kid { whose antics were hilarious but not funny at all if things started happening to you; in the same vein, maybe the U.S. could buy Ladakh "on the cheap" 《 from Canada, of course, with the proceeds obtained by using a bank withdrawal slip written with astronomical numbers and account owner's name in Greek alphabets 》and get involved in the nuclear war } did who tried to sell my residence ) on any piece of land and just sell it. Yep, absolutely genius!

Real estate developers also "develop" a virgin forest by cutting down its trees and building houses, driving out most if not all inhabitants of the forest. So went the same way with the farmers, miners, bushmeat hunters, etc. Why did Ebola hemorrhagic fever coming from bats ever come to be in humans? Why did I get swine and avian influenzas? My cultures generally ate pork and chicken meat ( yep, my hand-raised chickens ended up as a present to my parents' friends and meat served to me--and I had eaten a little bit of it before I discovered my remaining pet being missing.) Why did mad cow disease ( BSE ) afflict the United Kingdom but not the United States which owned far more cattle?

I make a clear distinction between prejudice and postjudice. Biden sold the U.S. out for decades already so DNC leaves no choice for our people except for Trump 2040. As Steve Bannon said that it had taken three decades to get the U.S. to the present state, we must give Trump decades to fix the fundamental problem ( Trump can surely fix the problem in less time than three decades.) Trump 2040. Creative/resourceful people went straight to using Albert Einstein's "WW4 weapons" without using any guns. Trump knows how to play the game called "hiding the salami." I doubt that Biden does. "Boz liked using his hands too much." Taiwan was obviously "dumb," but not quite as Teutonic as "Fartvergnügen." The Washington Memorial has a big chunk of aluminum/aluminium capping its top. What's the Teutonic equivalent?