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Forum Post: today is not the day to talk about gun control

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 14, 2012, 4:48 p.m. EST by bensdad (8977)
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the day was yesterday
the day was last week
the day was last month
the day was last year

keep in mind -

this is NOT a second amendment issue
this is NOT a gun nut issue
this is NOT a mental health issue
this is NOT an alec problem
this is NOT a gun rights issue
this is NOT an nra issue

this -
like so many of "our" other issues is about PROFIT
gun manufacturer profit
I hope I dont need to tell you that the nra spent a fortune supporting the Rs who support gun manufacturer profit

not a single tear shed today will solve this
not a single speech on this will solve this
vote for people who will pass gun control laws

Obama DID say today - it is time for action

here is my concrete suggestion:
on a national level
licence & background check every gun owner -
like they do in NYC for a concealed carry permit
register every gun
just like with cars and drivers
background check $200-500
annual licence $100
first gun registered free
second gun $100
third gun $200
fourth gun $300

If you want to argue against gun control -
please tell that to Nancy or a family member of Jordan or Gabby or Trevor or one of the Connecticut children

and this is trivial cmpared to the blood and death and grief -
but isn't this the perfect example of the price we pay for
allowing capitalism to own our democracy.