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Forum Post: Tired of Death Threats. I Was Attacked Last Saturday, Last Night a Woman Solicited A Hit On Me.

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 18, 2014, 9:54 p.m. EST by pigeonlady (284) from Brooklyn, NY
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It used to be exes. I always attracted guys with awful preferences and violent but in with cops. Sometimes it cops or over Occupy. Sometimes someone wanted my disability. Last Saturday I was struck on the left side of my head while I slept, and I didn't know what was happening to me, but immediately realized it was how my one ex used to hit me. Then someone kicked my walker into my head. Within a few hours a number of Brooklyn Hospital workers were sharing video and making fun of me. I've already been flashed, groped, threatened with fake hospitalization if I report them or repeat any of the other things they tell me they do. I did not say anything about being hit for a while because I did not see the person, and wanted to find out who it was. About 30 people outside the hospital have laughed at me, said 'That'll teach her a lesson!' 'How's your head?' Hospital nurse 'Bitch!' Yesterday, 'She got beat good! That'll teach her to behave!' at parking lot on Lafayette and Ashland. I recorded some of it. Early this morning about 1:30am while my son and I Occupied sidewalk on South Elliot, near DeKalb, I was sleep but running my recorder, and some hospital workers were leaving, and a woman in heels spoke to a few people, claiming she had video that I and not my ex molested my kids. She showed them something, which would be kid porn but they didn't care. They exclaimed over whatever and said 'Its true!', they said they wanted to hit me and she said she wanted to make arrangements at the guy's place in the morning. Since I run alone, for everyone else's protection more than mine, no one knows how much I've been threatened. Presently I get death threats every day. A few weeks ago the offer was at my gym and a trainer offered to get a gun for another worker and told him where to shoot to kill me. Someone has offered money to injure me for a long time, claiming me 'dangerous' and a criminal, which I am not, and photoshopping for effect. I actually had to report the last fake website to the FBI, but for all I know they're doing it. I know Bloomberg used to tell the police never to help me, and several told me this and that they are supposed to let me die. I'm fed up with threats, and the person that was city council who got me evicted at Bloomberg's behest when they knew we were leaving town whines OWS support but moved up illicitly and had threatened me before; now she and present council go around the area smearing me and lying about my history because I can derail them and openly offers to get anyone doing me damage off the hook. Which is why the torture killings of most of my guys is unpunished, the towyard cops who stomped three of my birds, a darling healthy kitten and tore up at least two other cats in front of witnesses at Farragut houses and with video made by then council office staff. Videos have been circulated at several businesses I use to taunt me and remind me they won, they are free and my babies dead. This is what they do. These are the lies they tell. I am fed up, I do not take the blame for anyone and am sick of being trashed and anything I care about killed. They are filth, liars, disgusting and violent perverts and I don't stop the form this takes anymore.



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[-] 2 points by trashyharry (3084) from Waterville, NY 5 years ago

I deleted my comment because it included my gmail address.I left it for a couple of days,and then removed it because there was no response.I don't know if that's because you did not have a chance to get to a computer to respond or what.Evidently you saw it and did not make a note of it.In any case,I am interested in your situation.I don't feel comfortable asking for info or encouraging you to discuss personal info on a public forum.Let me know& I will repost.Don't know what I could do to help you,but I don't live all that far away and could possibly help you somehow.

[-] 1 points by DebtNEUTRALITYpetition (647) 5 years ago

Why don't you get a free blog and start posting short stories with photos and evidence. Probably no one will help you based on this one long rant that seems too unbelievable. However, if you have the ability to post SHORT stories, one a day, on google blogger, (it's free), than you can begin to get your story out.

Perhaps don't use your real name on your blog for your own safety.

Good luck.

[-] 1 points by pigeonlady (284) from Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

Break things down piecemeal when they happen all at once? Doesn't work anyway. Rant feels only a bit better, when all is listed in less heated manner it's a lot longer and no one takes it seriously. Sometimes I get pissed too, you know. I notice at least one comment disappeared, no 'removed' notation. This is another problem here, the persecution and self pity party goes to some and not others, along with any assistance. These posts get some view but not equally. Re some events, a few people have expressed slight pity but don't really give a rat's patootie any more than anyone else, the most odd things get promoted. As I mentioned I recorded some things, there are some witnesses to others, but GEE, no one can direct me to anyone who might want to do a real expose on things like patient abuse, Hiring standards at hospitals (and in this case there is a ton of material and some recordings) police bias, bribery, and profiling where it pertains, animal abuse (hello animal battalion, I notice you aren't handling the big stuff beyond horse and carriage things), disabled discrimination, political abuse of power and persons supposedly supported by the Constitution, elitist corruption....and I already have said when there is anything going on like a big event or something that involves my credibility it goes on more. I knew I was right and should get another group. If I don't get the support I can't give it either. That goes for other venues as well. And the idea is to stand behind my word. I'm already hassled beyond belief, literally, according to you. It is what it is. If you like it because you want to blow me off, too bad, do whatever. These people don't run things as well as they should. Maybe the cops let them off easy if they screw up and stay in their corner.