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We are the 99 percent


I'm on a Debt Neutrality crusade to cut down consumer debt so that wall street bankers don't profit at the expense of too much consumer debt.

Please view and sign the Debt Neutrality Petition at www.debtneutralitypetition.com

Check out the Debt Neutrality Blog at

and like Debt Neutrality on facebook,

There is also the Debt Suspension Rights blogs at

And on facebook as well

I'm also known as OccupyNews and Debt Suspension Rights on this site.

Here are some of my other financial terrorism watchdog sites.
www.occupynews.net, www.swarmthebanks.com,
www.parallelforeclosure.com, www.bloggersagainstchasebank.com, www.robotsagainstchase.com, www.daily-protest.com
www.dailypuma.com, www.wallstreetchange.com

It's all done with no funding of any kind so it is what it is.

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