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Forum Post: 'Timeo Pax Americana' : Banksters ; OilyGarchs ; Obomber ; Libya & "some information from beyond the MSM veil".

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 2, 2011, 11:21 p.m. EST by shadz66 (19985)
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Barack 'Obomber' is proving to be yet another Neo-Imperialist American President but this time with a clear NeoCON tinge. 'Ohbummer' is more likely to be a happy puppet of Banksters and Imperial Interests, than someone who will ever deliver any kind of "change we can believe in". Indeed, 'Oblah-blah's hypocritical words re. "Change we can believe in", now appear to have all the hallmarks of psychopathy & recalling those pre-election speeches is now enough to induce extreme nausea.

The new front on the 21st century resource wars is Africa and Libya was 'Chapter 1' as AFRICOM ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7026197.stm ) is now in full swing. Therefore, with reference to Libya and for some information from beyond the MSM veil, I post some points and observations :

1) Libya's offers to other African countries to trade, exchange and barter Libya's abundant gas and oil ( http://www.oilandgaslibya.com/ ) in exchange for agricultural produce, raw materials and especially Gaddaffi's thoughts, ideas and proposals for a Pan-Continental Africa GOLD backed currency { http://www.goldstockbull.com/articles/libya-invas.... }, which would thus have undermined existing notions of the "petro-dollar" and demand for the U$D as the Global Reserve Currency ... is Absolutely Critical to understanding NATO's War on Libya ;

2) An ever greedy corporate eye is being cast upon Libya's unlikely but very real Water resources ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Manmade_River ), which will be available for future export to Malta, Sicily, Egypt & Tunisia etc., { http://www.waterpolitics.com/2011/07/31/water-big.... } ;

3) Libya has almost no national debt & is NOT in hock to the Unholy & Usurious WTO/IMF/World Bank - Nexus. Libya's 2010 debt was less than $6.4 Billion & 9% of GDP at a per capita debt of only $970/person - (See line 99, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_external_debt ) ;

4) Having a State Owned Central Bank, Libya isn't a member of that Elitist Club of Private Central Bankers, the Bank of International Settlements. One of the first acts of "The Rebels" was to establish A New Private Central Bank of Libya ( http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article27881.htm ). This point can NOT be Emphasised Enough ;

5) Libya ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libya ) has a very small population relative to its size (~6.5M) & thus seems ripe for de facto take over in the always avaricious eyes of The Empire & the Global Oligarchs, who with the help, blood & lives of "The Rebels", will now seek to turn Libya into yet another Imperial Fiefdom.

Alas, the modus operandi of this latest WAR for Resources & Imperial Hegemony is now increasingly clear for us all to see. Libyans should be extremely wary about "throwing the baby out with the bath water" and of "jumping out of the frying pan & into the fire" ; as becoming indentured Wage-Slaves to the Oily-garchs and being in perpetual Debt-Bondage to The Infernal Banksters will NEVER constitute Liberty, Prosperity or Dignity for Libyans.

timeo 'Pax Americana' et dona ferentes ...



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[-] 6 points by beautifulworld (23782) 12 years ago

To your point 2 above, there is nothing more sinister for mankind than the privatization of the water supply. Have we gone mad? Water as a commodity? No. Water is a human right, not something to be traded on the futures market, not a merit good, but a public good, that should be available to all human beings that walk this earth, for free.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

"Libya about oil? Or water? Or both?" Well bw .. about both .. AND then some!!! Think Dollar Hegemony threatened by Libya's plans for Gold Backed Pan-African Currency!! Also let me know IF you manage to de-cypher the other reply you got here and which I took liberty to read .. given this is my old forum-post! Thanx for the interesting and highly relevant links and finally, fyi - consider:

e tenebris, lux?

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23782) 7 years ago

New Muslim Ban. Libya makes the list again.

6 countries: Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia.


"Donald Trump’s new ‘Muslim ban’ still does not include countries that have produced terrorists"

"Executive order excludes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt"


[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Sparrow-2 Libya-0 from the Reagan years calmed down Gadhafi's exports. The most important ally of the U.S. in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia due to snake oil/petrodollar. Israel is our closest ally there.

We use the Israelis to spy on U.S. domestic citizens(FBI is technically inferior to other intelligence organizations so "domestic" citizenship being guarded by the FBI is suspect at best) so anyone(read as powerful people excluding dead-enders such as squeaky 0 ba ma[無爹娘]) who has any dirt must fear Israel and that's why Israel behaves arrogantly. Donald Trump needs to grasp the concept of "non-suspect"(lightness of skin color helps) citizenship(something probably "knows" but it's not consciously known until it's analyzed. It's a bit like being stripped naked as a preschooler by a self-denuded pubescent babysitter and never thinking of that as "sexual molestation" but as a game of "Wall-Street broad strips and the bright stares" until consciousness picks up the definition)

Nowadays, data are recorded somewhere, somehow, all of the time - the U.S. response to 9/11 attacks was to collect even more data than could be analyzed so post mortem analysis could find the culprit(s) quickly. Living in out of the way places such as Staten Island of NY NY or other "islands" enhances one's "non-suspect" citizenship by lowering one's profile. One can also hide in plain sight - people never believe what they don't want to believe(e.g., sexual molestation).

Israel is over there in the Middle East as our unsinkable aircraft carrier to keep watch over Saudi Arabia(the keeper of the 00$ global license), Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and other Arab countries. Of course, Israel will also watch the non-Arab Iran, for its own survival interest. That fits well with the interests of the U.S. defense establishment and industries(since the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution).

When things are all stirred up in the Middle East, the U.S. defense industries get to sell arms to many countries there. There are perennial foreign aids in military equipments to both Israel and Egypt(great peace bought at the lives of the two "candles" martyrs). Saudi Arabia has also become a yuuge huuge customer of U.S. military equipments - thanks to Iran's drive(which will likely succeed over time, like DPRK's travails to nuclear-tipped ICBMs) towards its ancient Persian supremacy via nuclear and missile technologies and weapons.

Who benefits from all the chaos in the Middle East? Yeah, right! How smart you are! Is it the Japanese who sold the fleet of white Toyota trucks to ISIL? If things seem murky, look at the money flow instead. Eyes will be opened.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

Living on Staten Island .. does what?! Re. Israel & USA ... errrrr, who's in charge in that relationship exactly?!! Can you quote Ariel Sharon here & btw - just because Toyota makes the trucks in Japan doesn't mean that they directly sold them to ISIS as facts on the ground mean that either Turkey or Saudi Arabia did that!!! + You may also want to consider...

multum in parvo ...

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

State, Stating, Stated, Staten Island! It's from an English grammar drill for the foot-in-mouth-disease laager defense. Staten Island has the biggest trash processing operation in New York, NY. There's a humongous landfill there as well as barges for sending the garbage elsewhere. Staten Island is excellent for hiding out of sight while still being a part of New York, NY although it's more "New Jersey" and suburban than "the City."

I suspect that we can find just about anything in the landfill("It's the field that matters. All else flow from the Mat." 7:7-8). I'm an authority on dumps as I've played day-in and day-out as a preschooler archeologist/recycler in our neighborhood trash dump after my neighborhood-boy playmate had introduced me to the Mine, not just "Yours." Sometimes I felt as if I were Romulus building the Eternal City for my ants found abundantly there as I moved the dirt piles around forming structures for them using a bit of water(I had the power of the forty-day-and-forty-night Belgian-boy Deluge to stop their war). Oh yes, ants were racialized asses, too, with the red ants attacking the black ants("national" conflict raping the "Sabine nymphets" but they were all Mine!)

It's just too bad that Herr Drumpf hasn't created the A.S.S. yet, where the racialized asses can work on skin-color discrimination for the 》amerikanische Staatssicherheit.《 Jobs, jobs, jobs! I'd even appreciate tens of millions of jobs for monitoring the below-toilet-bowl-rim security cameras to enforce the toilet laws sorting out "birth-certificate genitalia, chromosomal sex, gender, sexual orientation, dress-code and grooming orientation" and every combination thereof.

Another laager defense is to hide in plain sight, here. 》Wie findest Du meine Heimat? Ich liebe die Pferde und den zentralen Park. Siehst Du nicht? Es gibt auch viele Tannenbäume. Was liegt hinterher? Alles und nichts!《

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

''Staten Island'', I think you will find, owes its name to The Dutch but I am totally unsure of what links the Great Kills landfill with ''Mat. 7:78'' but you're an expert at befuddling me, so my bad if I can't understand what you are saying or what the reference to: ''raping the Sabine nymphets'' is all about here!!! I am also none the wiser about why U like 'horses in Central Park''?!! Your ''Urheimat'' is Africa by the way - like for us all!

Also, ist alles gut .. jetzt und immer?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Biden Claims He Wants to End the Yemen War. His Actions Suggest Otherwise." by J. Knefel:

fiat lux; fiat justitia et fiat pax!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Ukraine & Yemen Wars highlight US’s role as Biggest Arms Dealer in the World"! by Mike Ludwig:

"The USA is the top arms dealer in the world - followed by Russia, France and the United Kingdom, with the U.S.A. responsible for 39 percent of arms exports globally, according to the 'Stockholm International Peace Institute'."

fiat lux et fiat pax!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

Re. Ukraine & Russia: "Sanctions - The Blowback": Watch this essential 28m video:

from which - "Foreign countries who hold dollars instead of gold and have therefore effectively financed the US budget deficit and balance of payment deficit for the past fifty years, are being threatened by the US if they support Russia."

& - "America’s imposition of sanctions, and especially it’s grabbing of foreign reserves, has started a war that is dividing the world between the West and Eurasia." These^are for adults so gripes can fk right off!!

Also consider that "US and Allies helped to defeat the Nazis. Yet, we never celebrate May 9. Why?"

e tenebris - ad iudicium?!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

Note "DISASTER CAPITALISM IN UKRAINE"! .. by Dimitris Dimitriadis:

MULTUM in parvo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 11 months ago

"Can the U.S. Adjust Sensibly to a Multipolar World?" by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J. S. Davies:

WHICH STARTS WITH THIS: "In his 1987 book The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, historian Paul Kennedy reassured Americans, that the decline the United States was then facing ... after a century of international dominance, was “relative and not absolute, and is therefore perfectly natural; and that the only serious threat to the real interests of the United States - can come from a failure to adjust sensibly to the newer world order.”

"Since Kennedy wrote those words ... we have seen the end of The Cold War, the peaceful emergence of China as a leading world power and the rise of a formidable Global South. But the United States has indeed failed to “adjust sensibly to the newer world order” .. using military force and coercion in flagrant violation of the UN Charter in a failed quest for longer lasting global hegemony.

"Paul Kennedy observed that military power follows economic power. Rising economic powers develop military power to consolidate and protect their expanding economic interests. But once a great power’s economic prowess is waning - the use of military force to try to prolong its day in the sun, leads only to unwinnable conflicts, as European colonial powers quickly learned after the Second World War, and as Americans are learning today.

AND ENDS WITH ... "Now that the “newer world order” that Paul Kennedy referred to is taking shape, economist Jeffrey Sachs has grave misgivings about the U.S. ability to adjust. As he recently warned, “Unless U.S. foreign policy is changed to recognize the need for a multipolar world, it will lead to more wars and possibly ... to World War III.” With countries across the globe building new networks of trade, development and diplomacy, independent of Washington and Wall Street - the United States may well have no choice but to finally “adjust sensibly” to the new order."

respice; adspice; prospice!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Do you ever wonder why there are so many places like Yemen, Syria, etc. blessing the Arabian Peninsula ? Hmm, decades ago, my Dad said, "亞登( Aden ) 點火燒。" He's been around, to many ports of call, including "hot as hell" places such as Aden due to its location near the Equator and the shipping artery/chokepoint of the Suez Canal. The U.S.S. Cole obviously didn't get that message. The U.S. Navy ( with the mark of Caine ) was attacked there presaging the 9/11 attacks and subsequent bloodbath for the Greater Allahu Akbar. I see a pattern here although I haven't seen a gigantic Buddha statue being blown up on the Silk Road. Maybe what happened to Palmyra suffices.

Wherever vital resources 》Lebensraum《 for peoples such as freshwater and crude dry up, there tends to be troubles. Blame on this, that, or whatever else.. emigration, diseases, wars, and deaths rebalance. Keep "eyes peeled" and practice Voluntary Apartheid ( not all of Yemen has a Chery Chase muscle car ¿No Va? with a bullet hole on its placard.)

Most atoms have been around for billions of years and plants need the correct ones to flourish. Humans shed these every day as the golden liquid offering to the People's Temple ( preferably more than five times every day ) so it stands to reason that the crystals left over behind in the plastic milk container collecting the golden liquid offerings may be great for plants. Yes, luxuriant growth of a house plant indeed resulted after a small piece of crystal had been offered to near the roots of the plant before watering it. Even an impoverished place has "growth potential" with the proper knowledge. Yemen probably has sufficiently strong solar heat or ultraviolet light ( probably destroying amine bonds releasing nitrogen { tightly bound diatomic, thus not a greenhouse gas } and hydrogen { which a fuel cell may use for producing electricity and light } or hydrogenous compounds so the fertilized plants' leaves may be less green; a small amount of iron from rust if ionized into water also fertilizes plants green ) to disinfect these crystals before using them as slow-release plant fertilizer. There's also the possibility of direct urea fuel cell to generate electricity and reducing drinking water pollution by raising the prices of urine making it precious once it has become a readily available benign renewable personal energy source. Some [religious] Indians rubbing themselves with [holy] cow excreta mixed with milk might not have warded off CoViD-19 but they might get better skin afterwards so they were getting onto something alright. Gods bestowed benefits to the observant people. Ancient Romans or their slaves might have discovered soap's cleaning power from mixing ashes accidentally with animal sacrifice's fat near the altars to the gods when they washed their clothes.

It makes sense that making ice-cream to eat is easy in frigid Russian winter, for example, carving wooden skis ( or sleds such as toboggans ) with fallen trees, or making an ice-skating/hockey rink with freshwater abundant in Russia with its numerous rivers but not in Russia's 2014 annexation, the Crimean Peninsula ( of course, many Russians have moved there to be warm, not to ice-skate or play ice hockey.) I haven't quite figured out what emulsifier or thickener to use in my "ice-cream" yet. It's just rapidly frozen sugared whole milk. I don't live in Russia but it got awfully cold here { by East-Coast U.S. back-to-the-old-normal standard though still warmed by the Gulf Stream } recently so I went with Mother Nature's flow ( if given a lemon, make a lemonade; if it's frigid, make easy ice-cream.) I like my "ice-cream" as it is already but it's more like the shaved-from-an-ice-block-of-a-few-cubic-feet-volume sherbet of my childhood in the shantytown than an ice-cream.

Beware of the continued buildup of Russian troops next to Ukraine. Our home had a troop assembly area in front of it for the troops to receive firearms/munitions stored underground in the reinforced-concrete bunker and get vehicular fuel filled up ( using in-place solid rocket fuel and oxidizer eliminates the pumping time otherwise needed for liquid rocket fuel and oxidizer prior to Minuteman ICBMs' being launched; DPRK similarly seeks solid-state rocket propulsion for quick and mobile missile launches; there's no throttling possible once solid is ignited so if the ICBM was aimed at a highly sensitive area, it may very well precipitate a major war and catastrophe ) right before barging down the road probably to the old border ( Red Chinese PLA attacked the British in Chinese mainland during the post-WWII resumed Chinese Civil War and there was the [undoubtedly the most bizarre locale to me] Kowloon City permanently Ching/Qing but claimed by Red China garrison on the leased-by-Qing-to-the-British-for-99-years northern side across Boundary Street.) God bless Ukraine.

Quantity has a quality all its own, as Desert Shield became Desert Storm. "Framed in the archway of the sunset, see the homeward Cossack go; Noiseless saved for a raven's croaking and the hoofbeats in the snow." It's just a Bela (Leadenship).

Here's the U.S. not-so-secret and easy-to-do M.B.A. ¡tech-know-or-no?! formula for achieving high GDP: don't fix bridges. When they fall down, there will be a bigger and better rebuilding job to do, thereby increasing the GDP since at least the 1980s when I had first discovered this formula for success (we got brand-new bridges since the old стали/steel ones had rusted out due to our having saved paint, labor, and zinc-galvanizing coating so that the M.B.A.s could appear to possess genius for high efficiency and be promoted to handle greater jobs such as creating the highly profitable globally "strong and resilient" MARKET-driven [Fruitbats-of-the-Boom(R)-like] supply chain now collapsing by a microscopic weak and fragile soapy-water-dissolvable strand of RNA first airplane-dispersed worldwide by New Maoist Red China.) It's no longer "London's Bridge is falling down." Fricky magnate America succeeded Britain after сталин/Stalin's regime.

Doing the right thing ( Egyptian civilians then living in cities shouldn't be bombed by the U.K. and France just because their leader(s) had seized corporate properties; responses should've been measured and proportionate, staying within economic domain ) was why the U.S. became a superpower snubbing the disrespectful Britain, France, and Israel in order to avoid a nuclear war. NATO memberships gave the U.S. the leverage on the Colonial powers. British Empire's Colonialism east of Suez was thereby largely finished. Hong Kong subsequently became somewhat independent of London and eventually I got "baptized" for the first time because lazy ( also being unfortunate fire victims and conflagration remnants resettled with U.N. funding ) people near our shantytown had been resettled and uplifted. For Hong Kong to become a truly 3-D vertical city, they had to be reformed to become more socialist ( refraining from laissez-faire tossing things including pootinium-laced liquid waste or television set over the side of a building ) and we certainly supported that effort { as well as getting Chinese used as an official language beside English; one would think that this would have been done already in a place of 99% Chinese people - who needed to be informed to coöperate - in more than a century of British Colonial rule, but no ! Isn't it weird that the leaders of the major "pain-in-the-ass-closed-constipated-and-backward-but-with-macho-Big-Dick-pushing-hard" countries don't know English and they apparently believe in their own mirage propaganda made up by their own Goebbels ? Telling lies has the eventual blow-back effect of one's believing in their truth as long as one still resides in one's own echo chamber and becomes shocked once one has emerged } at least partly due to neighborhood rivalry which had almost led to a "new-gang" fight. We won.

To be uplifted to a new station in earnest, one must cast away incompatible bad habits. There is only tradeoff, with some parts of it going up and some other parts coming down. Did you see the cloudy exhaust left behind by the rocket launch ? My kindergarten teacher just said, "Turn and bow !" That failed miserably with me... Every other kid on the stage turned right to face the graduation ceremony's audience to bow but I turned left and bowed. Hahaha ! Many people in the audience laughed aloud at my mistake. My Mom told me afterwards that she was greatly embarrassed. I learnt the importance of "the art of exact specification." Actions need a time limit specified for them to be completed by. Turning needs a direction left or right to be specified, around which axis, and by how much angle to turn. Yeah, I possessed creativity ( of deviating from the so-called "common" sense ) from very early on in my life and can command obedient and faultless machines so that they don't make so-called "mistakes." To err is human; to really foul things up requires Faith and machine "collusion." Pootin has a conscious choice to make once things get ready: whether by tree or drinks is holier.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

9 Paragraphs of Horse $H!T and N0THING rational to fkn say about anything, huh ... U fkn dumb racist moron?!!! Just WTF does "presaging the 9/11 attacks and subsequent bloodbath for the Greater Allahu Akbar" mean ... U MSM propaganda regurgitating dolt?!! Still think 19 young Arabs obviated NORAD & invented new Laws of Physics over 20 years ago?! Fk U - and EVERYTHING U think U know, U stupid bastard! Now go explore the evidence here ...

e tenebris, lux?!

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

U.S.S. Cole's being attacked presaged the 9/11 attacks and subsequent bloodbath for the Greater Allahu Akbar. Read and you shall understand the meaning of Greater Allahu Akbar ( which includes Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan; all harbored attackers or attacked the U.S.A. or the U.S. Military ) and "the mark of Caine." Bloodletting cleanses sins.

Just look at some Catholics' colorful wooden figure of Jesus on the tree ( being fed vinegar by an ancient Roman soldier's sponge when he had asked for wine to drink ) with the bloody gash on his chest spewing blood. Jesus died for our sins on the Roman Cross. At Communion, Christians "eat his flesh" and "drink his blood."

Why did the Roman soldier have a sponge and vinegar ? They didn't have Chinese culture yet at that time. Don't be bottom-line-oriented; have no wrinkles ( for Euro-sensible "beauty" ) be Amero "bottom"-oriented. First thing first, where does our shit go ?

Children argued about whose god was greater. "Your god was baked from clay." "Your god was carved out of wood." "Both of you committed idolatry -- there is no god but God." Terrorists for Greater Allahu Akbar. Everything smells like rusted iron. Even the red planet Mars is mostly rusty desert. There is liquid water on Mars' South Polar Cap as presaged here before, though. Red is the color of iron rust. Iron is common because of its nuclear bonding energy making iron nuclei the stablest ones created in abundance at the end of life of a massive star ( such as the red supergiant { a U.S.S.R. Socialist analogue; U.S.S.R. had flung so much mass=energy/c^2 into Afghanistan that it didn't blow up spectacularly as a supernova but imploded to form much iron-oxide rust still visible in its abundant abandoned buildings; in contrast, U.S. has many more abandoned people we euphemistically call "homeless"; shouldn't renters of their life abodes be called homeless ? } Betelgeuse; its redness comes from a different source, though: hydrogen, because Betelgeuse hasn't died yet ) dying in a supernova explosion. The pervasiveness of red color on national flags due to iron-based oxygen-carrying blood shed for revolutions to found nations thus originated from the balance between the strong nuclear force and the electromagnetic force amongst nucleons.

Lights along the Euphrates River went out. Think and enlightenment shall come unto you. Can the Prince of Darkness leave Dnieper River far behind Euphrates ? Chernobyl's radioactive explosion started with human "heart"s' fear of the Cold War turning Hot. It didn't turn Hot but it became radioactive and it was covered up ( Communists such as Stoolin never admit errors { just like our artificially sweetened with Cheatose(R) non-penicillin-moldy/-mouldy orange in the refrigerator } so it was their neighbors whose sensors had initially detected unusually huge amount of radioactivity and started talking and asking questions; unlike our American Cheatose(R) Robbinghood setting fires here and there to distract at electronic incendiary-message speed, the U.S.S.R. leadership trusted the party-loyal "resilient with automated pain-signal attenuation" duel command structure; some lingering duel command structure may still exist between the aircraft carrier and its cruising companion the powerful tugboat; we all still exist because a Communist political commissar realized that it was meant to be a dual command structure and therefore a Communist who had previously experienced the near Abyss of a nuclear submarine radioactive accident could "err," too, and made the rational choice of "failing to start" a nuclear war; it all stemmed from the U.S.S.R. having fielded unsafe nuclear reactors for propulsion, unlike its Cold War foe, U.S.A. -- note the lack of a powerful tugboat accompanying a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group; Obama probably knew this and wounded Pootin's pride by stating that Russia was a regional superpower; I tend to agree because the pride parade of the Russian aircraft carrier strike group didn't go well because some potential ports of call disliked the accompanying air pollution and denied its entry; the U.S. aircraft carriers had encountered similar opposition in Japan before but for a different reason -- as Japan had a pacifist constitution { U.S. aircraft carriers at that time carried nuclear weapons } and also experienced nuclear bombings so there was nucleophobia; in my opinion, unfounded phobia due to the sheer orders of magnitude energy difference between a ship's propulsion and Tokyo city's electricity need; Japan had very famous nuclear explosions and yet still embraced nuclear power after the tsunami-induced nuclear reactor core meltdowns and hydrogen explosions.)

The U.S. often does many things differently from the rest of the world. That is not entirely for showing off. There is frequently a multitude of different solutions to a single problem. ( For example, there are multiple CoViD-19 vaccines developed. It's not just for show that the novel never-FDA-approved-before breakthrough but already having had a long developmental history for other similar viruses. RNA-based vaccines require exceptional refrigeration. They have achieved some of the highest rates of efficacy. I and my immediate family members all went with such RNA-based vaccines { one of us, not I as I'm usually a [learnt-from-my-having-caught-H1N1-bird-flu-from-wealthy-slight-corner-cutting-traveler(s)] Conservative regarding the cutting of corners,《why cut corners if I can still "win" [ subject to my definition and "whims," I guess I've learnt that from my Dad's power and authority as the patriarch ] without doing so -- contrary to my Dad's prediction that I would starve serving as an apprentice as I have hitherto never starved except at some late nights when all food outlets nearby had closed, so I didn't have to be "sneaky" such as artfully upgrading my report card or remodeling history to "win"》, cut corner by not ducking for enough days after getting a booster shot, traveled and got CoViD-19 in the recent omicron-variant wave.} We do take chances but reasonably well informed ones, we hope. I prefer the cacophony of a multitude of opinions instead of a single opinion espoused by a multitude. A neighborhood with much garbage on the street indicates that it's one with some material abundance and the occasional "garbage bugs" didn't get the death penalty and weren't executed.) It's usually after things have already been going on in parallel for a while before the particular industry and/or the various levels of governments try to impose some standards and controls. The chance of that being the same as what others around the world have done is rather low ( unless the "others" were Red China, for an obvious ignominious/glorious reason.) There is also a tremendous amount of legacy which being so vast that even the U.S. with its vast resources has a difficult time changing. Besides, the range of numbers indicating correct operations in the minds of the architects, scientists, and engineers would change if the U.S. went the whole hog to the metric system, for example. The U.S. actually did decades ago since the 1980s or earlier but some corporations were "more powerful than the U.S. federal government" because of jurisdictional limits.

Skin repair lotion's top three ingredients are: water, glycerin, and urea. Water with urea seems to be chemically close to urine. Glycerin is a 3-carbon sugary alcohol. Sweet lactose in cow's milk is a sugar. Those religious Indians who had smeared themselves with holy cow pee or dung with cow milk probably got a great start in moisturizing and protecting their skin. I wonder from where the skin repair lotion manufacturer got the urea. There is gold in them Pis.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

Empirical Evidence, Probability & Circumstantial Evidence MATTER, u fkn dingbat!!!

"nosce te ipsum" et "veritas vos liberabit"!


PS: The fkn idiot's reply went from 4 Paras: 4, 4, 3 & 4 lines long; to the psychic meltdown

clearly demonstrated immediately above but - I'll still encourage opening ^my^links^ tho'!!!

ad iudicium!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"CIA Black Site Detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques"! by Julian Borger:

"Newly declassified documents reveal Ammar al-Baluchi was repeatedly slammed against a wall while naked until all trainees received ‘certification’"!!

& - "A detainee at a secret CIA detention site in Afghanistan was used as a living prop to teach trainee interrogators, who lined up to take turns at knocking his head against a plywood wall, leaving him with brain damage, according to a US government report.

"Details of the torture of Ammar al-Baluchi are in a 2008 Report by the CIA’s inspector general & newly declassified as part of a court filing by lawyers aimed at getting him independent medical examination."


[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

I figured it out! My Urheimat is the Silk Road. Birds, fly the friendly twreats of America. I stuck my finger up for you. "It's why we have Trump. (Treating the 金小胖 Asian to a shower with the Raj as the video closed-caption has suggested for gold(金) earring lovers is an illuminating idea!)" Squirm across the bed and "re-accommodate." This is Big. This is Yuuge. This is William VI of Orange. It's golden shower time for Pax Americana. 》Nutzen über alles.《

From now on, I'll only fly Trump Shuttle after a licking! Fly, Robin, Fly. That's the way I like it.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

We are all from somewhere and that somewhere is almost always .. somewhere else! Your interesting link rightly I feel, identifies The Silk Road as the core of the Indo-European Caucusoid ''Urheimat'' & - I thoroughly recommend these books 2U: ''Genghis Khan and the making of the Modern World'',by Jack Weatherford ; ''Religions of The Silk Road'' by Richard C. Foltz, re.''overland trade & cultural exchange from antiquity to the fifteenth century'' & finally ''The Silk Roads; a New History of The World'',by Peter Frankopan. Thanx for all the other replies below and sorry I didn't have time to do them justice in reply. Finally and as per the OP & what's going on in Syria/Iraq, where Aleppo, Damascus, Irbil & Mosul are some of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on Earth, please consider:

e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Russia vetoed the U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the chemical attack on civilians in Syria violating international law(s) and convention(s). Russia also brokered the removal of All chemical weapons from Syria with the agreement of the Assad regime.

Either Assad or Putin or both broke their promise(s) with the recent chemical attack on the innocent civilians. The U.S. righteously struck the Syrian airbase from which the attack had been launched. Ultimately, it matters little whether Putin was complicit or not because as I have said before that Russia has NEVER been a reliable ally(not in WWI, not in WWII, not in WWIII, not in WWIV). The best thing that can happen to Russia will be its annexation by a righteous and worthy neighbor for the good of all humanity. Siberia is lightly guarded and there are nuclear-armed neighbors there. Before the annexation, the righteous and worthy one should severe the Trans-Siberian railroad at the onset of war. The furniture makers will probably be interested in privateering.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

In your typically biased way,you totally fail to consider the very real possibility that the recent ''chemical attack in Syria'' - is actually utter fraud, perpetrated by the increasingly desperate Jehadi, Takfiri, RWNJ Islamist opposition .. who are deeply allied to and in the debt of: USA; UK; France; Saudi Arabia; Qatar; UAE; Turkey et al!!! As is all too usual .. you seem to glean your opinion of these events from US MSM, who are owned and in league with, the very same Corporations who make the arms & profit from WAR!!

So I will double dare you grapes, to disconnect from the b-s MSM & connect with some real information from an actual expert! As such ... please try to clearly and coolly consider this really very important link:

Frankly grapes ... you are not even entitled to an opinion on these matters until and unless you engage with the 1st link's report and pictures. I really have to wonder, whereTF it is that you get your news and information from? IF it's solely US MSM, then you're fkt tbh! As such, in future, maybe try the following:

Finally, I'll address myself to your rampant Russophobia! WTF are you talking about re.''annexation by a righteous and worthy neighbor for the good of all humanity"?!! Get this - Russia was an ally against Nazi Germany (much to your chagrin ... vielliecht, mein herr?!) and whether your heavily propagandised brain can accept it or not - Russia/the USSR, after the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk .. won WW2 on its own, despite the 25M-40M dead and the belated US/UK D-Day invasion, simply shortening the inevitable, as Russian Armies would have only have stopped at The English Channel - had they been left to their own devices!!! And btw:

respice et ad iudicium...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Defending Ukrainian 'Democracy' - Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix"! ... by Caitlin Johnstone:

"One reason you always hear about the genocidal depravity of Adolf Hitler - but not King Leopold II - is because Hitler did imperialism to white people. Keep that in mind - as you watch the disparity between coverage of Ukraine and coverage of other recent military invasions."

Also: "Syrian rebels were desperate for US intervention. Obama warned a chemical attack there would be a red line. Syria started suffering chemical attacks.Ukraine is desperate for Nato intervention. Biden says Nato will respond if there's a chemical attack in Ukraine. Hmm.." from:

Finally consider Chomsky: "The idea that Ukraine might join a Western military alliance would be quite unacceptable to any Russian leader" & that Ukraine's desire to join NATO "isn't protecting Ukraine, it's threatening Ukraine with major war"! - from:

multum in parvo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

Per OP "US Oil Companies set to reap up to $126 Billion in Extra Profits Amid War On Ukraine"

Note: "It's high time for Congress to pass a windfall profits tax and prevent the fossil fuel industry from harnessing a war to make billions," said one campaigner."

This 'reply to self' is per the OP however, also note the utter vomit brewed & spewed in replies below!

radix omnium malorum - est cupiditas!

[-] 0 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

So grapes, after the latest spew below: Clearly U Are Full Of TOTAL $H!T, U self-satisfied; shit-spewing; mad bastard!!! Re. your ... "Underlying trade is trust. Countries which undermine trust get poorer or stay poor" .. this emphatically does NOT include the U$A - does it, where ONLY US' War Machine underpins Dollar Hege'money'?!! U fail on all counts of analysis .. U "Amero-Supremacist" prick! And now per your undiluted, rancid, putrid crap; my prior replies and the OP - go now and carefully consider the following:

per aspera - ad iudicium?!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

"Clean neat profits" are success words. "To get rich is glorious" was a brilliant idea of then-poor-China's Deng Xiaoping. Poo-tin was very rich but he isn't glorious anymore. Why ? Poor ethics. Extremism always makes a turn, for now-rich-China's Xi jin ao pong. Poo-tin has much war reparation to pay. Russia is pathetic. What's the aim, anyway ? Trying to get a janitorial job for Russians in Ukraine ? ( A sanitary way to dispose of a mouse or a rat is to drown it and run scalding hot water to disinfect the bloody pollution in the garbage bin and the bathtub afterwards; I squashed it flat in the garbage bin many times with a toilet plunger first; I inverted a plastic bag and wore it like a glove to dispose of the carcass by inverting the plastic bag over it and tying up the bag to dispose of it; I had janitorial credential for not cornering a rat of Leningrad but nonetheless cleaned up.) It's better to call up Ukraine soon and beg for "brotherly" forgiveness. Are more "color revolutions" Poo-tin's aim ? "Arab Spring" started with West Australian wheat harvest failing due to a climate ¿chaos'? event reverberating. The globalized food markets connect many countries so food prices' increases can slosh around near and far quickly. Hungry people are a great source of angry people. They may show up on the streets protesting and rioting or rolling up their "Great Leadener" in a palatial carpet ( as there was no plastic Yellow-Emperor's cheap tarp available back then ) for themselves to stomp upon the bundle made.

"Waste" ist verboten ! "Vomit" can be "May knowledge from our work increase; And serve the world, and spread the light." I can vomit more, just for "Aryan" you, "And old Truth newly understood":

An ancient millennia-old Mongolian-started-ice-harvesting / Persian-improved-and-scaled-up technology can alleviate refrigeration's forcing of climate chaos.

You do have a point about brewing. Yeast's fermentation process was one of the greatest industrial breakthroughs of our ancestors and will indeed help us ever more as we enter the age of designed enzymatic near-room-temperature-produced biologics/chemicals/artifacts or the Age of Engineered Evolutionary Fabrication.

Caesarian section by scissors used upon DNA via CRISPR-Cas9 technology if put into editor substitute command form is "?<RNAsearch>?s/<DNAdelete>/<DNAinsert>/p".

Not only is there "gold in them Pis"; there's more "wealth in them Vomit", too, as "Waste" ist verboten ! Where there is "waste," there is probably resource, now or future.

I'll get around to spewing later. Even Chinese Shi-Emperor shit takes time to make as I'm not Wu-hen laying eggs. I got from a child an astonishing "cure" for constipation: eat more, and more, and more, because sooner or later, it will all c=o=m=e b=a=c=k o=u=t. I wonder about the identity of the teacher of this epiphany to the child. Was it Rickety Rat, the one running the global malevolent machismo show, since castrated Mickey Mouse had been pushed aside ?

Here's what my decades' of experience living with a far-stronger Big Brother had taught me: always shrinking from conflicts invites more bullying but it makes no sense at all to have conflicts with a far-stronger opponent although I had stood my ground and fought anyway sometimes. My Mom had interest in not hearing her two "cymbals" clanging in her ears' vicinity: "brothers are brothers !" She told me that she spanked him more because she knew that being far weaker, I had started fewer conflicts so when in doubt, he usually got spanked. That provided deterrence ( he, of course, said that Mom favored me but birth order favored him to be stronger so there was actually a balance of power. My words carried weight to my Mom.)

Mickey Mouse was castrated in the Levant by Rickety Rat ( Obomber, the legal scholar dealing with thugs, didn't bomb after his so-called "redlines" had been crossed so we had the "peace in our time" and Aleppo "cleansing" { some people see virtually everything in racial terms but I don't see Syria's humanitarian catastrophes as having come from the skin colors of the Syrians as Obomber wasn't lightskinned; the peoples in the Levant weren't securing themselves; Arabs have a long history and tradition of tolerating slavery and other "unsavory things"; I being a "Yankee," would have problems with tolerating any near slavery in my homeland, regardless of the Colonial Europeans' stupidity of "cattle-branding" based upon skin colors or its coming from Arabs [or anyone else] 《 Arabs are White peoples with dark skins; it's why they have to wear these long protective white garbs, unlike the really Black peoples of Africa who are extremely dark-skinned and lanky, naturally well adapted to tropical Africa 》 living here who had imported slavery values } ) taking over Syria so even the immovable permanent aircraft carrier is now timid on the next beach. Been there, Done that. Over.

Iron Dome is for sale, but... definitely not to U.S.S. Liberty, which learnt of who had started the preemptive war against the Arabs, previously Israel had promised to the U.S.A. not to make happen. This U.S.S. Liberty incident was what the U.S.S.R.'s expansion into the East Mediterranean region had triggered. Poland attacking N.A.T.O. intelligence corps would be Poo-tin's crowning glory, wouldn't it ? The Cold War nearly went nuclear several times in a few years with Israel fighting for its survival and the U.S. had to prove that Israel was being protected.

Imagine how many more of these "close calls" we can afford to chance, with the morons and idiots being in power. Arabs often complained of the billions of dollars of annual defense aid given to Israel by the U.S. ( to Egypt, too, { favored by the U.S. drive for de-colonization after the 1956 Suez [Canal] War caused by Egypt's nationalization of the Suez Canal, following in the footsteps of the U.S.S.R.; the U.S., not having been forewarned and consulted, upset the British, French, and the Israelis in the process by forcing them all to withdraw from the Suez Canal to give it back to Egypt; U.S. had the Philippines go independent in 1946 after having freed it from the murderous Japanese as a part of the U.S. de-colonization drive; Colonialism brought out the worst repressive part of the U.S. so it was good riddance; I don't mind some people calling the Philippines as being "not worth americanizing" so that it can be free, not colonized } as the nemesis of Israel, for Voluntary Apartheid between Arabs and Jews assured by a lot of U.S. arms ) but they ignored what would happen if Israel were to strike again against the U.S. as well as the U.S.S.R. because of the Arabs' desire to drive the Israelis into the sea. The Soviets aiding Egyptian airforce got their ass whipped ignominiously by Israel's pilots flying U.S.-military-aid aircraft provided to Israel. As the very long peace between Israel and Egypt has demonstrated, a great amount of U.S. arms provided to both fostered their sense of security enough to assure their peace and prosperity. Egypt again like India had fallen previously for Stool-in's lie about the superiority of the Soviet mass-production system during WWII and went down the wrong track of economic development ( unlike Israel, Taiwan, post-1979 Red China, post-WWII Western Europe and Japan; essentially all the rich and prosperous parts of the World because they didn't copy Soviet-style central-planning Socialism -- it could work well with an omniscient benevolent Central but that doesn't exist "forever" like the ephemeral arbitrarily defined "God"; remember always that Christian "Science works in mysterious ways !" ) Russia got a chance, too, but the KGB shit in Poo-tin threw it away. Emperor Shi's hairy Mao shit will come as karma soon. Observing boundaries secures peace and usually prosperity, if one chooses well a politico-economic system which preserves wealth and squarely trades a lot to increase wealth over time. Underlying trade is trust. Countries which undermine trust get poorer or stay poor.

Which country in the whole World spends the highest percentage of its GDP on its military ? Is it the exceptional U.S.A. policing the whole World "undermining trust" and yet trades the most by far ?

It's fine with me that U.S. trading partners wouldn't submit to our motto inscribed upon every single coin and every single U.S. dollar in recent decades and that motto is: "In God We Trust." Without that underlying Trust dispensed by anyone who spends that U.S.A. currency, trade is impeded. No one has to use the U.S. dollar as their currency but I do use it because of its convenience worldwide and I haven't quite lost that trust in that 馬毛 Mǎ máo on the U.S. bills. Millennia ago, my ancestors tamed the horse and we've spread "riding the wind" far to the edge of the Eurasian continent and taken off in a humongous "Coke can" into the clouds like that Periplaneta americana which had run up to the end of the neck of the Johnnie Walker whiskey bottle that was being dropped upon our [kitchen] sink.

I've heard of many clamors by countries for "lifting sanctions." These countries should praise the U.S.A. for their being under sanctions and lobby for more because sanctions are a form of discipline contributing to the scientific materialistic independence of the "Bigglier Red Button" countries under sanctions. We just need to improve the independence of the "Red World" to glorify Kim Il-sung whose Juche revolutionary breakthrough led to the only true attainment of centuries of struggles to achieve socialism !!!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

It's not a struggle in Ukraine against Democracy initiated by Poo-tin. It's a struggle to defend state sovereignty and territorial integrity, both being founding principles of the United Nations which was explicitly created after the bloodiest war ever in human history to reduce chaos and senseless slaughter of civilians ( which D.P.R. Rustia is doing to what it calls its "brothers and sisters !" Poo-tin has no brother or sister -- has anyone and everyone got that yet, by now ? { This is the reason why I worry so much about any inadequately socialized single child leading any nationalistic country; Shit, Princeling Shit, King Shit, Emperor Shit galore ! } He lacked familial cohort socialization but he had a [cornered] rat in Leningrad teaching him well in animal nature which had helped his meteoric rise to power, according to his anecdote.) My Hong Kong Queen Elisabeth School's motto was "'Twas mine, But was not mine alone." I haven't started my Conquest of Adriatic-Pacifica because I learnt relativity from Her Majesty's Coronation's inspired blessing. Leaders of the World's countries can learn from that, too. U.K. may not be as militarily strong as the U.S. but it often speaks with righteous leadership in recent times so it has followers and thus wields considerable soft power (which may not be so "soft" after all have been said and done). U.K. despite its being surrounded by a seawater moat and tucked away in a corner of the fractious and quarrelsome Europe maintains a strong military, unlike many Central or Western European countries. The U.K. wasn't "brain-dead" as it had stayed within N.A.T.O. despite having exited the E.U.

Recent U.N. General Assembly votes on resolutions against the butchering D.P.R. Rustia by the countries of the World were something like 141-to-5 and 140-to-5.

If those were all democratic countries condemning the butchering D.P.R. Rustia, Democracy is rather close to a global triumph, isn't it ?

The U.N. wasn't founded by democracies alone. It included Stool-in's murderous regime which held veto power as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council tasked with securing peace [hahaha !] of the World with military prowess.

Poo-tin is of the same ilk as Stool-in, isn't he ?

It's just too bad that Poo-tin wouldn't stay balancing the of-cosmic-significance in-between-Mao-and-Nixon White UFO of the KGB perched atop his head, and kneeling down inside of the "redline" circle drawn for him by Obomber, Been Done, Bushit, Cock-ad-oodle-Doo...

It looks like/as if "political science" is becoming the new winner. "German" science based upon the so-called Aryan principle didn't do well in WWII at all. The Germans never got enough Nordic heavy-weight Aryan-pure water to start making a gigantic ur=anium-dipping swimming pool or aquarium to drop it upon London to win the war. The nuclear bombs were largely the mind children of the Jewish ( oh, yuck ! defiled, right ? hahaha ! ) refugee scientists and engineers "flushed" to the U.S.A. principally via Britain. Here's the reason why my Dad, despite having a long-time friend there in England, Britain, didn't want Britain as our immigration destination: the U.S. has more resources, less densely populated ( fellow people compete for Lebensraum so if most of them are strangers or enemies, it's better to have more space to relieve population pressure; the U.K. has much more racial animosity than the U.S. does due to its conquering-colonizing/slave-trading/opium-running past which isn't even really past,) and is farther ( i.e. institutionally isolated via the First and Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ) from the ideological front away from the extremist Whiplash-isms which jerk peoples around for a political individual's lust for wealth and power, for more wealth and to greater power.

For an example of how the British and Red Chinese worked out the problem of the people living in somewhat contested areas ( the British had treaty-delineated jurisdiction with the Ching/Qing dynasty but it was overthrown; both the Nationalist and Communist China claimed to be the successor to the Ching/Qing dynasty; the Chinese Civil War is still going on to this day and will likely continue for quite a while longer if it doesn't spark World War V; many of the people in our shantytown were Nationalist Army remnants who had retreated from the mainland to escape the Communist takeover but they were considered to be Chinese by each side as we were since we had all cooperated in some ways and together fought the Japanese invaders for "the New China"; the "United Front" made a stand at the Battle of Shanghai { my Mom's birthplace } to allow the Nationalist government to retreat troops and industries up the Yangtze River to far inland Chungking/Chongqing; the battle yielded much glory but to no avail sparing Shanghai, except Japan's dream of the "little silkworm" of Japan gnawing away entire "gigantic mulberry leaf" of China was dashed; Japan, gone nuts, took over Shanghai but guerilla war continued in the occupied areas until the nuclear bombs triggered Japan's surrender; ) see this being done to the area of my birthplace ( after Red China had secretly rejected immediately taking Hong Kong back.)

I have found a reasonable narrative explaining what had happened to the teratons of the then-latest technologies in the Islamic world. It was indeed bled away by turmoils of wars and the last-but-not-least Allahu Akbar as I had suspected. Europe learnt from Islamic studies, despite its Christianity's fervor had torched the learnings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Faith triumphed over Science. Amen. I expect to get very democratic, censored, but nonetheless "people-[dis]orienting" D.P.R. [transgender] science from sports-doping Tyskland, Nordic Korea, and bloody Rustia, too. Why's India still poor relative to China, given that India certainly had a headstart in knowing English ? India bought Stool-in's lie about the success of Soviet mass-production war machine in WWII ( yeah, tanks, tanks alright; just look at what had happened in Ukraine -- tanked, no fuel, stalled partly, because Soviet "brotherhood" train tracks in Ukraine weren't supporting the Russian invasion; where the hell were the fuel trucks then ? Oh, have you seen them being paraded in Moscow Kremlin's Victory Day Parade ? Can someone point out to me the fuel and food trucks in the parade, please ? Russian soldiers don't eat the правда {truth} but they do eat bullets; like a serpent, "the army marches on its stomach," according to Napoleon; some loaded ice-cream trucks would surely cheer me up if I were in the Russian Army; my Dad had tried to entice me to join working with him in a restaurant in my youth with all-I-could-eat ten buckets of different-flavored ice-creams; { I got a [different] aspiration for "higher education" from his trip with me to Riverside Park, though, which was much more in line with my Big Brother's essentially making me stay for hours in a library before he got out from his secondary school to come take me home as I had to cross one street alone which was disallowed me at my age; a rule for my safety is a rule for me to obey so I was rather rule-based }; kids, Russia has a perennial supply of ice-cream ! Even in the coldest place on our planet which happens expectedly in Russian Federation { Sakha Republic, } children enjoy their ice-cream, easily ! Probably gas & ability to shift & choose when to do life-sustaining chores are important for a less stressful life there ) but China got to its American source with its high-loss-to-overseas scholars' diaspora ( China could afford losing many young people to the U.S. and still be fine because of its huge population.)

The whole matter of superiority between Democracy and Authoritarianism boils down to whether it's indeed better to choose a sample near the mean of a statistical distribution or to choose a sample from a distribution with vastly higher variance. Over the long run, Democracy always wins but Authoritarianism with a competent ruler improves things faster although with an incompetent ruler, things can go to hell very quickly, too.

In investing, we face the same challenge. In the long run, the boring low-cost diversified stock mutual funds perform better than the superstar individual stock-picking not-so-diversified mutual funds. After a long period of governance, a competent ruler inevitably becomes an incompetent one but Democracy can escape this curse by choosing a new ruler without too much dramatic destruction to suit new environmental conditions based upon the very powerful indeed "wisdom of the crowd." Therefrom came the high correlation between Democracy and wealth. Wealth didn't come from adopting Democracy but from economic freedom and protection of wealth. Democracy with a respect for money (avoid spend-OPM&tax-OPW polities: Nationalists lost China) protects wealth better than Authoritarianism. Avoid wealth destruction by incompetent power-hogging rulers who lose touch with reality so that over time, everyone becomes well off. Don't fall for quick fixes involving much whiplash. Show me a country which has gotten fabulously rich over long run by nationalizing foreign corporations' properties in the country. Egypt ? Venezuela ?

There's matter but everything is energy & there's invisible energy which connects everything, matter or not. Despite their appearing as being abstract accounting tools, fields are real because they have material consequences. "Scientific Materialism's" fraud seeks to reduce its practitioners to soulless cogs serving the robber barons in conformity.

[-] -1 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

There's no way we can escape U.S. Exceptionalism to lead because Red China and India had let us all down, going for burning coal to lift billions of people out of poverty. The U.S. and every other country in the World don't matter at all regarding the environment under Red China and India's leadenship.

Only the U.S. has the potential power to turn Red China and India. Of course, natural catastrophes will turn them, too, but they may very well say, "Oh, it's just too much rain which collapsed the Three-Gorges Dam" or "It's the American greenhouse gas emission causing our drought." No, Red China has been building coal-fired power plants for many years already on a one-a-week pace.

The Left is so far off away from reality. Which country is pulling gigatons of carbon out of the atmosphere right now? No country. Which country is emitting gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere ? Almost every major country. By harnessing businesses with the classic price signal which is understood by most consumers, we might have a chance. We're running out of crude, without extravagant new technological infusions. It'll be like a sundae being sucked. Everybody will hear that sucking-air sound loud and clear when crude is all gone. Most major oil-producing countries cannot or will not take over Russia's crude oil market share. With interest rates widely rising, the nearly free cheap money for technological infusions will be gone. U.S. gas wells got this free money injection but at least some seem to have run out much faster than originally anticipated. Cheap money can cure things temporarily by holding down gas prices with fracking on previously depleted wells but its creation depletes the lifeblood savings in the economy via the pricing distortions and the great resulting inflation.

Juche indeed harbors the breakthrough idea of Voluntary Apartheid. I kept germs and food debris away from each other and my teeth in my mouth and achieved independence from dentists. Brushing well after every meal got rid of the food debris. Brushing in the morning with several drops of hydrogen peroxide put upon the toothpaste killed the germs as I brushed. It's really similar to the Islamic or Hindu anus cleansing routine { how did this great breakthrough get forgotten by so many sinicized countries which use paper instead ? imagine millennia of billions of people sitting upon and sleeping with butts with "residue" ! } which I had picked up and customized during this pandemic to achieve: "a butt so clean that you can eat off of it !" I got a stretch of 11 years without getting sick at all and I like that very much. In Jan. 2009, I most probably got H1N1 bird flu and on Feb. 8th 2020, I probably got the Wuhan-strain CoViD-19 from a library by crossing path with the probably aerosol plume of someone with respiratory symptom ( I'd already tried to avoid being close to anyone with symptoms but the library setup to the toilet wasn't well designed enough to avoid contagion through fast ventilation.) I hope that I can break that 11-year health record. Keeping things separate allows them to get into equilibrium so they eventually don't change over time. One can perturb the equilibrium a little bit to explore and learn the characteristics of the balance amongst the measurable physical properties ( or variables, in mathematical terminology ) involved. All that's left to attain an excellent desirable state is to steer the equilibrium gently towards it. Steering well requires seeing and knowing well so I'm glad that I'm living in an open society with nearly free access to much information once I've paid for my online connection.

Here's the primary reason ( a childhood story was told to me: blind people felt what an elephant was like; their subsequent argument showed that they're all right, all wrong, all left, all right, alt-left, alt-right... it's like a fan; it's like a wall; it's like a column; it's like a boa constrictor; WTF is it really like ? ) why so many closed societies had been, were, have been, are, would be, and will be fucked again, and again, and again, and again...

What we need now is for Russia to understand and act upon: Ukraine isn't worth Russifying. Otto von Bismarck's saying about preventive war as "newly understood" by me is: "For the fear of death [by N.A.T.O.], [Russia] committed suicide." I understand the stupidity as I had done a similarly very painful preventive maneuver: I tucked my foot into the rotating spokes of my Big Brother's bicycle's rear wheel while I was sitting upon the bicycle's backseat because a huge dump truck sped close by, probably hurrying to fetch more rocks from Drill-Rock Hill ( or the one-and-the-same mistranslated "Diamond Hill" without any diamond deposits ! although one might very well encounter a deadly angrily hissing cobra lurking in an urn of the Diamond Hill Urn Cemetery ) to reclaim land from Victoria Harbor perhaps to build out and lengthen Kai Tak Airport's runway, etc. The U.S. realized this regarding the Philippines: they aren't worth Americanizing. Colonialism and Imperialism were responsible for creating the bloodiest clashes ever in the 20th century. The U.S. also acquired some colonial possessions such as the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico by fighting the "decaying" ( essentially the view of Teddy Roosevelt who seemed to be under the spell of the Whiteman's Burden ) Spanish Empire. U.S. believed that things could be done better by creating independent countries or governing well by itself. It's also how the U.S. got suckered into Vietnam.

This belief isn't unfounded. Many smaller countries without much military expenditure tend to grow to be well off if they are open and free societies well connected to the World. A prime example is erstwhile fractious Europe. The U.S.A. is itself 50 states ( really countries ) with the residents of each freely movable to any other state without much hassle. I moved around so I had experienced "grace" by law enforcement officer in crossing state boundary without having everything up to snuff ( car registration and sticker to prove that I carried car insurance; where did I put them ? ) We have some sensible law enforcement officers.

Incidents like these are why a culturally integrated assistant can help out a newbie. The idea of car insurance was unknown to me as I had never owned a car before ( my driving instructor told me that he had grown up with cars and virtually spent his life in a car as it's not unusual for car-centric suburban { the wealthiest run-of-the-mill "middle-class" Whiter people } and rural { poorer people as they aren't as well economically connected and there are humongous corporations with economy of scale & capital-intensive equipment competing against cash-strapped high-debt farmers; due to the distances involved, meeting and dating other people are more difficult than in cities and choices are far more limited; e.g. in my urban high school, I probably had at least tens of people available to choose from to form some social bonds if I wanted to; I wonder whether my driving instructor was conceived upon the backseat of a car while his parents were "parking;" "from zygote implantation to grave," in a car to eventually a hearse leading a red-traffic-light-running wake, what a life ! beware of hearses and their wakes; the cars in the wakes have the right of way for however long they, which have their headlights turned on even if it's broad daylight, take to follow the hearse closely if the hearse has already passed a set of traffic lights legally so that a wake can stay on following the hearse which goes very fast; cutting a wake is dangerous & brings what people call "bad luck;" remember that one's actions can create both "good" & "bad" luck and it's no mystery; cutting a stream of fast-moving cars or scooping urns are foolish behaviors; luck is at least partly "made" } life most non-city-dwelling Americans live.) I went through the motions as directed by the car dealer but there were some things left over for me to do and I didn't know to do them.

Another case is healthcare insurance. Hong Kong had government-provided medical care so what the hell is this ? Why was my homeroom or official-class teacher badgering me for my physician's health record [regarding my vaccination status, actually] ? I had no physician even after I had figured out that it was what my Mom had called a "doctor." The idea of homeroom was also totally foreign to me because we mostly only studied in one room, except for doing laboratory work when we needed to go to where the equipment were located. We pretty much saw the same people, our classmates, during the whole school day, except for recess and lunchtime. U.S. high school students generally have different classes of study so we went around every which way a lot to get to the next class before hallways and stairways were curfewed again. There was individual freedom and much choice, and fewer cliques ( which would have taken time spent together to develop.) Maybe this type of experience made "Americans [socially] shallow [being disingenuous or smiling a lot, probably to greet new people]." In a high school day, I probably came to being within a schoolroom with a couple of hundreds of fellow students and teachers. I believe that a large portion of my fellow Americans aren't totally faking their smiles at people. It helps that one can still do a fair amount of what one wants even when our governments don't chip in. In my experience, food here was so expensive relative to other places but after adjusting for the U.S. income, food became a smaller portion of income than in many other countries. Don't get sick, though, unless you can sneak like her children across the border to Canada to escape Sarah Palin's "death panel," to get medical care. I have good impression from my visits to Canada because of helpful and friendly people, not as imposing as the U.S. rush-rush-going-for-Indians'-short-life-expectancy-behaviors-of-useless-honking-and-quick-this-quick-that "Big Brother." My sales taxes paid there were refunded. Canada had high taxes for public use.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

This idea of Urheimat is extremely perplexing to me. I've got enough trouble for all my life already with answering the apparently simple question, "Where are you from?"

There are multiple empires and countries which can claim that I have their heritage and I agree with them but the point for asking the question in the first place was to gain specificity, wasn't it?

I had balked at answering the question at one time because it was such a long story and I couldn't decide which part to begin with so the other person timed out and took it as my just being rude. Another time after thinking a long hard while, I finally answered that I had come from my mother. The boy's girlfriend standing nearby covered up her mouth because she almost cracked up laughing as I saw her face twitched uncomfortably trying to suppress a giggle. Much more recently, I asked for my child's opinion so I've finally settled on being a New Yorker. I'm pretty sure that I'm of Eurasian descent, at least back through my grandparents' generation. Farther back I don't know for certain. Perhaps I'm indeed Afroeurasian.

The proto-language part of Urheimat is very perplexing, too. We spoke multiple dialects at my parents' home, something else outside of the home with friends, and yet two more "official languages." I didn't realize how "messed up" we were until my father came home while I was attending elementary school and complained to Mom that he didn't understand what his children were speaking so he wanted us all to speak to him in his own way. My own child couldn't understand either, the dialects we used at my parents' home, and declared them as "new languages." Our neighbors at one time questioned the sanity of the communications between Mom and us because they could only understand the speech in a single direction(somewhat like the FBI listening to NSA interceptions prior to the 9/11 attacks[the attitude was like "extrapolations into the future are unproven hypotheses - don't waste time; happenings now are too much for us to understand - don't waste time, we're too busy tracking everyone; what had happened was spilt milk under the bridge - don't waste time, we can't change the past, can we? We'll figure it all out post-mortem when we'll have all the time in the world, after death!"]). At first, they were confused about whom was being spoken to. Things got even more complicated after each of I and my brother had gotten married.

Confusing as it was, there is still a general rule, though: the fast learner ends up losing their own languages/dialects, analogously as bridge building from both ends using the other side's building blocks. The fast one finishes first so the slow one's language/dialect will be used for communication thereafter. This was where I'd derived my observation that "foreign accent is a sign of verbal intelligence!" The fast learner often speaks with accent the language/dialect of the "I just didn't get it(but I have an army and a navy)" one(sorry, I unwound and kept the light on for Dad, of Odyssey!). Le ciel est gris. η αγάπη είναι μπλε.

I'm absolutely sure that my Urheimat is Earth(well, I'm a little bit shaken on this, by panspermia theory), probably Afroeurasian, definitely Eurasian, and I came from my mother. I identify as a New Yorker, per my child's opinion. Phew! This seems as complicated as a toilet-usage-regulating law, doesn't it?

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

"Raping the Sabine nymphets" is about where Rodney King was video recorded as being beaten up by the police, the subsequent acquittal of the police sparking the billion-dollar-damage riot inferno, the gun-toting Korean grocery shop-owners fighting off the looting and arsoning dark-skinned mob, the surrounding hills of Tinsel-town with mansions in the woods where aspiring nymphets and young boy actors were lured to by promises of fame, wealth, and glamor, and raped by the Big Names and accomplices.

I had a magical communion with a horse. It's as if I understood its distress at being photoflashed and I could provide comfort and understanding through my touching hands. It seemed that we went back a long long way, a long long time ago, in a far far away windy steppe(天蒼蒼,野茫茫, 風吹草低見牛羊。 ) where wheeled wagons were everyday laager transports. I also had a somewhat similar experience with a butterfly(Butterfree?) which was buffeted by the wind to distress, as I believed, so I stuck my index finger up to provide a landing site for it and it just landed there as if it understood my feelings towards it at the time and obliged. It was magical.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Mat. 7:7 says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mat. 7:8 says, "For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."

Where does an experienced archeologist/recycler go to really understand the material civilization of New York, NY? The Great Kills landfill. Our various intelligence agencies also keep "landfills" of data. Our William III of Orange(not of Belarus[Russia is not white enough] so he had suspect domestic citizenship for protection), having already requested a dig through the Great Kills' "landfill" on Tweeten Island, was unlikely to have been directly targeted but I'm pretty sure that we can find out from the "landfills" whether he had used protections for all that time.

Downstream from Tribeca, Lady Liberty may well say, 》der After《, "I was pissed!"

How much rocket fuel does it take for a DPRK ICBM to cross the Pacific Ocean to hit the U.S.A. once it has cleared the atmosphere? Zero! Ask a garbage collector how they can lift the very heavy loads of garbage onto the garbage truck. They throw them to follow "ballistic" trajectory, just like ICBMs.

P.S. Flies, beware of tics, avoid frucking with LaTourette's libertine fraternity Venuses! Douse head with cold water on Friday evenings to avoid going downtown on Second Avenue to Gramercy Park/East Village bars. Vive l'égalité des sexes!

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Grab a Tristate shoreline, park, and island map of the phallic New York, NY area. How do you denounce our William III of Orange's sexist remark about seizing the sexy kittens? Grab the schlong! He has a "56 stories" erection on "Man heeft ding" island. East Bronx is just about where the Browns people with "balls" live. Guess where Goldman-Sachs' headquarter is. It's on the topside of the glans penis, at 200 West Street in Tribeca. The glans is the most sensitive area of the penis where I once even got a fully automatic assault weapon shoved close to me. Oh my, the black weapon was the new orange for all...

Locate Liberty Island on the map. It's the target of the ejaculation from Battery(with BDSM on an H1-B in Jurassic-age?) Park of the Wall-Street-area glans penis(i.e., the cybernetic dickhead that needed $4-trillions+ Hebrew-Franc infusion after yet another "flash" crash).

State, Stating, Stated, Staten Island may be explained with tweet, tweeting, tweeted, tweeten? Tweeten, eh? That had to be the past participle by a hoser who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome due to the presence of the little birds and the bees in LaTourette Park on Staten Island. The hoser probably found the presence of the Venus flytraps there sexually arousing and succumbed to the aromatic sweets(after climbing over a wall[a daring and likely illegal feat for a preschooler with a sweet tooth], I sucked nectar from flower buds; I have kind words for fastfood restaurants with free condiments - Reagan was correct that catsup would help relieve childhood hunger on weekends when the schools were closed). When the dirt at Great Kills landfill is dug up and understood, shall we have one or more great "kill"s(the U.S. had one in 1975 with Nixon and somewhat before that, with his older V.P. Agnew) or shall we have already shipped out the trash by barges to the genitalia-legally-obsessed tarry area?

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

oh dear; Oh Dear; OH DEAR!!! Also consider

multum in parvo ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

''THE PENTAGON has deployed several hundred marines to Northern Syria, the Washington Post and CNN reported this week. Their mission .. firing long-range artillery to help recapture Raqqa, ISIS’s self-proclaimed capital city.'' from

Many thanx for your link & sorry to say it - but the word ''REACTIONARY'' could have been made just for Donald Trump and his specific type of ignorant - yet arrogant American Blowhard! Of the New 6 Country ban..ALL have been interfered with by U$A since WW2 & all but Iran are now dysfunctional or destroyed yet ''Executive order excludes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and - Egypt" .. the primary agents of US Power in the area!! This shit just can NOT go on forever BUT those at the tippy-top of these (& the other!) Oligarchies - always think it will!!! From domestic US p-o-v -- consider Thom Hartmann & guest in this video:

spero meliora ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

To arms?! In America?!! It happened already and no armed populist revolt will happen there, as RWNJ Merca is too RW to repeat the feats of The Founders & so any Popular Revolt will have to be peaceful, as violence .. only panders to the strengths of - The Hyper-Violent Deep State!!!

Also - Volk ans Gewehr? Warum?! Fur Ein Reich; Ein Volk; Ein Fuhrer?!! Oder dein liebe fur NAZIS?!!!

Here's an idea grapes: press yourself hard &, let out a li'l wine!! But fk this Nazi shit U seem to be into!

und warum bist du ein dummkopf Nazi hund?

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Do you realize that we have Nazis as our governmental leaders now? Nazis are just Nationalists merged with Fascists. Most countries, not just the U.S. have Nationalists who say, "XXX first!"(this is one main reason why I'm amused at all of the "America first, XXX second?" videoclips, a bit like Canadians boasting "about" having our invading colonial "American" soldiers buried in Canada - harmless on a good-friendship basis[I jabbed at my Big Brother, too!]) It's the fascist part that is truly horrible.

We've not gone down the path of using brutal fascist means yet but we are certainly strolling down there casually. At first, dissent will be quenched. Yes, the Retard-I-Can'ts have morphed into Fascists who promise to use the "nuclear option" on dissidents. "Nuclear options" often have blowbacks. Harry Reid used it but now it's in the hands of his opposition.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

Yes I "realize that we have Nazis as our governmental leaders now"!!! Don't ''Nazis are just ..'' anything me tho'!! Germanic Nationalism, morphed into Supremacism and then easily mutated into a Genocidal Hatred of those they considered untermensch!! As for .. "We've not gone down the path of using brutal fascist means yet", this'll be news to OWS in Zucotti Park & many other places in U$A in 2011 +BLM and NoDAPL protesters - inter alia!

e tenebris, lux ...

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Why would I want an armed populist revolt in America? Am I as smart as Saddam Hussein who hid weapons of mass destruction underneath his presidential palace and got himself hanged? Donald Trump has stockpiled nerve gas in his Trump Tower to fend off terrorist attacks. Isn't that obvious?

Swedes, Latvians, Estonians, and Lithuanians all qualify as 》Volk《. There are more than these, of course. Since I had seen you mentioning "de-cypher," I peeled back more to expose what I feared so that you and bw could understand better. The Baltic situation is extremely worrisome. In a miscalculation, Russia may very well cut off Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania from NATO land forces quickly and easily. The U.S. has few choices there aside from escalation or tacitly acknowledging that its nuclear umbrellas are good for nothing. After that, there'll be YEARS without sunshine worldwide or many more wars wherever the U.S. nuclear umbrellas have been stabilizing the situations. All aftermath's terrible. Which one do you prefer? I suspect that the U.S. will choose to use nuclear weapons because Donald Trump doesn't quite get what a few years of no sunshine really means. He'll say, "Switch on the growth lights and grow some foods for me. We have Hundreds of years of coal left to dig out from the ground." What can't go wrong?

Historically, the Nazi invasion of Russia strikes fear into the Russian psyche so that's where the message, "Knock off the bullying!" is likeliest to get through. We went through the deployment of intermediate-range nuclear-tipped missiles in the 1980's but we had been luckier then(with a so-called "loser" in charge of the USSR who had actually won the peace) to have survived by the plaque of our teeth. As good parents teach their kids, "Don't push your luck!"

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 7 years ago

Your Russophobia is a bit worrying tbh,grapes! The Russians have been invaded by many more people & armies than just Nazi Germany in the last 100 years!! Go research the foreign armies .. that invaded Russia and fought with The Whites OR the entire armies of non-Germans who fought beside the Nazis in WW2!!!

respice, adspice, prospice ...

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Oil, light sweet(not sour) crude for Europe. North Sea crude reserve's dwindling. Russia's crude supply is not dependable(due to Crimea, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, etc.)

Like Saudi Arabia and Iran in the lost decade of the 1970's, Russia will use oil as an arm-twisting economic weapon, this time on Europe(excluding Russia which doesn't want to be just one of many) because it still harbors hope that it will reconstitute the Soviet Union someday and is working towards the goal.

Syria is just a chess piece for Russia to block Europe from quenching the oil thirst with Persian Gulf oil so that Europe will become dependent on Russia's oil and natural gas and cannot stand up against Russia's re-annexation of Europe - the Teutons may yet take a stance but they'll need oil.

[-] 5 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

For some further information :

a) "Cornered in Free Libya", by Karlos Zurutuza : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29623.htm ,

b) "The Lynching in Libya", by Iftekhar A Khan : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29632.htm &

c) "Scramble for Africa", by John Cherian : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29589.htm .

d) "The Lies Behind the West's War on Libya", by Jean-Paul Pougala : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article27936.htm &

e) "Libya: It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans", by John Perkins : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article27967.htm .

fiat justitia ...

[-] 3 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago

Thanks for all the links!

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 11 years ago

You're welcome mate & this fits nicely here too :

Be safe, well & happy.

spero ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

"Libya's FM urges Turkey to withdraw its mercenaries from country"! (Who knew, or cared?)

From which: "Manqoush calls on Turkey to implement UN Security Council resolutions demanding repatriation of more than 20,000 foreign fighters & mercenaries from Libya." cf.Syria/Libya rat line!

cave - bellum se ipsum alet!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 year ago


"Exclusive" - (The ex UK PM) "David Cameron kept bombing Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya after the UK military realised a banned terrorist group stood to gain from regime change."+ re.the UK, also try to..

Finally, also try to consider: "Jeremy Corbyn on the establishment campaign to stop him becoming Prime Minister": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXfoKJEqRPs (62m)

multum in parvo!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago


"There are reasons for Libya’s “chaotic”, “dysfunctional” response to the disaster. And to identify them, we need to look closer to home." And ...

consider: "How the West's War in Libya Has Spurred Terrorism in 14 countries"! .. by Mark Curtis:

as - "The true extent of the fall-out from the Libya war is remarkable: it has spurred terrorism in Europe, Syria, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa"!

Also, "How CIA propaganda works. Every American and non-American should watch this video!"

Finally note how Colombian mercs must have thought supplementing a NATO proxy army was going to be as easy as bumping off a Haitian president!

fiat lux, respice, adspice et fiat justitia!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

Now consider how "Humanitarian Imperialism Created the Libyan Nightmare"! - by Chris Hedges:

Note "NATO’s military intervention in Libya in 2011, which overthrew the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, resulted in a chaotic and murderous failed state.Libyans pay a horrific price for this catastrophe" now!

respice et adspice!!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 8 months ago

"NATO Destroyed Libya in 2011; Storm Daniel Came to Sweep Up the Remains"!

via 'The Tricontinental's Thirty-Eighth Newsletter', 21st September, 2023:

multum in parvo!

[-] 4 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

On the matter of Libyan Fresh Water, the source of Libya's very real but seemingly improbable, Water Resources is NOT the surface run off & accumulation of rain water which is, as one would imagine in this now desert country, rather negligible.

The actual source of Libya's water resources are the subterranean fresh water aquifers which hold stupendous amounts of ancient water from when the region was far less dry & had a lush equatorial climate in pre-history, before 'modern-civilisation'.

The aquifers date from a time before The Sahara was the desert we now know & is termed 'fossil water'. Geologically it is known as 'The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer' & it is the largest such resource known in the world. It is this water that the Huge Civil-Engineering projects were dedicated to utilising.

Useful links :

minima maxima sunt ...

[-] 3 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Re. William Blum's "Killing Hope", a comprehensive history of 'U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II', please see : http://sandiego.indymedia.org/media/2007/02/125025.pdf .

Re. US State Dept.'s "Background Note: Libya" : http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/5425.htm .

Empire and 'Warfare' abroad & Austerity and 'Unfair' at home ... the hubris & hypocrisy is unconscionable !

fiat pax ...

[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 12 years ago

Re. The recent events in Libya, please further see :

1) "What America Stands for in Libya", by Cynthia McKinney : http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28441.htm ;

2) "The War in Libya is a Fraud: Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch Wars", by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29255.htm ;

3) "If the Libyan War Was About Saving Lives, It Was a Catastrophic Failure", by Seamus Milne; http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29540.htm#idc-cover ;

4) "Terror and Revenge Engulfs NATO’s Libya", by Franklin Lamb, http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29695.htm &

5) "Libya: Media Blackout, Why?", by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article29703.htm .

fiat lux ...

[-] 1 points by valfather (286) 12 years ago

Which candidate opposes the privately owned central banking system of the US?

"Having a State Owned Central Bank, Libya is not a member of that Elitist Club of Private Central Bankers, the Bank of International Settlements. One of the first acts of "The Rebels" was to establish A New Private Central Bank of Libya ( http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article27881.htm ). This point can NOT be Emphasised Enough ; "

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 years ago

"Benghazi!" & some other things by frf !

et temet nosce frf!