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Forum Post: This page will be devoted to the utterly predictable favors for the rich courtesy of the new Republican majority.

Posted 7 years ago on Dec. 11, 2014, 1:02 p.m. EST by StillModestCapitalist (343)
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[-] 4 points by turbocharger (1756) 7 years ago

In regards to the Fainess Doctrine, perhaps someone should start a list of the things we are magically blessed with for bending over to the lesser evil?

The loyalists, gotta love em. No matter how hard they get beaten up side the head and robbed, they just keep coming back slobbering for more.

It would be funny if it wasnt so real.

[-] 4 points by Ache4Change (3340) 7 years ago

It's a bit more than the 'new Republican majority' - it's the SCOTUS coup too -


Who do we think is to blame for both houses falling to these Republicans?

Does The Democratic Party have any culpability in this fiasco whatsoever?

Never Give Up Looking For The 99% Narrative! The 1% Occupy BOTH Parties!

[-] 1 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Sure the Democrats are corrupt. They are also wrong on abortion and voter registration in my opinion. Weak on the southern border as well. But in terms of economics, the Republicans have always been worse. Therefore, we must vote for the lesser evil. But only for a slight majority in Congress and the Presidency unless by some miracle, a fiscally liberal Republican or independent comes along. In which case, they may be worth voting for.

More conservative economic policies will only result in a higher concentration of wealth thereby making the upcoming depression even more severe.

[-] 7 points by Ache4Change (3340) 7 years ago

I see the argument but voting 'for the lesser evil' is only a temporary sop until the 'evil' grows back again - sometimes even to a extent far greater than the level of 'evil' prior to the vote! This is not sustainable.

Case in point - Bill Clinton was actually worse for The 99% than most of us seem to realise because he was such a friend to the Corporations and their Neoliberal agenda in the US and overseas.

We must all work hard to lessen the level of 'evil' in 'the lesser evil' - otherwise we're just in an Evil Spiral!

The present Duopoly makes a total sham of democracy and ONLY serves The 1%!

Never Give Up on what OWS has started! Occupy Our Agenda of 99% Solidarity!

[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8307) from Phoenix, AZ 7 years ago

you should be proud of turning out Clinton's party then, CONGRATS TO YOU ON YOUR HUGE WIN

[-] 1 points by conservatroll (187) 7 years ago

Passage of the Cromnibus bill makes me wonder who really won.

[-] 2 points by factsrfun (8307) from Phoenix, AZ 7 years ago

check the vote count, 160 plus GOP for it and only 53 Dems another crappy bill becoming law because there are still too many GOP in office, yet many on this site work to put more GOP into office....

[-] 1 points by conservatroll (187) 7 years ago

Maybe you are right...the folks that really push the leftist agenda here do come off as jerks. Never thought about them being GOPers in disguise. That Shoes is probably Ready for Teddy.

[-] -2 points by factsrfun (8307) from Phoenix, AZ 7 years ago

It is a forum if you come here to dump on one party as i do then the other benefits to the extent you do anything at all, the only way to make the next day better from a government point of view is reduce the GOP, if someone fails to vote for a Dem because they think them imperfect or for any reason and the GOP win then it is on their head what the GOP do, there are ways to change the Dems but I was the only one that posted about running someone against Schumer in the primaries so it is clear most who post here care nothing for changing anything they mostly just want to bitch.

[-] 0 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Clinton was a friend to a number of corporations. Wal-Mart in particular. Still, the concentration of wealth slowed under Clinton. It kicked right back into high gear under Bush.

Things are always worse for the lower majority with Republicans in power.

[-] 7 points by Ache4Change (3340) 7 years ago

This could become a circular debate, but we need to find ways forward and indeed, those ways could be many and on many levels. I'd love to hang here a little longer but I've duties to attend to but I recommend this to you - http://www.nationofchange.org/2014/12/10/democratic-strategies-lost-big-heres-alternative/

Never Give Up The 99% Struggle! Occupy The Issues - Outside The Corporate MSM Agenda! Solidarity.

[-] 4 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

Bill Clinton's administration collected the peace dividends coming from the winning of the Cold War and the Gulf War. Winning the Cold War allowed unleashing the Arpanet to form the internet as Al Gore had suggested. Winning the Gulf War stabilized the Middle East for a number of years and hence oil prices, the lifeblood of industrialized economies worldwide.

There were huge cuts in defense spending contributing to low budget deficits, great growth of the internet creating the internet tech boom, and low oil prices for economic growth worldwide. The actual policies of that administration left many disasters for later:

  • hollowing out of the middle class through NAFTA, Walmart, and China trade,
  • letting terrorism threats and attacks fester for 8 years (World Trade Center was bombed shortly after Bill Clinton became President) to give 9/11/2001 attack a chance,
  • passing the defacto repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in Gramm-Leach-Bliley to allow the banksters to profit from proprietary trading eventually causing the Great Recession.

Bill Clinton administration's neoliberalism amounted to stabbing the U.S. in its core, deregulation of the banksters, and kicking the canned bomb down the road.

Correlation of timing does not prove causation. The electorate is just too Jonathan-Gruber-gaffe to grasp causation so here we are. And here we go again. Circular time is an allowed parametrization of reality curved by the material-interest density of the electorate.

[-] 2 points by turbocharger (1756) 7 years ago

Excellent analysis. All too often administrations and congress leave a shit pile for the next group to deal with, getting the short term gains.

Anyone who thinks Obama wasnt handed the biggest pile in quite some time is insane. As are those who think hes actually tried to fix it instead of simply continuing it.

I have a hard time when studying history of finding a time when our government wasnt completely fucked up.

[-] 1 points by grapes (5232) 7 years ago

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many piles, making into one humongous pile is a sign of Progress. No matter New Ton or One Stone, Albert the Cheshire Cat knows it all about Gravity.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

Remove the worst from office = every time = sooner or later no republicans in office - to be followed by replacing the remaining who do nothing and/or do nothing good for the people. The only way to change the system is by owning it - and - people who just opt out are only giving in to the worst that can happen. If the 2/3 who opted out actually got together behind positive action (including electing more individuals like Bernie Sanders) - then we could see some real positive change in a short period of time. The roadblocks need to be removed from office.

At the same time movements like Move To Amend need the support of those 2/3 who have opted out - as that action when successful will be a step closer to booting money and corp(se)oRATions out of government.

When Move To Amend is successful on overturning citizens united - then it needs to continue on and campaign to achieve such things as One Subject At A Time Legislation - followed by more actions to accomplish so much more that will create a true (1st time ever) direct democracy of the people.

[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 7 years ago

" If the 2/3 who opted out actually got together behind positive action (including electing more individuals like Bernie Sanders) "

I think you mean Democrats. Its OK, you can say it.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

When 2/3 opt out what do we get?

Things like=

5 Awful Things Congress Snuck Into the Omnibus Budget Deal

[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 7 years ago

i'm not sure what

"a republican majority" is a republic as one person "a land owner" represent a district so by design is not a majority

[-] 2 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

I was referring to the majority they now hold in Congress and State offices across the country.

Christmas came early for the rich and their corporate golden geese this year.

[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 7 years ago

"new republican"


[-] -3 points by factsrfun (8307) from Phoenix, AZ 7 years ago

Many on this site can come here and see what they have help to bring about with their constant attacks on the Dems excellent!