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We kick the ass of the ruling class


I was a regular here in 2011 posting under the name ModestCapitalist. I was very well received. I took a long break for personal reasons. Now, I'm back but I can not remember my old password so I have created this new ID.

By the way, I see the conservative posers (at least four of them posing as disgruntled liberals) have been marking down my comments in order to reduce my overall user rating. That's fine. I'm every bit as resourceful as they are, and unlike them, true to the 1% mantra. No exceptions and no excuses for any deca-millionaire.


For the record, I am not a liberal. I'm a free thinker who leans to the right on abortion, the mandates of the ACA, the death penalty and voter registration. I'm moderate on gun control, immigration, and foreign policy. I'm liberal on gay marriage and the environment. I'm HELL-BENT against the 1% and conservative economic policies. Because the concentration of wealth is the most important issue to me by far, I prefer Democrats and/or fiscally liberal independents to hold a slight majority in Congress and the Presidency. I DO NOT want them in full control.

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