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Forum Post: The right wing’s closed information loop may set up the next government shutdown

Posted 10 years ago on Oct. 21, 2013, 9:31 a.m. EST by GirlFriday (17435)
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConell (R-KY) may have told The National Review that another shutdown “is off the table,” but Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), a member of the tea party caucus, told reporters to get ready for “round two” because in January, “we’re going to start this all over again.” http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/10/20/the-ring-wings-closed-information-loop-may-set-up-the-next-government-shutdown/

Uh, there is ample time here to not just build a case but make arrests.



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[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 10 years ago

We never “thank” hostage-takers after they release the hostages.

Sign our petition denouncing the 87 House Republicans who could have ended the shutdown at any time—or prevented it—but chose to let it happen.

Our long national nightmare is over. On Wednesday night, the U.S. House voted to end the shutdown and avoid default—after 87 Republicans joined all 197 Democrats present.

But those 87 Republicans could have ended the shutdown at any time, and chose not to.

Dozens of House Republicans even said—for weeks!—they would vote for a clean funding bill. All we needed was for 17 of them to sign a discharge petition, and over 250,000 of you took action asking them to do just that.

But none of them did. They went along with their party line for 16 days of devastating political theater—costing us over $24 billion dollars and causing global market instability.

Sign our petition, denouncing these 87 House Republicans who could have prevented the shutdown from dragging on, and chose instead to let it continue.

Keep fighting, Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

What I said on my note:

You are doing your best to get your voters to boot you out of office. Keep it up. Orrrrr you could try rebooting your thinking and actually do your job = Support and Defend the Constitution = Supporting the welfare of ( now pay attention ) THE PEOPLE. Real honest to God living breathing PEOPLE.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

Don't forget........

back at the Koch ranch.


How long before DeLay finds a new Koch based microphone?

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

There will be no delay for DeLay. Fu.....

Ya, I have been reading DeMint's shit for the past few days.

[-] 0 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

The Koch's pay him to take the heat.

Who's going to pay DeLay?

You know he never could keep his mouth shut, and he always finds a way to get paid for flapping it.

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

The same. DeLay has an ego.