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Forum Post: The police could be the heroes of the OWS movement.

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 22, 2011, 5:31 p.m. EST by DavidApeMan (0)
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There were disturbing chants on the OWS live feed I saw today about 4pm that included "Fu*k The Police", this is the wrong message and further separates the people from the police who are our neighbors and doing a difficult job. There are many police I have witnessed being brutal toward these people who are crying out for a fair life. I'm friendly with some who work in the police service here in the city. You, the police are part of this movement in two roles, as a person and as a police officer. As a person you are the 99%, none of you are in the upper one percentile of income. As a police officer, your profession is in the way of the movement, because of politicians orders, and you are forced to police these events in order to keep your job. You, whomever in the police department or its care reads this, please begin to discuss how you could bring about democracy through striking or work slow down, utilizing your collective clout to stand up for ourselves to help the movement. You each are controlled too. How long can you write tickets for revenue quotas to come in? This is an inevitable change that will occur, because it must. It is a matter of how it happens and when. Please discuss with fellow police officers.



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