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We are the 99 percent


Direct elections. 1 person = 1 vote in their local, state, federal districts. No more parties. Vote on issues. Popular vote wins. Allow ample time span to vote or change their vote till a deadline from any computer. Real login. Real time stats with names spared -- so we all can see what is happening as it happens, live, and review it if need be. Completely transparent. Similarly, replace all physical offices that can be handled digitally with blogs and virtual face to face technology. [A ticket gets issued, person claims not guilty online, that becomes a blog page, a date for the case gets posted and becomes public viewable, at that time and date the judge is on camera and the person is on camera and the wold can view and hear the feed]. The blog would also contain minutes. Reduce the political position to carrying out the will of the people. A blue collar adminisrative position if you will. They will make a good living for caring after our common interest. DO THIS NOW (with me if you would) IF YOU HAVE THE CAPACITY TO MAKE THIS WEBSITE AND BEGIN TO SHOW THE PEOPLES WANTS

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