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Forum Post: The election is over...

Posted 8 years ago on June 29, 2012, 12:18 p.m. EST by JusticeF0rTrayvon (-58)
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It is obvious to everyone with a brain in the room that Obama and Romney are the same.

We could have ended the drone assassinations, wiretapping, and illegal wars if we had challenged the madman in the white house.

OWS was silent.

When I remind people of the Bush-level disasters Obama has done, they say "well, those are important issues, but Romney is the only other option"

I guess they weren't important after all. Pity, we could have made serious change.

It's only the future of the country at stake.



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[-] 3 points by jph (2652) 8 years ago

When was OWS silent? I must have missed that part,. don't be lulled into thinking that OWS is partisan, just because some partisan hacks like to spout their dogmatic nonsense in this barely moderated forum. I would take Obama over Mitens any day,. but I support neither of them, as they are clearly both corporate drones.

[-] -1 points by JusticeF0rTrayvon (-58) 8 years ago

They were silent during the primary, I never heard anyone from OWS say to vote the bomb-throwing freak out of the Democratic party.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 8 years ago

"Bomb throwing freak" ? insults = weak arguments.

[-] -1 points by JusticeF0rTrayvon (-58) 8 years ago

So you never said anything uncomplimentary about Bush? Oh, okay, mister moral high-ground.

I'm glad you weren't alive during Nazi Germany, you'd probably be saying "Don't say anything mean about the Nazis!"

[-] 0 points by VQkag2 (16478) 8 years ago

It's inappropriate to compare Pres Obama to the Nazis.

I have said many nasty things against Bush and Obama.

I believe that this forum should be reserved for civil discussion. I'm not saying I forbid you! I have no authority to do so. I just know that insults=weak arguments. That is the truth.

If you have no real substance maybe you are wrong. If you have to resort the schoolyard bullying tactics of your candidate Romney your gonna have to expect people to say so.

Do you hate black people? I only ask 'cause you have the anti trayvon login and you rail unreasonably about our 1st black president.

[-] 0 points by JusticeF0rTrayvon (-58) 8 years ago

My candidate Romney? LOL

You must be smoking some good stuff. I would never vote for that fascist freak, I have no idea what on earth is making you think that.

You see, unlike you, I care about ending the wars. I care about extrajudicial retention. I care about drone kills. Romney will do nothing about these, so I will not vote for him. I voted against O-bomb-ya because he will do nothing about them, either.

I guess you think my argument against Romney is invalid because I called him a name LOL!!!! I'll wait for it!