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Forum Post: Symbolic Atrocity, Empathy are Context Dependent but Context can be Changed via Transcendence with Introspection

Posted 4 years ago on June 30, 2020, 6:55 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Symbolic atrocity is in the "eyes" of the beholder ( and the "intent" of the symbol maker but it's less ascertainable by the beholder due to the intervening noise because perceiving, being a form of communication, requires the modulation between the fields emanated from the measurer and the measured or vice versa.) Transcendence by changing one's mind regarding the symbol is thus possible because it's all information. Therein lies the evilness of the extreme Left which seeks mind control for mass enslavement instead of service to the masses to help them achieve their own ends.

Empathy wasn't inherently good "lost ghosts surround me," as my Mom had felt the necessity of hanging a [jade] stone coin blessed by my spiritual godfather around my neck with a silver chain. Empathy towards a wrong end is evil. "Arbeit macht frei" { Work makes freedom } isn't inherently evil, depending upon whose end is being worked towards. When the master and the slave are one and the same, "working hard feels like hardly working" can be self actualization and quite enjoyable as ends are achieved. "Matter is just energy." Energies interact through the cosmic quantum fields: electron field, photon field, up quark field, down quark field, neutrino fields, Higgs field, etc., and spacetime. Minds are conglomerates of meteorological patterns in these fields so one's mind can be changed if one wills it. That's what transcendence is: to return to the origin and see, in between the lines the spirit of connection, for the first time --




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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 4 years ago

I'm sure you won't answer me - is this some kind of code?

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

Yes and no, code is in the "eye" of the beholder. It exists if the cosmic fields between the measurer and the measured have resonances, otherwise it's just b-s, a.k.a. noise, the most efficient form of information transfer achieving maximum entropy. All communications a.k.a. measurements have noise ( without noise, there is no need for communication ) even when the results must necessarily be definitively discrete.

Why are you sure that I won't answer you? "Seek and you shalt find." "Knock and the door shalt be opened unto you."

"Life is electric fire burning slowly in water" is true on Earth and probably true in most of the Universe as well ( chemistry and physics are universal; atoms and ions are universally and forever constrained by what we have elucidated: the periodic table of the chemical elements.) "Life has no inherent temporal limit as it is communications, as it is measurements, as it is about the integrity of information over time. How long can a fire burn? Indefinitely long, depending on the conditions surrounding it.

Have you wondered why I wanted to perfect a method to sprout beans? Beans can be stored for a long time and transformed into a proteins-, vitamins-, and minerals-rich food by sprouting. If I have to be cooped up in my tiny CoViD-19 shelter for a long duration of time and I want to avoid getting scurvy or other nutrients-deficiency diseases, I'll need to eat something such as bean sprouts. On their long ocean-crossing voyages, sailors appreciate fresh foods such as bean sprouts which my Dad said that he could grow on modern-day ships which produce the freshwater needed to sprout the beans by condensing steam, an exhaust of propelling a ship.

There are also other alternatives such as the limes eaten by the British sailors on their global voyages after the early global British sailors learnt their hard lesson about scurvy and vitamin C in fresh foods. Limes don't require freshwater to be stored, as growing bean sprouts do, and they don't rot quickly due to their high acidity content. The limes made the global British Empire possible.

The Polynesians must also have or have had their seed/fruit/vegetable trick for sure because of their ancestors' populating the vast Pacific Ocean in the centuries or millennia past. In establishing an interplanetary spaceship, we may want to reference what the ancient Polynesian explorers' carry-on luggage included, and bring along or create en route what we don't initially have.

I wonder about the results of growing seeds on the International Space Station, hmm... Inner passage into the basement of my soul is cold, dark, and damp, where the seediness grows. I must earn the full-rigged sailing-ship emblem for rounding Cape Horn and confront the Southern Furies head-on. For beyond the perilous strait is the greatest ocean on Earth, the one Magellan named, after peace. The lamp of the lighthouse still beckons and glows.

I'm so glad that our Red States are trying so hard to protect the traditional number-one position for the U.S. on ranking lists: we have the healthcare system "rated number one" in the world--we must be vigilant to protect our rank as the developing countries are catching up fast to their Trumpism leaders. Everyone should learn "tea-time," as my Dad had so eagerly sought to get me to learn ( I suppose that it may be no fun if one's actually at the bottom of the totem pole, though.) It's good to have people such as coworkers engage in a bit of talking, drinking, and eating together on a regular basis but it shouldn't become yet another form of suffocating social pressure ( which I suspect that the British people are rather prone to; I got a heatstroke at the second time because of a British formality--I prefer being with what my Dad had called "the mongrel people" { yep, we, the Americans, are definitely heterogeneous as measured in most ways except for the economic class within a "zebra-stripe" neighborhood--welcome back to this less formal side of the pond, Meghan Markle ! } whose personal grooming is probably what he would have called "lazy beggars'"--he used that phrase on me, a civilian, but probably not the Americans because despite his obvious preference for "Britishness" in many things, he had worked with/for them himself during the Greater-East-Asia/Pacific War and the postwar Occupation of Japan; I think that he was attracted by the [Military] Americans' { Nimitz, MacArthur generation's } old-school sense of justice { the U.S. has fallen far from those days--for example, we should apologize to the Iranian people for our fear-driven 1980s' downing of their civilian airliner 《when is Pootin, the Chamber-Pot dick-agitator, going to apologize for originating and fomenting the conditions leading up to the downing of the Malaysian civilian airliner over East Ukraine? Idiocy observes no state boundaries; we have them here galore in the zebra-stripe U.S., arising from both Blacks' poverty <which is easier to be fixed with the Medieval-Jews-invented-created-out-of-thin-air credit masquerading as wealth \when 魚目混珠: passing off fish eyes as pearls/, than attitudes as the difference between a creepy old man and an elderly gentleman is about a million dollars and wealth whitens> and Whites' attitudes ( yep, it's a state of mind, such as driving white-colored expensive cars with "an ultimate Fickvergnügen-machine attitude" or totally inappropriate white-colored heavy Panzer-armored trucks in city streets, but also enshrined in societal institutions for enforcement,) but many other countries' leaders are definitely afflicted by the King Flu: Redfuckgina, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Turkey...》; which country on the Arabian Peninsula had attacked both superpowers, the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. in the last century? } )

Dad was obviously not at the bottom of the totem pole while he was in [supra-patriarchal] Japan because he spoke kindly of the very civilized Japanese customs involving tea ( maybe going to the British ¿via Williams Adams, the English Samurai? ) and baths. To this very day, people in Japan still drive on the left as the British do. It's actually fairly easy to change on which side of the road the people in a country drive, if it's prepared in advance and done together all at once.

Which country was the most responsible for the rapid reconstruction of the devastated postwar Japan? In a cause-effect tracing, it's surprisingly the D.P.R.K. ! It invaded the R.O.K. triggering multinational UN intervention largely led and logistically furnished by the U.S. All wars destroy resources and often require massive re-supplies. Where did the U.S. get its re-supplies for the Korean Conflict? Someplace safe and close by. Which party of the six-nation talks provided the re-supplies to the UN intervention: Redfuckgina, the U.S.S.R., the U.S.A., the R.O.K., the D.P.R.K., or Japan? Redfuckgina and the U.S.S.R. weren't supplying their avowed enemies. The U.S.A. mainland is just too far away from the frontline. The R.O.K. and the D.P.R.K. were killing each other in military actions so the Korean Peninsula was unsafe. That left Japan !!! Kim Il-sung's military actions turned out to be the greatest driver for the rebuilding of postwar Japan's industries via the U.S. military contracts for war re-supplies. Wasn't it most ironic that the D.P.R.K. which hated Japan so much that it was in fact the greatest cause for the rapid rebuilding of its avowed enemy, Japan? Was Kim Il-sung practicing Jesus' teaching of "lov[ing] your enemy?" I thought he wanted to practice atheistic Communism. I actually figured out in grade school how easily Communism could be achieved asymptotically by a gangster Overlord who just takes over every property for the "State" protected by the gangster ( the earthly god to fill the atheistic void left by the purged Supreme Fascist, who had been a competitor for power and had to be destroyed ) and share what's left over Equally amongst everyone else. I thought that it was idiotic. Why would the gangster Overlord with the power share the benefits of the property with everyone else voluntarily? Not many reasons but for the threat of the gangster being overthrown in yet another revolution. Communism isn't the only "-ism" which does this hijacking. Generally, Totalitarianism of various forms do it. "Early birds get the worms," but, "the late worms don't get eaten." You've got to know whether you're a bird or a worm. In both WWI and WWII, Germany was an early bird and the U.S. was largely a late worm.

Similarly, this CoViD-19 pandemic can be tamed in three weeks ( with the deadlier strains killing themselves off by their victims being killed or having developed immunity ) if the entire world or only the ones who carry the virus go into lockdown at the same time for weeks. Instead of that, it will reverberate for years culling the unbelievers in hygiene or the selfish ones. Some acute symptoms ( coughing is not considered by me to be an acute symptom ) of CoViD-19 returned to me in a less acute degree after three months plus one week from when they had disappeared so the immunity acquired by getting a suspected infection might not last for a long duration.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 4 years ago

Transcendence with introspection is possible. ( by breaking away from pan-global authoritarianism and act against the evil hypocrites.)

How's everyone liking the Magic Mushroom shipped from Redfuckgina? "Press '1' for English, Press '2' for Spanish, Press '3' for TeraERex, ... May 1 helps you?" asks the global help hotline for the King Flu.

The only legitimate purpose of any government is to serve the people in its jurisdiction. Big Brother takes care of the Big Things: Redfuckgina, Pootinium-clad Chamber Pot, however leavened and flavo[u]rful they get.

Migration is a potentially quick solution to the problem of being in rotten places. As long as one observes and respects the host countries' customs, traditions, and cultures, and not to interfere without getting sufficient local knowledge first. Things can work out well in the long run.

Not all host countries' customs, traditions, and cultures deserve subservient observance because static cultures going without the continual small jolts from new immigrants become moribund cultures which can wreak havoc one day when they are jolted into modernity. Examples abound: Medieval ( hundreds of years of military dictatorship ) Japan jolted by the U.S. gunboat trade mission led by Admiral Perry which planted the seed for the Greater-East-Asian bloodbath and atrocities, Dynastic China jolted by Western Colonialism and the modernizing Japan, Medieval Holy Roman Empire city states and principalities jolted by the Iron Chancellor's unification of the Central European microstate "swamp" into the powerful German Empire, Islamic states jolted by Western Colonialism and cultural dominance, etc. WWI, WWII, and subsequent peacetime democratic reconstruction have solved the global problem of emerging Japan and Germany.

China and the Islamic countries hadn't received de facto U.S.-dominated peacetime democratic reconstruction so we are all still going through the trauma of emerging Islamo- and Sino-extremism ( of course, these societies try to clamp down upon dissent because their brittle power has nearly failed.) Both the 9/11 attack and its aftermath as well as the SARS_CoV-2 pandemic came out of these non-American ( i.e. Islamic and Chinese ) empires' jetliner linkages to the World. Other American so-called "Empire"'s constituent parts such as Taiwan and the Republic of Korea ( South Korea ) have become vastly richer than their counterparts under single-party or strongman dictatorships. Hong Kong may well be said to be a constituent part, due to its extensive trade and cultural linkage with the American "Empire." The U.S. is not really operating an "Empire" in the older colonial sense anymore. It's more on a trade and cultural level than political dominance.

Hong Kong for example is absolutely not politically dominated by the U.S. despite some rather foolish claims to the contrary. I think that Hongkongers would laugh an idiot off who would call my spiritual godfather's ( probably more of a religious-though-not-very-sectarian-as-several-symbols-on-the-emblem-show/healthcare { Mom turned to its endeavors for help and advice when I as a preschooler became very sick; Mom became more devout after she had inadvertently tested his ability to recognize her--she was a bit like Blaise Pascal regarding belief but around 1% chance of getting the same answer twice upon adding an addendum at the second time to identify herself better 《she had considered it as only because of her identity possibly being mistaken at the first time that she was being admonished since she had only rarely come to worship, until her son became sick--the admonition stood firm and unchanged upon her "appeal,"》 convinced her that it would be wiser to believe than otherwise } charity in nature ) organization "Nazi" because of the swastika on its emblem. The swastika symbol likely came with Buddhism from India and signified "what goes around comes around" so choose and act wisely for desired outcome. Adolf Hitler also adopted it for his Indo-European Aryan-Conqueror theme. He was absolutely NOT a Buddhist !!!

Why are dictatorships so horrible for politico-economic performance? It's the very ancient impulse to "shoot the messenger" and its consequence of "no one speaking up about the necessary changes." Things rot and rot until yet another revolution becomes absolutely necessary but revolutions usually set countries back in wellbeing for decades. In order to preserve their power, dictators purge all potential competitors, leaving their states with absolutely no backup redundancy in leadership to continue their necessary operations to achieve the wellbeing of their populace. Yeah, so shit happens !!!

In multiparty states, the demise of a leader is much less likely to collapse prudent governance because not only is the governing talent not purged but there is usually a well-laid-out-and-exercised succession plan in place ready to go as every election triggers a need for executing such a plan which in the older multiparty states tends to be well-used and tried-and-true. In a dictatorship, the demise of the leader can be a major calamity, perhaps with its even resulting in a traumatic civil-war fight for the apportionment of power. Anyone who has experienced a domestic violence can readily understand why flying saucers in the kitchen are terrible for domestic tranquillity.

It helps to choose a migration target suitable to one's desires. During WWII, South Africa was better than the North Atlantic ( let the Europeans duel it out amongst themselves as a German interrogator probably told Dad, "Stay out !" ) but not good enough due to the de facto apartheid Afrikaner regime, only nominally under the rule of the British Empire ( which police mostly only carrying a nightstick but no firearm, { as a representative, of the British Crown, was more respected than a U.S. deputy with a gun so the use of lethal force was rarely needed, } was less scary, according to Dad, than the gun-carrying police of the U.S.--one who has a gun at hand tends to use the gun as a solution to defiance or perceived defiance, such as that coming from mentally ill, linguistically or culturally challenged "foreigners," .. or hard-of-hearing people, and youknowhat.) Hawai'ī was better than South Africa but war came soon enough to it to create a living hell in "paradise."