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Forum Post: Standard and Poor must not bow down to the US dollar / Euro bribes of CIA/Mossad and give financial guidance for the creation of 100% socialist, open-market globalization under Chinese ideology with Bolivarian taste

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 16, 2012, 4:46 a.m. EST by DRSTNDESILVA (4) from Colombo, Western Province
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Bravo! Bravo! for the latest downgrading of nine-Euro zone nations including France. Standard and Poor must not stop and do further necessary downgrading of all capitalist nations as early as possible...to get rid of capitalist political cancer.

CIA/Mossad and other capitalist spymasters will pump in capitalist tycoons' money to delay the crumble of "American Dream."

In the name of God, S&P, Fitch, Moody's and other rating agencies without any fear must do a concerted action world-wide to end the capitalism with:

  1. unemployment
  2. social inequality
  3. homelessness
  4. hunger
  5. poverty; and
  6. terrorism

99 % unemployed people are desperate and cannot wait anymore years.

A prosperous future without unemployment can be created with the ideology of Chinese communist party / Bolivarian revolution together with the creation of 100% socialist, open-market economy in less than 10 years if the entire man power of rating agencies do a commitment day and night.

Your courageous decisions will be written in golden letters of the history and definitely Jesus's/Allah's/Mayan Gods/and the Buddha's 100% blessings will bestow on your hearts/souls for the betterment of mankind.

...so don't delay...courageous unemployed/poor Romanians and their spymasters of Serviciul Roman de Informatii (sri) were back on the Bucharest streets on "Thai pongal" Sunday 15-01-2012 also; as a gratitude to God Sun of India.

Despertad! ...ya es tarde...

"Socialismo o Muerte"

"Tutto puo cambiare, Basta immaginar lo"

Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite

Keep in touch;

Dr. S.T.N. De Silva

21/28 Polhengoda Gardens, off Polhengoda Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka



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[-] 1 points by JamesS89118 (646) from Las Vegas, NV 6 years ago

You've got a little Agent Orange under your nose.

[-] 1 points by Gimmeyours (-16) 6 years ago

Print this and show it to your therapist.

[-] 1 points by Builder (4202) 6 years ago

Hmmm, very refreshingly different.