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Forum Post: Something to think about. Part 2 again

Posted 9 years ago on Nov. 27, 2011, 2:40 a.m. EST by stuartchase (861)
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Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Digital Products Division 9740 Irvine Boulevard Irvine, CA 92618-1697 1-949-583-3000

If we are going to go after Walmart, I think we should target Toshiba first, because Toshiba is a GCT (Global Corporate Terrorist). Here's a link to just a few of their heinous crimes:


The second horror story was accidently deleted, so I'm reposting it.

Toshiba Thrive Tablets Comatose, Owners Say By Ian Paul, PCWorld Jul 18, 2011 5:51 AM

Owners of the recently released Toshiba Thrive tablet say the device has an annoying bug causing the tablet to refuse to come out of sleep mode. Forums on Toshiba's own site and third-party forums have numerous complaints from new Thrive owners complaining of the problem. "The white status light is blinking but pressing the On [sic] button does nothing requiring [a] reboot like a Windows computer," said Toshiba forum user sjwheat. The Thrive issue was first reported by Engadget.

The only reliable way to get the device out of sleep mode is to reboot, disgruntled users posting on the forum say. Some have found removing the battery has helped; others say the problem is related to Wi-Fi settings while a few say the problem has spontaneously fixed itself.

Most speculate the problem is linked to Thrive's firmware as opposed to a third-party app conflict. Some users complained the problem only happened after a recent software update, while others say they experienced the issue from day one, right out of the box.

Toshiba doesn't appear to have a fix yet. But an administrator on the Toshiba forum is asking Thrive users who are experiencing this problem to send him a private message (registration required) with the following information: your name, contact information, location (city, state), your tablet's onboard storage (8, 16 or 32GB), approximate frequency of the problem, what happens to cause the problem, and any other details you feel are relevant.

The Android Honeycomb-based Thrive launched on July 10 and is Toshiba's first foray into the emerging one-panel slate market. Reviews for the new device have been largely positive with most complaints related to the slate's bulkier size compared to similar tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

PCWorld rated the Toshiba Thrive 4 out of 5 stars calling it, "the first tablet that makes it easy to do anything other than consume entertainment and apps."

Toshiba's Thrive features a 10.1-inch screen with 1280-by-800 resolution, 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, 8, 16 or 32GB onboard storage, SD and USB ports, 2 megapixel front-facing camera, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, and Android 3.1, Honeycomb. The Thrive is priced at $430, $480 and $580 depending on your storage size.

Connect with Ian Paul ( @ianpaul ) and Today@PCWorld on Twitter for the latest tech news and analysis.

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Here's the link I got today's Toshiba Horror Story from:


This might not seem like a big deal unless you have kids. The worst nightmare is saving up all year for that boy or girl whose been good all year, getting the child something great, and then it not working when opened on Christmas day. You will see tears fall from their eyes and your heart will break.

Here's the previous horror story:




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[-] 1 points by stuartchase (861) 9 years ago

Here are the kings of inhumane values! They are the Lords of the Dirty Fucks!


The Revolution starts here!