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Forum Post: Secure IT Act

Posted 8 years ago on March 7, 2012, 8:02 p.m. EST by PopsMauler (182) from Chicago, IL
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Didn't see a thread for this on here, so I figured I'd bring it up. This "Secure IT" Act was proposed last week. This act is another bill with intentionally vauge text that cannot ethically pass. Looks like Congress' push to restrict speech (Protect IP, SOPA, HR. 1981, et. al) will not stop any time soon.





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[-] 2 points by Nevada1 (5843) 8 years ago

Hi Pops, Good post and links. Thank you for catching this one. Best Regards, Nevada

[-] 1 points by richardkentgates (3269) 8 years ago

If you read what is actually written, they have given up on censorship and are simply scrambling to cover their own asses. The government uses the same internet we use. The software used to build much of it is shelf stock software. Ie... it's easier to jack up the water department than it is to steal credit card numbers. At some point, it makes sense to not have hacker forums, the military, and law enforcement all on the same line.

[-] 1 points by PopsMauler (182) from Chicago, IL 8 years ago

I did read them, did you? My issue is it's another use of vauge text that goes undefined. Having network activity and malicious intent go undefinied is tantamount to giving branches like the DHS even more opportunities to seize or block sites unilaterally without due process of law. That in and of itself is a threat to the integrity of the DNS paradigm, and by extension a limiter on the freedom of the internet.

From both articles, it sounds like a Senate redux of HR 1981, especially with the focus on ISP's providing information again. You bring up a fair point, it's not outright censorship like previous bills. Though it does lay the groundwork for more if passed.

I'd also love to find the full text of the bill rather than have to go through MSM articles. For the life of me I can't find it anywhere.

[-] 0 points by DayumShame (148) 8 years ago

do you think that with obama in office that certain aspects of our free speech has diminished?

i remember on yahoo answers, there was a discussion on how someone was arrested for having a mccain shirt at some obama rally.

this particular question dissusing the obama rally on yahoo answers was removed by the admins when it clearly did not violate the terms of service. so basically discussions about ways free speech has changed with obama in office are being removed. some obama supporters who happen to be an admin of a reputable site will remove any negativity about obama especially those discussing free speech.

when bush was in office, every other discussion about politics were about how bush sucks. does not matter if the stuff that was said was true or not, people were still given the right to express their opinion. it is like the big smelly fish in washington dc, you can try to cover the truth with newspaper but it is still the truth. until 2012 when we get a new president, we will just have to grind it out and do what you can to inform others and not let the liberal media shield others from the truth.

to be fair, i am sure there is alot of ugliness going on in the republican party, so you cant really tell whats going on in those politicians heads, this country was bought, sold and paid for a long time ago.

[-] 1 points by PopsMauler (182) from Chicago, IL 8 years ago

Absolutely, especially with the passing of H.R. 347 free speech has diminished. That alone is outrageous. Region-blocking has gotten out of hand too. The push for restricting free speech really started with COICA with the Obama admin., and it's been rewritten too many times and reintroduced. Restricting free speech is clearly still on the national agenda. We're really lucky we've dodged as many bullets as we have so far as it is.

People are arrested at rallies all the time, probably more to the story. As for the media, I think you're forgetting what it was like under Bush. Daily news about every small detail in Afghanistan and later Iraq. The "terror alert level" LOL, changing so fast you could barely keep up. The media has really done a 180. We've gone from over-coverage to the point of being extraneous, to not mentioning our multiple wars and huge issues at all. If anything, it seems like a concerted effort to feel out popular response and find which apporach works best from a realpolitik standpoint.

DHS too has been going nuts with seizing domains, especially ones streaming sporting events and other telecasts without financial profit. Nice to know they're doing a great job keeping us safe, no? Last time I checked we didn't have jurisdiction to seize sites overseas too.

Honestly, I view both administrations as one and the same. Very similar policies at least on big issues, and when it counts both sides stop the show and come together on votes. Bush was horrendous, but Obama certainly has been a huge letdown. He will have a hard time selling that this is all Bush's fault this election, and I don't buy the "economic recovery" one bit.