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We are the 99 percent


I don't necessarily want to share too much personal information on here, but will give an insight into my experiences at the least. Suffice to say I'm a 23 year old man, struggling to graduate college part-time (i.e. I'm not rich and thus saddled with debt).

I recently lost my slightly above minimum wage job after my Starbucks went through an intense downsizing. Finding a job is proving to be impossible. Food stamps have run out.

Without the support of my boyfriend I would have been out in the street along with all too many classmates and friends. Some days he's the only thing keeping me going. A shame our 4th year anniversary has to be celebrated with such a backdrop, he's been the best. We've traded off supporting each other as economic fortunes dictate since we've been together.

My family used to be middle class, and seemingly was in a good state once upon a time. I did have a good childhood on the whole, for that I'm very grateful! Both parents have lost their jobs within the past 2 years, and they've turned on themselves in a nasty divorce after 25 years of marriage.

Their house has been foreclosed and bankruptcy is being filed. Most relatives are in similar straits, but yet being in the BS "long-term unemployed" category we don't even count in the statistic of unemployed as currently defined by the CoC. I get calls from their creditors (and my older brother's now too) daily. Wish I could do more for them than I can now, it's crushing. We get by just barely by helping each other with what little we can.

This is the reality for many of my generation. It cannot stand for those of the future. I can't speak for those of generations past, it's my lot to deal with the present and come together with others to create a solution.

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