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Forum Post: Remaining Peaceful and Why?

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 27, 2011, 6:17 p.m. EST by YaHTek (4)
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I just wanted to let you know that iam a person who supports the movement and i also support peace and want to encourage that we be peaceful no matter how much we get angry and that they try to anger us because they will try to anger the protesters, and iam a person who is also affected by the system and was homeless for a week and iam currently moving from place to place wishing to get a home of my own but seems impossible do to the difficult and unfair process of getting a job. But iam proud of what the movement is about and i encourage everyone to remain peaceful because they are about to do everything they can to anger you but peace is the only way. May Yahweh Bless



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[-] 5 points by ramous (765) from Wabash, IN 6 years ago

Definitely I agree!! Listen to Yahtek if you haven't listened to anyone else.

My story: We were in a small town Occupy, worked with the town so we could be there. We vacated every Friday night so they could continue concerts, and were going to be out by Thanksgiving so they could do the holiday thing then come back first week of January. All very civilized and calm. We were excited about it early on, and got our town talking. People were interested in why we were there, and they stopped by and listened. But things started changing. We got concerned the more we saw of other Occupies. Examples: Watching NY livestream, listening to OWS official livestreamers antagonizing the cops, every third word was 'f the police' and screaming at them. We watched an official OWS livestream crew chestbutt a cop.
Seeing the official OWS messages start seeming less and less 'peaceful' and more militant. Then when the 1st Oakland happened where they blocked the port, that didn't seem right to us. Its one thing to fill up a park kind of accidentally because too many people came, but blocking/invading a port and keeping normal regular guys from going to work that day, was just wrong. It didn't get any kind of message to any 1%, all it did was hurt the regular people trying to earn a paycheck. You know, of course police are going to stop you blocking roads/sidewalks/subways/bridges/parks, but occupy always acting like the police are violent. They aren't, they are doing their jobs moving people. If you don't move, you get arrested. So it seemed like OWS was losing their common sense. Then the official posters and official messages were getting violent and militant. And all the anger and violent messages and radical fringes you DO see, OWS doesn't condemn it. So these things had us concerned. And townspeople who first supported ows, stopped.
Then this: http://occupywallst.org/article/occupy-oakland-calls-total-west-coast-port-shutdow/ and we voted to close our camp after putting so much effort and time there. But how can you justify the west coast shutdown? How can you think that's peaceful? Its not a protest. Westboro protests but they don't block ports or roads or sidewalks or parks or subways. Blocking the ports and forcing them to close is an invasion and it is force. The people behind occupy are provoking police to do something, because the police will HAVE to do something. The right to peaceably assemble means not to disrupt the peace. Its not anyone's constitutional right to block/invade/keep other people from using space or passing through it and disrupt the peace. Whoever is pulling the Occupy strings, creating the violent official posters, calling for the blockades/invasions that have NOTHING TO DO with Occupy's original message, is purposefully manipulating the protesters toward violence. They call the police jobs 'brutality, abuse and violence' when it is their job to keep the peace that OWS is disrupting, and they are doing what they are supposed to do, and using force that they have a right and a responsibility to use, while they take back the rights of the real 99% that OWS steals from them by keeping them from passing through the roads/subways/etc that OWS blocks.
They are demonizing the police. They are marketing violence even while they say they are non-violent. And they are lying to the protesters that they are breaking no laws.
So I have gone from fully supportive of Occupy to a cautionary Cassandra and trying to open more eyes than just my own. Stay peaceful. They will move you. They will arrest you. They will pepper spray you because that's allowed and its not torture, in spite of what some are telling you.

[-] 1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 6 years ago

It's nice to see that my analysis of the movement wasn't off. I never participated in an Occupy camp, but I studied the movement very closely by looking at the imagery, reading the GA minutes, reading anarchist websites, reading this website, reading about the history of Occupy, reading the works of Graeber, etc... My conclusion was indeed that they were demonizing the police and inciting confrontations through direct action. I hope other protesters like yourself will be open and criticize the flaws in the movement.

I'm not opposed to having a movement that tries to fix the problems of the government. This is important. Like you, I simply oppose the particular tactics Occupy is using. Perhaps Occupy can still be repaired and become a true peaceful protest, but, somehow, I feel it's too late and that most protesters aren't really interested in this idea. It saddens me.

[-] 1 points by aeturnus (231) from Robbinsville, NC 6 years ago

I feel the same way about some of their activities, but that is not going to stop me from lending my support. If you see faults, then it is up to you to bring that to their attention. You need then to speak up at the GA, try to get others on your side, and so forth.

I can't really support the idea of shutting down an entire port. I would tell them point blank that I do not like the idea and would not participate in it. I fear that it will cause more people to distance themselves from us and end up hurting those in the 99% who are simply working. Many of those are union people, too, some of which are probably on our side.

I live in a small town in North Carolina, with only a small amount of occupy activity going on. The largest one is in Asheville, and that one too is small by comparative standards. Hardly any violence related to the occupies around here, it seems. A good thing, I suppose. Smaller groups may be better. As we get bigger, maybe we need to keep tight-knit smaller groups, spreading out in different places, something like that.

Understand that the militants will take over if less and less people get involved. If less and less people fail to participate with us, then the militants will be taking our assemblies over. At that point, that would be pretty much it.

I say, stay involved, and organize people who share a similar view on this. If the militants feel that something is going to be done, some of them may drop their militant tactics and join. I don't think that these people are many, but there are enough that things can get scary.

[-] 1 points by YaHTek (4) 6 years ago

well said ramous also this group called the blacc blocc Anarchist is a group that will discredit the truth movement because from the videos i have seen of this group all they do is incite violence, and then the media looks at this as an opportunity to discredit the truth movement by grouping us with the blacc blocc Anarchist, we need to let it be known that these people are not apart of the movement, not if they just want to cause destruction and violence, the Elte wants us to riot they are hoping that we do because by rioting that is helping to push their N.W.O Agenda further by them declaring Martial law so those who incite violence are helping the Elite. now as for the police personally i have seen the good side and the bad side of the police, there are some really corrupt cops but what we must realize is that there are also some really good cops out there who are just doing their jobs, a cop bought me food one day when i was hungry and let me keep the change lol i did not know this cop but he helped me and that is something that i will always remember so we always need to not only confront the bad cops peacefully but also acknowledge the good cops that are out there. and by being peaceful regular citizens will be more open to what we have to say, but by being violent it will only destroy the movement, look at the black panthers started off peacefully but when they were turned violent they were destroyed society saw them as a negative and were not open to their message.

[-] 0 points by BofL (434) 6 years ago

Study the links between OWS(this website), George Soros, the O.S.I. (open society institute) his NGO that stirs up revolution worldwide under the auspices of spreading demo(no)cracy to get his tentacles in there and topple governments. He has been doing this for decades. OSI touched off the Bosnian revolution in the 90s, Arab Spring, everything you see worldwide-much of it coordinated by the over 1000 (that's one THOUSAND) non governmental agencies he funnels money through to street thugs and provocateurs around the world. WHY does hr do this you say? He's just s nice old billionaire right. Wrong-he is the point man for the rothchild bank cartel that owns thr Federal Reserve and every other central bank on earth except 3. You really can't fathom the depth of this problem until you go through the history-and we have been doing that here http://occupywallst.org/forum/interesting-read-about-the-constitution-and-corpor/ keep it peaceful-occupy THE LAWS and just assert your liberty legally. There is no positive outcome that violence can bring-ask the Egyptians, Lybians, Syrians... Only thing happened there was Soros' minions touched off thr sparks of civil war, other mercenaries were trucked in, topple the existing dictator, replace with a worse, or equally bad solution. Power consolidates to the top as always, central bank of Rothchild controls everything from afar. 500 years they've been working on this system. Storming the Bastille ain't gonna do it folks. The answer is trading values amongst ourselves-learning how they rip us off, how they govern us by our ignorance and by our CONSENT. Do not consent-learn how, teach others. Peace

[-] 1 points by thrasymaqwe (13) 6 years ago

all our demonstrators are trained in non violence resistance against oppressive systems- and your wise advise is what we are telling them. many thanks for your support- of our just cause. " thrsaymaque"

[-] 1 points by starSparrow (23) 6 years ago

He who lieth in peace Shall have the softest of bedds. That was true even in biblical times so it must be now!