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Forum Post: Ralph Nader ~ Back in Black

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 4, 2012, 11:54 a.m. EST by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR
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Ralph Nader

The Seventeen Solutions


More than ever, America needs fresh ideas—and bold solutions. Now, Ralph Nader—perhaps our last great civic idealist—offers seventeen ideas to rescue our country from corruption, complacency, and corporate domination.

America is in crisis. After enduring two decade-long wars and a devastating financial meltdown, We the People have been abandoned by the leaders we elected to serve our interests. Now, in response to our desperate times, pioneering reformer Ralph Nader offers a new program of seventeen ambitious but common-sense solutions to our chronic economic and social problems. Among them:

Reforming the tax system

Making our communities more self-reliant

Reclaiming science and technology for the people

Protecting the family

Getting corporations off welfare

Creating national charters for corporations

Reducing our bloated military budget

Organizing congressional watchdog groups

Enlisting the enlightened super-rich

And more...

Nader offers a stark assessment of our shared straits, but his solutions constitute an eye-opening plan to save America—before it's too late.





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[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

The Essential Ralph Nader Video for the Presidential Election:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnEI_TYOnqU&feature=related (1:15:00 long, you can skip to 15:00 minutes in, Busboys & Poets Recording about his 17 Solutions for the US)

Difficult to copy his Main Points, probably have some extras that he had as subtopics.

Reform, Rebuild, Restore, Restrengthen, Re-Regulate, Re-engage, Re-empower

1) Tax on Pollution
2) Tax on trading stocks, Derivatives, computer driven trading
3) Income Tax Restoration, Reform, Simplification, tax corporations, get rid of Loopholes and tax Shelters
4) Making Communities more Self Reliant, banking, energy, health, food, dispalce dollars going to corporations
5) Give Science and Technology back to the People instead of toward war and weapons, recycling, gardening, alt energy, water & Sewage treatment
6) Protect the Family Unit, stop corporate campaigns toward toddlers-14 year olds, junk fook, teaching nagging, obesity, commercialization of childhood
7) Get Corporations Off Welfare/Crony Capitalism/ Corporatism
8) Federalize Corporations/ National Charters
9) Crack Down on Corporate Crime, strengthen enforcement, automatic disclosure
10) Restore Civil Liberties
11) Become a Humanitarian Superpower instead of military superpower
12) Use Government Procurement for Innovation in Technologies
13) Rebuild our Infrastructure Public Works, dams, roads, water,
14) Reduce our Military Budget $800 B
15) Re-Engage Congress at Local Townhalls, get 300 people to attend and agree only to talk about excessive corporate power (or other subject)
16) It only takes a handfull of people to start a social movement
17) Congressional Watchdogs
18) Find the Enlighted Super-Rich in America, leverage older people
19) Unorganized Sports, get healthy, put down devices, interact

*-US is a vicious two party Duopoly
-We have been waiting for Single Payer health Care since teddy Roosevelt
-Super PACs can flood our Elections, independent candidates have to find a way to get public funding, trick is too start at the Local Level demanding to get on Tickets, national free time to ballot qualified candidates is a good idea

Ralph Nader presents his thoughts on America's economic and sociopolitical landscape and provides seventeen solutions that he contends will answer several issues facing the country. The independent candidate for President in 2004 and 2008 opines on tax reform, the reduction of the military budget, and programs for job growth. Ralph Nader speaks at Busboys & Poets in Washington, D.C.


[-] -1 points by Futurevision1 (-75) 5 years ago

What does any of that mean?

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 5 years ago

Means Nader has excellent progressive ideas.

And keep in mind only progressive solutions can resolve the problems created by the pro 1% plutocrat conservative policies at the center of all our problems.