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Forum Post: Provocateurs Likely to Bring Chaos to "Occupy" Movement

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 29, 2011, 4:29 p.m. EST by ravenaeus (0)
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“Occupy” protests again face the possibility that HSA, FBI, or CIA operatives may infiltrate their ranks as provocateurs. This can’t happen in the US right? They only do this kind of thing in those countries shown on the national news channels. Actually, during the WTO-G20 protests in Seattle the instigators of the riot that cause damage and resulted in the beatings, gassing, flash-bangs, and arrests of peaceful protestors were proven to be covert FBI agents. They were identified and seen leaving by passing through the police lines after showing their identifications. This is fact, not fantasy. See IndyMedia and Democracy Now reports on this subject. During the Republican National Convention in Chicago, protestors were infiltrated by local, state, and federal officers who used mace and pepper spray on quietly protesting groups in an attempt to incite a riot. They were later proven beyond a doubt to be provocateurs associated with the police agencies. It also should be noted that we are afforded the right without any exceptions, to assemble peacefully. This does not mean we have to pay for permits or even ask for permission. It means we have the RIGHT to assemble without the approval of the very institutions we are protesting against. Any media outlet that denies this right, any government agent or official who denies this right is acting against our rights that were established with the establishment of this country. To infiltrate for the purpose of photographing, identifying, and “tagging” those involved is also a violation of our right to assemble peacefully. When they infiltrate for the purpose of instigating violence to provoke police violence against peaceful protests, this is a bastardization of the very foundations of our nation. Oh, and this is the very actions that our own government railed against in the nations overseas who have stood up to the EXACT SAME institutionalized criminals who did the same to their nations as our elected officials and the banking industry has done here. It is not a coincidence that there are overlapping “Boards of Directors” and international conglomerates in those nations and ours. Nor is it coincidence that we have the same problems here as those Arab nations have been plagued with. In light of the recent increase in support and the outrage of the American public toward banking institutions and the cooperative nature of the US Senate and Congress, it is very likely that one or many of the “Occupy” groups has already been infiltrated. It is also most likely that the same tactics that have been used to incite police violence against peaceful protestors in Seattle and other places will likely be used in the major gatherings of the “Occupy” groups (such as NY, Chicago, Atlanta). That they use government agents as provocateurs and purveyors of the original violence is the means they have used for 30 years to justify police action. That it was their agents that started the riots has been given little press although it has also been well known to be the case. Should any violence among the protestors begin after 30+ days of peaceful gathering, those who actually begin the riot should be identified and carefully studied. The last 30 years has shown that the instigators of past riots and those promoting violence were not truly part of the protesters. They were provocateurs from government agencies put in place with the intent and insidious purpose of inciting violence that would be blamed on the protesters.




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[-] 1 points by Tommiethenoncommie (211) 12 years ago

The movement was doomed the moment it started. You cannot win. You have no logical backup, only irrational thinking.

[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

The only thing that can stop OWS now is :

1 - AGENTS PROVOCATEURS as stated above.

2 - VERY dirty tricks from HSA, FBI, CIA or others - such as placing a bomb at Godlman Sachs or elsewhere and pinning the blame on OWS.

See: http://occupywallst.org/forum/expect-very-dirty-tricks-like-a-bomb-exploding-at-/#comment-214499

[-] 0 points by betuadollar (-313) 12 years ago

Cool, finally, someone that can spell the word right... congratulations.

[-] 0 points by foreverleft (233) 12 years ago

I've wondered if all the drugs, robbing, urination, defecating, rape, drinking, smoking, panhandling, racism and sexual abuse haven't been undercover tea baggers because this is the kind of stuff they do!