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Forum Post: OWS READERS BEWARE. Our site has been taken over by fiscal conservatives posing as disgruntled liberals.

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 26, 2014, 7:26 p.m. EST by StillModestCapitalist (343)
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It has become all too obvious. For some time now, we have had a number of fiscal conservatives and registered Republicans posing as disgruntled liberals here and using multiple IDs in order to divert our attention from the filthy rich wealth concentrating 1% and all of their government influencing corporations. They have been making hundreds of comments designed specifically to divert such attention. Also to offset the potential influence of OWS and the 1% mantra on liberal voters. The idea from day one, as proven on November 6th, has been to keep more liberals home on voting day as conservatives run the political board.

These infiltrators are probably working for Republican, Tea Party, and fiscally conservative independents holding and/or running for political office. Some may be working on their own or for certain corporations which stand to face higher taxes if Democrats and fiscal liberals take office.

Unfortunately their tactics payed off well on November 6th of 2014 as 2/3 of American voters, mostly liberals, progressives, and centrists, stayed home. As a direct result, Republicans and fiscal conservatives took a significant majority in Congress and a number of State and City offices all across America.

What's done is done. There will be consequences for the inaction of center left and free thinking Americans. The Keystone Pipeline will probably be under construction within a matter of months. In addition, the richest 1% and their corporate golden geese will surely benefit from a new round of tax breaks and government subsidies courtesy of the Republican/conservative majority in Congress and all across America.

Those of us concerned with massive economic inequality and certain environmental issues have just under two years to offset the influence of conservative OWS infiltrators and others using siimilar strategies intended to keep Democrats, environmentalists, and fiscal liberals home on election day of 2016. In the meantime, we must pressure our sold-out leaders to enact higher taxes on the rich, higher taxes on corporations, and other economic policies to slow or reduce the ongoing concentration of wealth. It is also imperative that we make the very concept of extreme personal wealth socially unacceptable. To expose and to damn greed for what it truly is.

Fellow OWSers. Do not let the infiltrators divert your attention or break your will. Inform, protest, pressure, and VOTE. Even if that means voting for the lesser evil. Otherwise, conservatives will increase their majority in Congress and secure the office of President in 2016.

In the meantime read on but keep your guard up. Beware of the infiltrators. They will remain busy posting MANY diversionary, 'don't vote', liberal bashing, and pro-conservative comments intended to divert the attention and break the will of liberals, progressives, and free thinkers.

CONSERVATIVE OWS INFILTRATORS POSING AS DISGRUNTLED LIBERALS: Your comments, mark-ups, replies, and mark-downs have become utterly predictable. Your psychological tactics fully understood and fully anticipated.

I intend to keep this page updated from now until November of 2016 or for as long as this site remains active.


The rest of you disregard the rankings of all comments made here on OWS. Just read as many as you can, keep your guard up, do your research and be prepared to VOTE in 2016. Don't let the infiltrators divert your attention or break your will.



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[-] 3 points by Shule (2638) 7 years ago

WARNING; Beware OWS ! This site has been taken over by Democratic hacks out to get wall street loving "Democrats" elected.

They are out to divert our attention from the fact that many candidates put up by the Democratic party are also boot lickers of the filthy rich who are out to concentrate all wealth to the 1% and their government influencing corporations. Don't be fooled by propaganda. Politicians like Hillary Clinton are just as bad as the worst of the Republicans, and don't need to be in the White House making wars and running our country into the ground for then benefit of Wall Street and their 1%er Corporations.

Get out and VOTE in the Democratic primary. Work the system to make sure that these 1% loving creeps do not win any nominations, but rather that real people that we can honestly vote for in 2016 win. Don't settle for lesser evil.

[-] 4 points by SerfingUSA (451) 7 years ago

Shule, I like your 'Warning system' against the democratic hacks here. May I use it?

This SMC character must be a paid Democratic hack. He behaves like a 12 year old boy whose mama still folds his Spiderman under-roos for him.

I have no idea what "mark, mark, mark!" means. But I think you probably out 'mark, mark, mark!'ed him.

[-] 1 points by Shule (2638) 7 years ago

Go for it.

[-] -2 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Your pathetic attempt at reverse psychology won't work on me Shule. As promised, I will continue to post links to this page explaining your true motives.

Mark mark mark!

[-] 3 points by Shule (2638) 7 years ago

So, what does Mark Mark Mark mean?

[-] 0 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 7 years ago

Just to be clear, this "mark mark mark!" thing is you tagging infiltrators?

[-] -3 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

I'm referring to the utter predictability of markdowns from conservatives posing as disgruntled liberals and anarchists.

[-] 0 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 7 years ago

I would drop the "Fiscal Conservatives," these are dumbass cons and/or anarchists. They either hate democracy, or are brainwashed in a multitude of other ways!!! Lets do it!!

[-] -2 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 7 years ago

Yes, false-flag complainers and agent provocateurs like SSS (shad 66 and her many other handles) and others have infiltrated this site meant to fight the tyranny of the 1%, to sabotage any and all effective efforts (especially Voting) to fight and/or overthrow the 1% and their political employees, the RepubliCon Cult.

And to a small, smug and duped degree, the agent provocateurs have succeeded.

Way to be played, dumb shits!

[+] -4 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Damn right but I'm not sure about shadz66. I will keep my eyes peeled for any pattern.

Update: I think you're right about shadz66. He/she seems hell-bent on keeping Hilary Clinton off the ticket in 2016.

[-] -2 points by TechJunkie (3029) from Miami Beach, FL 7 years ago

"Infiltrators", hehe.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this forum has always been the paranoia.

[-] -3 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

And for some time now, the utter predictability.

Mark mark mark!

[-] -2 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

The poor should receive adequate financial aid for as long as it takes under the condition that if able, they seek employment and accept job offers.

[-] -2 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

The richest 1% should pay higher taxes.

[-] -3 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

A word about the first Great Depression. It really was a perfect storm. Caused almost entirely by greed. First, there was unprecedented economic growth. There was a massive building spree. There was a growing sense of optimism and materialism. There was a growing obsession for celebrities. The American people became spoiled, foolish, naive, brainwashed, and love-sick. They were bombarded with ads for one product or service after another. Encouraged to spend all of their money as if it were going out of style. Obscene profits were hoarded at the top. In 1928, the rich were already way ahead. Still, they were given huge tax breaks. All of this represented a MASSIVE transfer of wealth from poor to rich. Executives, entrepreneurs, developers, celebrities, and share holders. By 1929, America's wealthiest 1 percent had accumulated 44 percent of all United States wealth. The upper, middle, and lower classes were left to share the rest. When the lower majority finally ran low on money to spend, profits declined and the stock market crashed.

Of course, the rich threw a fit and started cutting jobs. They would stop at nothing to maintain their disgusting profit margins and ill-gotten obscene levels of wealth as long as possible. The small business owners did what they felt necessary to survive. They cut more jobs. The losses were felt primarily by the little guy. This created a domino effect. The middle class shrunk drastically and the lower class expanded. With less wealth in reserve and active circulation, banks failed by the hundreds. More jobs were cut. Unemployment reached 25% in 1933. The worst year of the Great Depression. Those who were employed had to settle for much lower wages. Millions went cold and hungry. The recovery involved a massive infusion of new currency, a World War, and higher taxes on the rich. With so many men in the service, so many women on the production line, and those higher taxes to help pay for it, some US wealth was gradually transferred back down to the lower majority. This redistribution of wealth continued until the mid seventies. By 1976, the richest 1 percent held less than 20 percent. The lower majority held the rest. This was the recovery. A TRUE recovery. A partial redistribution of wealth.

Then it began to concentrate all over again. Here we are 38 years later. The richest one percent now own over 40 percent of all US wealth. The upper, middle, and lower classes are sharing the rest. This is true even after taxes, welfare, financial aid, and charity.

It's become so bad again, that the non-partisan CBO recently confirmed that the US economy can no longer sustain itself without ongoing government stimulus. The high concentration of wealth is now confirmed as a primary factor.

For the good of society, stop giving so much of your money to rich people.

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

For the good of society, stop giving so much of your money to rich people.

Now made easier for all to do: Sign the pledge: Don't buy these Koch products

[-] -3 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Consider it done.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

Nice to see these shopping apps show-up - Hey? Buycott app

[-] -1 points by BrentWeirick81 (-87) 7 years ago

So detail what your solution is? Should everybody make the same wage?

[-] -3 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

There will be no 'solution'. Not one of us will live to see it. But higher taxes on the rich and their corporate golden geese would help to reduce the obscenity of wealth concentration.

The real question is how do you hope to go on masquerading as a disgruntled liberal?


[-] -3 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

The Middle Class should pay lower taxes.

[+] -4 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Don't believe this crap about the rich paying the bulk of taxes and the poor paying none. It's a trick. A spin on statistics to make it seem as if the rich are overtaxed. They aren't. But they damn well should be. We're in this mess because of them.

Be careful when you hear or read anything regarding the PERCENTAGE of OVERALL FEDERAL INCOME taxes paid by any particular group, it's a terribly misleading statistic. The rich pay a larger PERCENTAGE of OVERALL FEDERAL INCOME taxes now than 10 years ago because they have a larger PERCENTAGE of INCOME in America now than 10 years ago.

When you account for all FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL taxes and fees combined, the lowest quintile in America (poorest 20%) actually pay about 19% of their income. Which by the way, is a HIGHER effective rate than many Fortune 500 corporations pay on their profits.

When you account for all FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL taxes and fees combined, the middle class actually pay about the same rate (as a percentage of income) as the rich. The difference is within 2 percent. It shouldn't be that way. The rich should pay MUCH more simply because they are horribly over-paid. We aren't. They own 43% of all financial wealth in America. We share the rest.

When you account for all FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL taxes and fees combined, the richest 1% actually pay a LOWER effective rate then the next 19%, millions of whom are middle class.

When you account for all FEDERAL, STATE, and LOCAL taxes and fees combined, the richest 1/2 of 1% actually pay significantly LESS (as a percentage of income) than the average American. In fact, they pay about the same effective rate as the poorest quintile. The difference is within 2%. But it gets even more disgusting. The devil is in the details.

Corporate profits have been partially subsidized with federal, state, and local revenue for many years running. These financial benefits have been hoarded at the top. Business managers make up the largest group of one percent club pigs. Plus 1/2 of the market is owned by the top 1%. Their record territory dividends have been partially subsidized by federal, state, and local revenue. Hundreds of billions worth. The benefits have not been shared proportionally with the workforce. Not even close. The lopsided division of household income growth across quintiles proves it.

The highest percentile has grown more than 10 times faster than the middle percentile over the last 35 years. This is true EVEN AFTER taxes. It's true EVEN AFTER you account for the additions of second and third providers within millions of households. When you account for inflation and the actual cost of living (tied directly to record high profits in energy, finance, and healthcare), the middle class have actually lost relative buying power while the top 1% have drastically increased their share of income and bottom line wealth.

In 1976 (when their tax rates were much higher), the richest one percent reaped 9 percent of all private income and held less than 20 percent of all private wealth in America. Now, they reap 24 percent of all private income and hold over 40 percent of all private wealth. Meanwhile, the lower majority (those who are still employed) are working more hours and have less to show for it. It is a direct correlation.

Just to make it crystal clear: The rich do not pay the bulk of all taxes. They never have. Their share as a group, like the middle and upper classes, represents just over their share of income. The difference, like the middle and upper classes, is within 5 percent.

If the rich want to pay a lower share of the FEDERAL INCOME taxes in America, which by the way represent LESS THAN 1/2 of total government revenue, then they should reap themselves a lower share of the income in America. They should also reap that income without hundreds of billions of dollars in government subsidies.

In other words, don't be so rich to begin with.

The rich aren't over-taxed. They are over-paid.

[-] 2 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 7 years ago

the rich tax the poor through rent and business profit

[-] 0 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 7 years ago

Don't believe this crap about the rich paying the bulk of taxes and the poor paying none. It's a trick. A spin on statistics to make it seem as if the rich are overtaxed. They aren't. But they damn well should be. We're in this mess because of them.

Absolutely = The Rich Telling The Middle Class To Blame The Poor

[+] -4 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

The richest 1% currently hold over 40% of ALL privately held US wealth. This is true EVEN AFTER you account for what they 'give back'. Some of this wealth was 'created' along with more currency to cover the related transactions but the lion's share of wealth held by the richest 1% has been TRANSFERRED FROM US TO THEM over the last 38 years.

In 1976, the richest 1% held less than 20% of all privately held US wealth. This was less than 1/2 of their previous high of 44% in 1929, the first year of the Great Depression, which by the way was CAUSED by that obscene concentration of wealth and CURED with a partial redistribution of wealth (double digits) which took place gradually over time.

In 1976, the bottom 99% of American households were sharing over 80% of all privately held US wealth. This was enough to sustain a strong and large middle class while keeping the majority of lower class households out of poverty. They weren't doing well but they were doing ok. The system was working. Most US households were able to make ends meet on the income of a single full time provider. Americans, in general, were thriving. They had home equity and money in the bank.

Right around 1976, the privately held wealth of America began to concentrate all over again. At first, it was a slow concentration resulting primarily from automation, outsourcing, higher corporate profits, and a change of law regarding the trade of oil. Then, Reagan came along and granted huge tax breaks for the rich. While this was great for 'growth' in general, it was bad for the lower majority because it concentrated too much actual wealth and buying power. This along with the growing irresponsibility of the American consumer concentrated more and more bottom line wealth while increasing consumer debt drastically. In fact, it literally multiplied under Reagan.

As the share of wealth held by the richest 1% increased significantly from under 20% in 1976, the share of wealth held by the lower 99% dropped from over 80% in 1976 to significantly less. Our nation's privately held wealth was being transferred from poor to rich. AGAIN.

Within a few years, the equation was no longer working for the average American household. It became more and more necessary for American households to secure second incomes in order to make ends meet. Still the concentration of wealth was allowed to continue. The middle class was shrinking and the lower class was expanding. This effectively INCREASED the NEED for welfare and charity within the US.

By the early 90s, home equity was down significantly and something had to be done in order to sustain the US housing market. But the bankers didn't want 'sustanance'. That was too boring. They wanted GROWTH and LOTS of it to CASH IN ON. Sub-prime is what the finance industry came up with. The laws requiring downpayments were changed as a favor for the finance industry, the first sub-prime loans were made in 94, the housing market was artificially inflated, home sales were way up within a year or two, and corporate profits soared. This made the already rich even richer.

In 2005, Allen Greenspan issued the following warning to Congress: "The income gap between the rich and the rest of the US population has become so wide and is growing so fast that it may eventually threaten the stability of Democratic Capitalism itself."

By 2007, just as Allen Greenspan warned, BECAUSE of the growing concentration of income, the US economy had in fact, become unstable. The middle class had simply become too weak to sustain their share of the US economy. Meanwhile, the less valuable sub-prime paper had been sold to unsuspecting investors. The housing market collapsed because of and IN SPITE of sub-prime, market value was lost, the final batch of investments became worthless, Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac failed along with a number of smaller banks, jobs were in the process of being lost by the millions, the 780 BILLION DOLLAR bailout of 2008 became necessary, and Barack Obama was elected in order to right the ship. He did so in part, with more welfare and government stimulus. This is the 'printed money' that so many people have the nerve to complain about.

Unfortunately, the privately held wealth of America has been allowed to keep concentrating. In part, because Congress and Obama have also done a number of favors for the rich and their respective industries. The concentration is not identical to that of 1929 but it's close enough.

The richest 1% currently hold over 40% of all privately held US wealth. As a DIRECT RESULT, there simply is not enough wealth circulating beneath them to make ends meet for the lower 99%. Sure, the top 20% is doing fine but most of that wealth is held by the richest 1%.

The lower majority of American households continue to struggle as they share a near record low of privately held US wealth. Many, in spite of multiple incomes. The lower class has expanded significantly increasing the need for welfare and charity even further. Meanwhile, the rich continue to get richer and richer EVEN AFTER you account for what they 'give back'.

Now, we are well on our way to another Great Depression.


[+] -4 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

We have been mislead by Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama, and nearly every other public figure. Economic growth, job creation, and actual prosperity are not necessarily a package deal. In fact, the first two are horribly misunderstood. Economic growth/loss (GDP) is little more than a measure of domestic wealth changing hands. A transfer of currency from one party to another. The rate at which it is traded. This was up until mid '07′ however, has never been a measure of actual prosperity. Neither has job creation. The phrase itself has been thrown around so often, and in such a generic political manner, that it has come to mean nothing. Of course, we need to have certain things done for the benefit of society as a whole. We need farmers, builders, manufacturers, transporters, teachers, cops, firefighters, soldiers, mechanics, sanitation workers, doctors, managers, and visionaries. Their work is vital. I'll even go out on a limb and say that we need politicians, attorneys, bankers, investors, and entertainers. In order to keep them productive, we must provide reasonable incentives. We need to compensate each by a fair measure for their actual contributions to society. We need to provide a reasonable scale of income opportunity for every independent adult, every provider, and share responsibility for those who have a legitimate need for aid. In order to achieve and sustain this, we must also address the cost of living and the distribution of wealth. Here, we have failed miserably. The majority have already lost their home equity, their financial security, and their relative buying power. The middle class have actually lost much of their ability to make ends meet, re-pay loans, pay taxes, and support their own economy. The lower class have gone nearly bankrupt. In all, its a multi-trillion dollar loss taken over about 35 years.

Millions are under the impression that we need to create more jobs simply to provide more opportunity. as if that would solve the problem. It won't. Not by a long shot. Jobs don't necessarily create wealth. In fact, they almost never do. For the most part, they only transfer wealth from one party to another. A gain here. A loss there. Appreciation in one community. Depreciation in another. In order to create net wealth, you must harvest a new resource or make more efficient use of one. Either way you must have a reliable and ethical system in place to distribute that newly created wealth in order to benefit society as a whole and prevent a lagging downside. The 'free market' just doesn't cut it. Its a farce. Many of the jobs created are nothing but filler. The promises empty. Sure, unemployment reached an all-time low under Bush. GDP reached an all-time high. But those are both shallow and misleading indicators. In order to gauge actual prosperity, you must consider the economy in human terms. As of '08′ the average American was working more hours than the previous generation with far less equity to show for it. Consumer debt, foreclosure, and bankruptcy were also at all-time highs. As of '08′, every major American city was riddled with depressed communities, neglected neighborhoods, failing infrastructures, lost revenue, and gang activity. All of this has coincided with massive economic growth and job creation. Meanwhile, the rich have been getting richer and richer and richer even after taxes. Our nation's wealth has been concentrated. Again, this represents a multi-trillion dollar loss taken by the majority. Its an absolute deal breaker. Bottom line: With or without economic growth or job creation, you must have a system in place to prevent too much wealth from being concentrated at the top. Unfortunately, we don't. Our economy has become nothing but a giant game of Monopoly. The richest one percent of Americans already own over 40% of all US wealth. More than double their share before Reagan took office. The lower 90 percent of Americans combined own less than 25% percent of all US wealth. Still, the rich want more. They absolutely will not stop. Now, our society as a whole is in serious jeopardy.

Greed kills. It will be our downfall.

[+] -4 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

No more tax breaks or government subsidies for highly profitable corporations.

[+] -5 points by StillModestCapitalist (343) 7 years ago

Oh spinoza34? Oh flip? Oh Shule? DNCheadquarters and turbocharger? Here I am with a new page and a new comment! Time to get busy with your multiple IDs! That's it! You can do it!

Mark mark mark!