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Forum Post: Occupy the Treasury

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 17, 2012, 11:11 p.m. EST by Carroll (40)
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1- The theft of America's future takes place: a) under the cover of darkness by criminal gangs; b) in the hovels of the poor who cheat welfare; c) in broad daylight as Congress uses the nation's wealth in barter for private gain.

2 - Congress's behavior is made possible by: a) the Constitution; b) their assuming private ownership of the Treasury; c) the concentrated wealth of corporations; d) a political system regulated by a capital market.

3 - The citizens can stop the rip off by: a) electing honest people; b) dropping the pretense of democracy and giving the corporations outright control; c) occupying the Treasury (seizing financial ownership of Treasury surpluses).

This country has enough wealth to solve all of its problems. But that resource is not spent for the commonwealth; it has been hijacked by Congress to barter with special interests for tenure in office. How do we stop it? Congress has taken private ownership of the Treasury as its working capital in the pursuit of personal profit, thereby ruining the land. So the citizens will have to restore the wealth to its intended use of providing all citizens with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Congress has placed itself in the role once occupied by King George. King Kongress will have to brought to task and made to serve as managers of the people's money, not as private owners over it.

Attack the problem at the source: take the pistol from the pirate's hand. Let Congress pass financial ownership of the Treasury to the people by issuing Stock Certificates to individual tax payers for each dollar paid into the system, its value pro-rated to the total tax payments made by all citizens, redeemable any time there is a surplus in the Treasury (as in 2001). Let the democratic process sort out its problems with citizen-captains of the ship of state, the capital owners of their country, not citizen-slaves rowing in the galley of political fortune.

When Congress sits down with their buddies to spend the money, let the combined capital weight of all tax payments enter into the political process as a countervailing power to the special interests' deep pockets. Let the citizens review an objective measure of how well government is doing by watching the value of their Stock move up or down each year. Let the 100% see their Shares increase in value only when government spends the money to solve the problems and restore prosperity to the land. Let the invisible hand of everyone seeking their well-being guide people to find the right managers for their money and the proper legislation to provide for all of society. Let the people use the principles of capitalism as judo against the abuses of capitalism.

Seize the wealth of the nation for the people. Occupy the Treasury!



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[-] 2 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 11 years ago

I like this post, you put some thought into it. Nice post!

[-] 1 points by Carroll (40) 11 years ago

Thanks for reading and understanding. The revolutionary potential of this concept may be too abstract for this site. Do you know any other places on line?

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 11 years ago

Listen, this is the place for this stuff. Dont go by the typical posters here, there are many more that read this site and never make a single comment. The ones who register and post are few and far in between. And I can assure you that most (not including the ones who come to hate) are looking for smart people who want to dive deep.

[-] 1 points by Carroll (40) 11 years ago

Your words bring encouragement. Maybe I should try a different tack. But I need help in posting a picture. I see posts with photos (I think I did), but do not see the route to do that. It is probably obvious once you know it. Can you help me?

You comments about the hate posts are interesting. The forum seems to be a microcosm of the larger political world. Politics have always been raucous, but the current division of the nation into two ideological camps means the split is self-perpetuating and the perfect dust storm to keep the blinders in place. We are in a tornadic spiral and when we fall out of it, it will be into the lock-down of corporate capitalism, same as in Italy and German during the last century. That is why it would be helpful if we found the real source of their misery and the common solution for all. What is puzzling is why this forum should be so fractured. I wonder if the fanatical refusal to compromise has become the hallmark of our general culture. Maybe blind hate is just the hallmark of war.

[-] 1 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago

You have the gift of the written word. Nicely said. Poetic even.

And insightful that you connect the cultural acceptance of hateful discourse to the difficulty to compromise (among our leaders) and even to the poor nature of interaction here.

My biggest problem, and our greatest challenge on this site is finding a way to discuss these important issues in a respectful, civil way. Even if we disagree.

The biggest threat to compromise amongst our leaders as well as our efforts to find solutions is the nasty, mean spirited politics of personal destruction that we resort to when we disagree.

I think we should call it out when it happens and insist on civil discourse. All is lost if we can't succeed with that foundational goal.

Peace, & Solidarity.