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Forum Post: Occupy Fathers, Guilt Fathers into Joining Occupy Movement, They Either Sanctioned Corruption, They were Complicit, Patriarchy

Posted 2 years ago on Dec. 31, 2012, 11:58 p.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Yeah, it might be I have some personal issues here. After all my years ... after seeing the system... I'm actually mad at my own father at this point.

I felt we should have been mad at our fathers after 2008 Finanical Crisis. And it hasn't gone away. Not that I got hurt. I got through the crisis very well...

But it was lies on top of lies and ... fraud in Ratings Agencies ... fraud in accounting firms... fraud in wall street bansk ... fraud in congress ... conflict of interest that has been institutionalized... it just goes on and on...

Congress no longer wants to bring witnesses to testify if they are large campaign contributors. - As per William K. Black speaking of the Savings and Loan Scandal Lessons Learned by Congress.

Why couldn't my father or yours stop this?

Campaign Idea: Guilt the Fathers to get them into OWS.

A) This is about holding people responsible who are at the top. There is very little resposiblity in Congress, in presidential staffs, in presidential policies, in declarations of war, in financial policies, in Economic Polices (Neoliberal).

B) Where in the Consitution Does it Say we can Fund a Global Military and Conduct whimsical wars against people who don't have a standing army, don't have a government, and have no weapons capable of reaching US Soil.

C) Where does it say we should transfer billions of Tax Credits or Subsidies or Government Contracts to Corporations - just because they twisted the law to allow Lobbying, Soft Money, PACs, and Campaign Contributions.

D) Does anyone who is not on the take - really think Lobbying is Good??? @#%@