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Forum Post: NYC Cops Post On Facebook About Brutalizing Occupy Wall Street

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 11:53 p.m. EST by seedypoet (23)
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[-] 2 points by fansmiles (24) from New York, NY 10 years ago

A recent survey showed that people still trust police officers but that the approval rating has been slipping for decades. In France, the police participated in rounding up politicos, Jews and the resistance on behalf of the invading Germans. The French never likes the police and never trusts it. A police force is by definition a paramilitary militia if it is not accountable to the public, which it rarely is. It is not here to protect the public but to protect the private property against the public interest.

[-] 2 points by ARod1993 (2420) 10 years ago

An open letter to the NYPD:

I have nothing against you in general, nor against many of your officers as people. I am immensely proud of all the first responders at the World Trade Center on that day, including and especially you. You were our heroes then, and to some extent that's still true now, but that status does not constitute a license to brutalize American citizens.

That does not excuse the 1AM raid, the deliberate media blackout on said raid, the indiscriminate use of tear gas and batons (we now have a city council member behind bars with her head split open thanks to that behavior), the kettling and pepper-spraying of peaceful protesters, the pepper-spraying of an 84-year-old woman, or the deliberate voyeurism and humiliation of female protesters while in custody. There is also no reason for any in your ranks to take pleasure in brutalizing those who are in fact looking out for you in the long run.

We are not and should not be your enemies. Honestly, given the current political climate we are probably the only group here to whom you can turn for support when you act as members of the PBA rather than as enforcers of the law. I am referring in particular to your contract negotiations. Almost every contract you've had since 1994, including the ones signed following 9/11, has had to be handled by arbitrators who take as much back out of you as they give, and there's no indication that that's going to change.

Public opinion of public employee unions such as the one representing you is at a new low, and in fact several counties have attempted to go into bankruptcy because they couldn't be bothered to pay into their employees' pension plans. People are complaining about how their tax dollars are being wasted on paying your salaries, covering your overtime, providing your health insurance, and providing you a comfortable retirement even though there's no reason why you or anyone else shouldn't have these things.

The public will support you as on-duty cops fighting crime and enforcing the law. The mayor will support you as a security force he can use to break up protests and other things he doesn't agree with. However, both of these groups will do a 180 in two seconds flat when you ask for higher wages or better benefits or for the same number of sick days as last year. Should the question come to a strike, as it did with the transit workers in 2005, expect scabs and vicious rhetoric from Bloomberg and expect the populace to attack you for dereliction of duty.

Essentially, the only group out there that reliably supports you as union workers doing your best to achieve a middle-class lifestyle is the group in Zuccotti Park. They would be more than willing to back you in negotiations and stand beside you on the picket lines should that be necessary. As the TWU saw in 2005, it's far easier to boo strikers and protesters from the sidelines than it is to join them, and men in your ranks like Michael DeRosa have no problem laying into the few people who don't fall into that paradigm.

You're already working without a contract and have been for over a year now. At some point you're going to call for one and you're going to have to go the rounds with the mayor and the city as usual. It will likely be a long uphill battle to get the contract you deserve, especially in these hard economic times, and if you succeed in silencing us you will have lost your most steadfast ally in the process.

Sincerely Yours, The Occupy Movement

[-] 1 points by FawkesNews (1290) 10 years ago

These people breed. What ideology do they teach their children? How many polluted children will repeat this behavior and ideology? Can it be stopped? Does anyone with that ideology deserve any safety? What can be done to educate and change these types of people?

[-] 1 points by jomojo (562) 10 years ago

NYC has influence on other cities.A statement from Memphis authorities reaffirming their policies relating to their citizens' right to lawfully protest, could help prevent another abuse of power. Quotes below are from the epilogue of the book "Protectors of Privilege: Red Squads and Police Repression in Urban America" by Frank Donner (a civil liberties lawyer)

"...Mayor Wyeth Chandler ordered the police to burn all the files of the Domestic Intelligence Unit (DIU, as the local red squad was called) and to abolish the unit altogether."........"In compliance with the mayor's order, 180 boxes of files were reportedly destroyed on September 10, 1976, at the very time the ACLU was in court to obtain a restraining order to preserve the files..."..............."embarrassing documents were unearthed in the basement of a building formerly used by the red squad that had escaped the mayor's destruction order..."...........(result:) "...a restrictive settlement decree used as a model in other litigation and legislative efforts." Source: Google Books http://books.google.com/books?id=FR1ogMhofc0C&pg=PA348&lpg=PA348&dq=memphis++Wyeth+Chandler+destroys+files+kept+on+citizens&source=bl&ots=Ia1MVqF-Uv&sig=dBd_54kwj0uQ_ddhEDIMn0P4qyE&hl=en&ei=kbeNTpzKKsuPsAKzopCgAQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

[-] 1 points by forOWS (161) 10 years ago

NYPD are a bunch of scumbags. They are known throughout the world for their human rights abuses. Bloomberg, Kelly, Giuliani take pride in having one of the deadliest police forces in the world. They are the real "shoot first. ask questions later." pigs.

[-] 0 points by Doc4the99 (591) from Washington, DC 10 years ago