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We are the 99 percent


I want to ensure that our military veterans; especially those returning from combat have jobs and future prospects. I think this fits under the ideals of the Occupy Movement. I see jobless veterans everyday who are angry and believe they have no future; they want to work, but they can't find jobs. They are hurting...Some of those do use the GI Bill and other benefits; but, still no jobs seem to exist for them-- even for the many veterans with college degrees. I am an Army psychologist and officer and doctor on active duty. I support OWS... I do not support the sale of unregulated derivatives. I support the young soldiers and want them to have a future as they leave the military with the scars of war, of combat, and the hopes as well as the dreams that should be afforded to all people. I will not waiver in my support of the occupy movement. Keep the spirit alive and let freedom ring!!!

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