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Forum Post: NLG to Protect First Amendment at RNC and DNC

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 22, 2012, 4:03 a.m. EST by BearDickinson (125) from Ewing, VA
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For those going to Tampa for the RNP/GOP convention or Charlotte for the DNP convention....... Please be safe, be united, be smart, be brave, be non-violent and most of all love each other. Have fun, too ! http://www.nlg.org/news/press-releases/nlg-rnc-and-dnc/

-- a reminder - if you get arrested, the police will likely take away all personal property - leaving you with shirt, pants/shorts, underwear and socks. Use a permanent marker to write a phone number on your skin that you may need to use when you are allowed that one call. If you are like me - i seldom even try to remember phone numbers - relying on my cell phone contact list. Actually - would recomend 2 numbers to have on your skin - the NLG hotline number and a friend/family member you can count on. Remember though - that ONE phone call you will have after if arrested and held in jail or confined that 1st day - make it count ! National Lawyers Guild hotline specific to Tampa is (813) 241-0101. NLG Charlotte hotline will be (704) 372-4200



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[-] 2 points by bensdad (8977) 11 years ago

carry 1 or 2 - 1 foot by 1 foot WET American flags in a zip loc bag
if you are sprayed or attacked - hold it over your face
1> it will help protect your eyes
2> imagine the videos of the cops attacking the flag

[-] 2 points by alterorabolish1 (569) 11 years ago

Instead of the flag, which is a good idea, what if the videos showed the cops attacking a flag that said LOVE!

[-] 2 points by VQkag2 (16478) 11 years ago

Thanks for the excellent info.


[-] 1 points by BearDickinson (125) from Ewing, VA 11 years ago


NLG specific info related to Charlotte DNC - DemoCant$ http://charlotte.nlg.org/wiki/doku.php

[-] 1 points by BearDickinson (125) from Ewing, VA 11 years ago


NLG specific info related to Tampa GOP/RNC - RepubliWont$ http://tampa.nlg.org/wiki/doku.php