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Forum Post: News Article: Occupy Moscow?

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 6, 2011, 3:46 p.m. EST by johnjb32 (6)
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It acts like #Occupy. It looks like #Occupy. -- Michael C. Ruppert




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[-] 1 points by alexrai (851) 10 years ago

This Russian Election thing is Hilarious...

You have Russian Media (which I normally like) completely ignoring the anti-putin arrests, and American Media complaining about rigged elections and undemocratic arrests for "unauthorized assembly."

Now where were these idiots back in 2000 when Bush won Florida? And where is all the anger from Hilary Clinton over the thousands of arrests which have occurred in the past 2 months?

Who knows what the real story is, but clearly the USA is the last country in the world that should be giving Russia advice on Democracy... or the freedom to petition their government.

[-] 1 points by rebuildOWS (2) 10 years ago

in mother russia, moscow occupy you

[-] 1 points by rosewood (543) 10 years ago

Yes but still a good and courageous showing.