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We are the 99 percent


"RebuildOWS" exists to address the neccessity for a permanent indoor space for the People's Library. A mobile library is not the most practical way forward. We need a constant presence, a gathering place that cannot easily be disturbed by police or other factors. We need a base to develop and spread our ideas. We know the current library system is ineffective as it stands now because it should be clear to us that Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech is only left unharassed when it is toothless and poses no serious threats. For we have seen and felt what the "right to petition government for redress of grievances" meant in Zucotti Park, UC Davis, Seattle, LA and Oakland.

The People's Library is without precedent and cannot be allowed to flounder and die, suffocated under "Bloomberg's Boot" as it were. These books and donations, each one representing a personal sacrifice by a member of the 99% cannot be allowed to be lost. It has now become incumbent on us to help Occupy Wall Street prevail against the intimidation of this tyranny. We must rebuild the library.

I am therefore anxious to propose the beginning of collecting donations for the purpose of renting a space. Please contact us if you would like to join our project.

I would be grateful if you could tweet/blog or find some other way to pass this plea along to the People who hitherto have been responsible for the support of our library.

Develop. Organize. Support.
Victory to the 99%!
Rebuild the People's Library!


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