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Forum Post: Musing and storming using words

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 10:26 a.m. EST by iamalsoows (86)
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I started this story http://occupywallst.org/forum/i-have-come-to-proof-and-conclusion-that-ows-is-ro/#comment-509983 and I was asked if I could make it a post. So below it is stand alone:

Hi, I know. My post here is kind of midway landing not to be taken only seriously. A pinch of humor is added - might not be obvious.

4+ weeks ago I was searching for stuff on religion and came across http://jordanmaxwell.com and I watch his videos om Youtube and it was a revelation to me. As I was searching for more I actually ventured into a red thread which then lead me to various Occupy writing, videos and issues concerning money and religion.

Almost in any information I read and saw there was a link between wanting justice and truth and then a belief in deity.

Mike Ruppert was one guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiDX6UQl2no http://www.collapsenet.com/

Now, in fact there are many Jesus' and they want what Jesus wanted. So 2000 years ago the elite made a cabal to occupy what the revolutionary wanted and they designed The Bible cleverly with cunning insight into human psychology. Religion and The Bible is still going strong.

As I was searching I many times ended up the same places. I was given this: George Hunt Speaks in Utah, May 10th, 1991 - Pt. 1 - Introduction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpLnCT6k9Nc&feature=list_related&playnext=1&list=SP067DCFD5AD63AC12 which looked like Jordan Maxwell in disguise - I really liked watching George Hunt and he too is religious.

Jordan Maxwell has been with Shirley Maclain: http://www.jordanmaxwell.com/gallery.html and George Hunt actually mentions her saying: "...she is psyko..."

My searching was beginning to look like The Da Vinci Code and finally I ended up with my post here: http://occupywallst.org/forum/listen-to-me-in-dubai-all-soon-speak-english-nwo-i and a guy there and you gave me some links. I was on a venture, personal, to win back my old mother 85 years old and her sister from the grib of a priest named Tom Dundorf who told me his wifes brother had been shot dead by gang groups in Bolivia and he was shot twelve times in the head. When I said to Tom that I had never heard of anyone who had been shot 12 times in the head he started to present himself as a freemasons using words against me and eventually I let him win me over and me and my wife had to leave my mothers house.

My quest "only" produced this letter which I have now emailed to Tom and my mother and her sister: http://nielsulrikreinwald.blogspot.com/2011/12/letter-to-twinkletoe-scumbag-fool.html (later I will send the introduction part) Are you following me?

Since I myself have been hoodwinked and seen corruption I had 2 main objectives: 1. understand the background of religion and 2. understand politics - and they are highly connected and actually one and the same. However they tend to bend themselves eventually turning rotten and corrupt and becomes the evil they were fighting.

Some humans are smarter than others and smart is sometimes a sickness: http://ponerology.com/

Follow me?

Communism, socialism, conservatism, whatever, it is all the same thing. But culture and social upbringing is different hence we get different ways of managing this and dealing with problems. So one culture and one group of humans will design a political system which fits them here and now to become good. In that process people becomes corrupt and misunderstandings arise and from that wars...

... and so the circle is complete. It starts all over again and people demand change and now OWS is trying to do what "jesus" did if he ever actually existed as a person. I think he was and is a metaphor and "he" got hijacked and The Bible is a false flag blueprint on how to rule and a blueprint by the ancestors of some bloodline back in time up to today's royals and elite on how to design the future. They use The Bible to collectively do what the Bible says hence or they use parts of it in their quest to obtain justice and "jesus"´s way of love and life. But is fails miserably to implement it worldwide because of differences in culture.

The outcome is war and greed and the opposite of what they really wanted. They, the elite, give up the good quest and decides to follow greed and short term ventures. Fight for the good cause for what?!

This is my history lesson boiled down to a few sentences. The world is good and people are good but most can not cope with being Gandi's and human nature is too beastly still to comprehend and lack of education could probably fix most of the issues but there are very very few good teachers and the few good ones are people like Jordan, Mike and a few others.

You will notice that the video above of George Hunt is only watched about 50 times worldwide!!!! What does that tell you? He seems like a pretty smart guy. is he crazy? Is he a conspiracy theorist? Are we not all born conspiracy theorists when we suck milk and realize "who conspired to make milk there... but it tastes good and I feel full... so what the heck"? The baby does not die and they learn that some conspiracies are not dangerous. However later in life they see and experience hundreds of conspiracies and life becomes a hurdle of conspiracies to survive in the urban tarmac jungle.

We and the baby becomes a product of the culture and the culture sucks because humans are usually imbecile anyway even if they disguise themselves as grownups in politicians costumes.

It is true it is one big stage. And most people (not the corrupt sickos) do not like the Act... acting... the law. So people (jesus) tries to break the law - the act - and starts to improvise and that will lead to rebellion eventually and people will make a new act but it is 10 times out of 10 hijacked by the sickos and the cunning and the outsmarters and eventually it all starts over again. OWS is a good thing. But it will be hijacked. People in power have influence and money and can buy guns.

Other example: it is said that CIA and covert operations produces and smuggles opium etc. to control the flow and the money but when a single person smuggles 10 grams he is caught and imprissoned. Why when governments can smuggle why cant a person do the same? Tons and tons of drugs are in every country consumed and how could a very few single entities (citizens) cope with smuggling ton and tons? No, there must be someone else bringing in all the drugs in that huge quantity.

What is obvious and what we all know is good becomes hijacked because humans by nature loves power because power gives them the opportunity to educate and rule the people but it leads to a system that really is not fluid and tends to stick in one position. Then in comes politics which will try and mend and fix but it works far too slow and the process of democracy is a dead end solution because the end Act (law) becomes a patchwork that tries to cover all angles but really becomes a soup of fractional "tastes" and it tastes rotten. In comes dictatorship. here we go again. What was good (Gadaffi) will eventually turn into greed and corruption because the dictatorship never follows the changes and the flow of time and people. They rest upon their initial revolutionary ideas and voila it drowns itself.

All solutions have been tried and they all do not work. Some have tried to create utobian societies almost like theme-parks but even they are not for all and will fail.

I usually ask myself this: what do people really want? Food, sleep, sex and occupation (like growing food and having sex). Those are the utmost basic needs. In between we talk cell phone, play computer games and make Hollywood movies but they are only entertainment and when you look at what is around it basically all boils down to food, sleep and sex. Look around you. What do you see? Restaurants, houses (to sleep in for safety) and sex in the form of places to mate and via advertising.

Nothing new under the sun. Same old story but we have just rapped it all in neon lights. What is a car more than a horse carriage? What is MacDonalds more than an outlet where humans can "catch" their food? What more is a house than a shelter for safety for predators?

The rich can eat,sleep and have sex better and are entertained better but they have the exact same stuff. When they get bored, and they do, they invent outlandish parties and ladies serving nude and eating raw human flesh (right?) just for entertainment and they will indulge in drugs if it becomes too boring. The good life becomes bate for the poor and the middle class are served just the first course so they get a feel for what it is like among the elite. When the really rich get too bores they will invent schemes to trick because they must invent the game all over not to die in their own greed and filth. They recall a time when they too where babies and young and teenagers and adulthood seems so boring after trying all the meals and various sex styles so they wage wars just for the fun of it. it can not be too gruesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYKY2F8jy4U&skipcontrinter=1

What a fucked up world. Most people have an IQ of 50 and if 100 they still only watch football on TV. I believe it was sports that was the #1 most watched item on The Internet. Yesterday on danish news they said: "when people search Google for food they search for "cupcake"". What news is that? What is that trying to tell us about what people SHOULD know?

Post too long continue here: http://geegood.com/hapinut/2011/12/16/musing-and-storming-using-words/



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[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

"Communism, socialism, conservatism, whatever, it is all the same thing."

Is it? Why?

[-] 2 points by iamalsoows (86) 10 years ago

Same basic needs, same values, same overall greed for love, food and safety. Just in different packages. Open the box and it is the same content. However it becomes corrupted because it stagnates and does not move on fluidly like humans do with new technology.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

You're logic and definitions are confused.

Basic needs, similar values, overall greed for love, food, and safety have nothing to do with political systems. These things are human aspects developed through evolution and culture.

Political systems are structures used by humans to work together; to form civilizations. The smallest structures are families, then extended families, then tribes.

Communism and socialism are different types of organizations. Conservatism is not a political system, but a political vision that can be applied to any political system.

Saying they are the same will lead you to nowhere but confusion. There's no need to blur the definitions. A republic is not the same as a totalitarian system or a monarchy. There is a reason why the French killed their king and queen; why they killed the monarchy. It's very dangerous to blur the lines as you are doing. It essentially erases our historical knowledge gained from practical examples of what government structures work better than others.

[-] 1 points by iamalsoows (86) 10 years ago

True, I know they are not the same in that sense. However if you take two different looking cakes they might actually have the same ingredients.

What I mean is just that the utmost basic needs is what is being covered in any ism and in any society and in any tribe. Yes, on top of that comes different ways of organizing it all.

Yes, they killed the monarchs in France. Originally and firstly the french organisation and way of life was probably fine but evolved into a dictatorship of sorts with inherited birthright to rule again. Then people will revolt and demand freedom and the outcome - well - France is as corrupt as ever. Same old story.

Someone told me that democracy was the best of all evils. Well, darn, is it really the only solution. Come on, there must be a better way. Democracy has turned rotten like the french aristocracy turned rotten.

I need food, water and sleep - basically. I get those things in all isms. But differently distributed but basically the same. Some like communism some like dictatorship some like fascism etc. But not all likes it at the same time so there is a problem and any of these ideologies are basically originally fine ideas but eventually turn bad because they do not evolve and are not flexible. And usually from within you will have sickos who will misuse these systems.

Notice also that we have Pro politicians and they stay in business for long time. What idea is that!!?? Most of them are educated and nurtured from early on and are the elites play-toys and they themselves become the elite.

I blur because I want to demonstrate the basics and the essentials not because I want to erase differences and history.

Family and tribes are societies and communes of people and because of isms they are usually conformed to work in that group. If not they are called crazy or are banned to participate or are blacklisted or killed if need be.

Did you know that I can speak perfectly with a guy from Egypt about any matter but I can´t speak with some of my family members? Why can't I speak with some? Because of total absence of basic knowledge of what symbols represent. Most people do not have a clue about their own existence and their place in society. I had to learn the hard way too. Most learn by experience but education could and should make young people understand the pure fundamentals but schools only educate people to become conform and to get one job, a house, a car and a dog and a mate. Schools are instruments to brain-numb people and people believe what-they-have is fine and normal.

I am sorry I confuse that was not my intention. Words and writing are a way of thinking and communicating your thoughts onto paper. I am not a pro writer and I would love to hire one because words can sometimes mislead more than they lead.

I think much of what is said, in fact most of it, has been said before. I do like to read Plato and Sokrates as well as political doctrines. I do understand most of it and I even think emperors/dictators small books are their way of boiling down their philosophy on paper so they do not forget and so they keep a goal ahead of them so they do not get confused and distracted. This is probably where they go wrong.

If you compare isms and food, you might say that foods are different, but when you look at the actual ingredients it is the same. In one dish they may add more chili and in another more salt but both have it, and the ingredients are still chicken, pork, beef and corn and pasta... I think you get my point.

I certainly do not want to mislead intentionally.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

"I do like to read Plato and Sokrates as well as political doctrines. "

It's Socrates, not Sokrates, and I'm sure you never read his works.

"Some like communism some like dictatorship some like fascism etc. But not all likes it at the same time so there is a problem and any of these ideologies are basically originally fine ideas but eventually turn bad because they do not evolve and are not flexible."

There's nothing originally fine about dictatorships and fascisms. Your idea that all political structures are similar in theory or in practice is not only wrong, it's ridiculous, and dangerous.

"In one dish they may add more chili and in another more salt but both have it, and the ingredients are still chicken, pork, beef and corn and pasta... I think you get my point."

I get your point. You're dabbling in relativism, and this type or relativism is worthless and simply confuses matters.

If you believe all political systems are the same, why are you here? Why do you care what happens if any outcome will be the same.

[-] 1 points by iamalsoows (86) 10 years ago

Well, I am danish and my spelling has been ridiculed before. Please look up the word in danish.

I am not going to answer you other than that except to say that some of the first books I read was on philosophy from some of my grandfathers books he purchased in New Zealand. And yes, they included Sokrates.

Furthermore you nitwit hilbilly rock sucking motherfucker load of shit idiot:


you will fucking notice you moron that Sokrates is the original cock-sucking name spelled with a hollow round square K.


I wish you shit honking pigtail misfitted fool get a new pair of boots for your ugly face.

Had you been around me right now I would have found a very heavy broom and beaten this into your little boneless skull.

Now go edit this you numb-head: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Socrates#On_SOKRATES

God I hate imbeciles dressing like grown-ups.

Please notice this gray-foot: Σωκράτης - What? A fucking Greek K!!! Oh man, I missed that at school. Sorry dude I am so stupid. He said.

I even think that Americans have a collective ponerological issue making the whole human species suffer since you wage wars with your sicko presidents.

I am more than tired of listening to Americans pretending they know so much better only because they paid for WW2 (Hitler) and because the "imported" the whole rotten bunch of nazis after WW2.

Not only you, sadly, but so many Americanos need to know one thing; and that is; your empire is crumpling and you can not take the heat. Your country is bankrupt how many times over and you are about to sink into your Fascist corrupt political system and you have no idea how to solve your problems. You are scared like chickens and believe you can sink countries with your ugly corporation like Microsoft, Disney, Macdonald and what-not. Your whole culture sucks and has been rotten from day one. In fact you have no culture except money and greed and war and upon that you will loose like the dead people you have been since you ran away from Europe and enslaved the rest of us.

Get a fucking life and grow up or die and leave the rest of us alone.

Banks, oh yes, you bloody invited the Ashkenazim Jews yourself you nitwits. You get what is coming alright.

I am going to sit watch your country being dragged down into a deep hole so big no man can ever return. And finally the true owners will take over. Some of you, excluding you, can be our slaves in every sense of the word until you die out as the genetically sick species you have become.

I am not sure but I think it was about time someone put the Americans on a straight path. 42% of them can't read. 85% looooove baseball. 99.999999% do not know a darn shit about simple matters.

Can not read: http://www.nrrf.org/essay_Illiteracy.html

Who is loosing the battle AND the game?

And you are so stupid it hurts my eyeballs and my liver:


Publicly available here: http://geegood.com/hapinut/2011/12/16/banks-oh-yes-you-bloody-invited-the-ashkenazim-jews-yourself-you-nitwits/

[-] 1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

Thrasymaque is the French spelling of Thrasymachus, and of course there are many spellings of Socrates with a K. You have been lying for two comments already, and I wanted to see if I could anger you so that you would show your true colors to all our readers. It was easier than I thought. In one post, you showed everyone that you're nothing but an anti-semite diseased with the malady of chronic lying. I knew this would be easy because I saw you fall like this in many other comments. Lame and weak.

When I said "I'm sure you never read Socrates' works", I was being serious. The reason I know is because Socrates never wrote down a single word. I'm now starting to wonder if you ever read Plato, because if you had you would know this. It's funny that you posted the Wikipedia link to Socrates, but obviously didn't bother to read it.

Socrates did not believe in writing because he believed philosophy was for everyone including the illiterate. In his mind, the only proper way to share philosophy was by using spoken discourse in the Agora where everyone could come to hear.

It's obvious now why you are not bothered with dictatorships and fascism. Just another lame anti-semite. Next.

P.S. - I am not American.

[-] 1 points by iamalsoows (86) 10 years ago

Did you know that some believe that God wrote the Bible? Well, he did not because the Sun can't write. But metaphorically - yes - Sokrates wrote via philosophers as well as scholars wrote the bible FOR God (The Sun) which we now know was basically just copying other religions and beliefs and astrological musings.

He did not per say write but wrote through others hands. He inspired. There are references to his ideas.

Sokcrates was known as an ugly man and wondered the streets using words and questions and was disliked and eventually killed. Why? Because the elite did not like freethinkers.

If someone says: "I read Harry Potter" do they then actually mean they read one book, two or all books of the series? They might have watched one of the books in the series as a movie thereby implying they "read" it.

I have no proofreaders here and I write as I go. I do certainly not intend this writing to be academic because this forum is not per say academic

You see, words are powerful and it is true that you apparently caught me and I am glad in fact you did to highlight the importance of using words. I made a mistake.

Did you also know, that I am currently in the process of writing some letters which has some mistakes build into them deliberately? No, you did not. I do this for the same reason you use words. My letters are writing to some who claim they believe in Jesus when in fact they are only psychopaths using words to trick and fool people calling themselves priests and teachers while in fact the idea is to steel their money when they die through testaments/wills.

I really do not like people who suffer from ponerology and they can be found among leaders of Fascism, Nazism, communism, democrats and any parties and generally among political leaders as well as in the military and also among CEOs and indeed on NYSE etc etc. Even among teachers in daycare schools. There are 6% who suffer. So you are absolutely wrong to eject my thoughts and ideas because I write a few sentences in this forum.

Thinking: is a process using words and you can not use words to describe your thoughts in a finite way. Words are limited. There are many words to pick from so one has to try and use words and sentences to come to the conclusion so that you will portray your overall feeling and idea so that the receiver understands you. that is why my headline reads: "Musing and storming using words". To the uneducated that looks like hogwash. My writing then follows and is only part of a bigger writing taken out of full context.

Now, I have read the book on ponerology http://ponerology.com/ and that was AFTER I wrote my above writing. Hence I comprehend that my thinking and conclusions are actually true. This compared with Sokrates writings (should I say thinking to hammer it in) and talking's confirms me that my writings are part of a thinking process evolving out of other ideas being fed from various sources including a book called: "The Origins of Christianity...": http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/originsofchristianity.pdf

My grandfather had many books among them Goethe and I even took time to read Kierkegaard and that in danish of all languages!. Goethe I read in German would you believe it and written in Gothic typeset.

Hmmm. Where is all this taking me. Well, you see, you found a mistake per say and ran over it like a fucking dumbhead bulldozer to win a proselyte. For this I give you nothing. For not staying on the topic I give you all because in fact by you debunking you actually proved my point. namely that lying when speaking the truth is as hard as speaking the truth when lying. unless you suffer from ponerology. So I thank you for hinting at this and not taking down Bush, Cheney and all the other nitwits in politics such as Mitterrand, Sarcozy, Bvlair, Putin etc and not debunking the Vatican church or even debunking the fact you you forgot in your musing to digest the fact that you using a negative actually proved a positive though my writings by my hand and that your writing proves not only to me but all here that you still are and always will be a goofball because of the fact that you want to frame rather than unframe.

Plato wanted to become a politician and I am somehow convicted (!) that he might have been of the elite and indeed he might have suffered from ponerology in the slightest way.

A quote from Ponerology:

"Detailed analysis of the personality of the average normal person nearly always reveals conditions and difficulties caused by the effects upon him of some kind of pathological factor. If the activity was far removed in time or space, or the factor relatively obvious, healthy common sense is generally sufficient to correct such effects. If the pathological factor remains incomprehensible, the person has difficulty understanding the cause of his problems; he sometimes appears to remain a lifelong slave of imaginings and patterns of behavioral response which originated under the influence of pathological individuals. This is what occurred in the above-mentioned family, where the source of pathological induction was the eldest sister with perinatal damage of the prefrontal fields of her brain cortex. Even when she obviously abused her youngest child, her brothers attempted to interpret this in a paramoralistic manner, a sacrifice in the name of “family honor”. Such matters should be taught to everyone in order to facilitate auto-pedagogical self-monitoring. Certain outstanding psychopathologists became convinced that developing a healthy functional view of human reality is impossible without factoring in psychopathological findings, are correct, a conclusion difficult to accept by people who believe they have attained a mature world view without such burdensome studies. The older egotistical defenders of the natural world view have tradition, belles-lettres, even philosophy on their side. They do not realize that during the present time, their manner of comprehending life’s questions renders the battle with evil more problematic. However, the younger generation is more familiar with biology and psychology, and is thus more amenable to an objective understanding of the role of pathological phenomena in the processes of the genesis of evil. Parallax68, often even a wide gap, frequently"

And here one more:

"Dr. Stout’s book has one of the longest explanations as to why none of her examples resemble any actual persons that I have ever read. And then, in a very early chapter, she describes a “composite” case where the subject spent his childhood blowing up frogs with fire-crackers. It is widely known that George W. Bush did this, so one naturally wonders..."

Bush Blowing up frogs... and blowing up an error just to find a way out of speaking of the real issues on hand and not staying on topic to try and outsmart a fellow human being. What horror. What psychopathic behavior is that? Had you ever spoken with Sokrates he would have laughed at you and Sokrates would have been killed twice by your hand.

Bush blowing up people. Now, that you might want to digest but as a person, such as you, suffering most likely from ponerology, you display yourself disguised as an educated while in fact you are nothing but a simple layman without real knowledge and your replies proves this otherwise you would have taken the bull by its horns and would have taken the subject head on and spoken (written) about it and stayed on topic or interwoven new ideas.

You blatantly platonic disbeliever of free thinking. Now, I urge you to go and buy a hat that fits you.

I spelled Bvlair and not Blair for an obvious reason and I wonder if you can think of a reason?

You also forgot to mention that Sokrates can be and was spelled with a K (in some languages and in Greek). Is it really important? Yes, not really. But you made a mistake and for that we all forgive you. I think.

Learn some from this guy: Eric mazur. Here is a very nice video on learning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwslBPj8GgI He confesses just like I confess that my teaching is not absolute. Get a life you moron. And a moron you are - it is proven - using logical thinking. Anything you say (think) can be debunked and you did just that hence you have actually proven your own mistake and error.

So, what should we do? My error was actually a serendipity - that is all. I am so happy about that in fact because it highlight what people likes to do; watch football and scream when the enemy scores. They should be fucking happy - the game is all about getting the fucking ball in the net - any of the two nets. But people have no idea and so they are called hooligans and hooligans can be found in answers where reversed fluid thinking is totally absent.

Now, I want you to return to Kierkegaard for a while. You need to realize he did not want to commit suicide but did so by just thinking of it. Will you? A man was thinking about wanting to kill himself just as a stone dropped on his head killing him. Wau, think about what thinking can do for you.

Like Sokrates I despise people who has no idea of real thinking. Just like I despise lovers of football or any sport.

Also I have left 3 deliberate mistakes in my writing. I want to see if you can spot them. They are very near the end. Now, let the games begin.

And finally my favorite sonnet:

Mine eye hath play'd the painter and hath stell'd

Thy beauty's form in table of my heart;

My body is the frame wherein 'tis held,

And perspective it is the painter's art.

For through the painter must you see his skill,

To find where your true image pictured lies;

Which in my bosom's shop is hanging still,

That hath his windows glazed with thine eyes.

Now see what good turns eyes for eyes have done:

Mine eyes have drawn thy shape, and thine for me

Are windows to my breast, where-through the sun

Delights to peep, to gaze therein on thee;

Yet eyes this cunning want to grace their art;

They draw but what they see, know not the heart.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

I only bothered reading the first few paragraphs. Your rants are so ridiculous they are not worth reading.

"Sokcrates was known as an ugly man and wondered the streets using words and questions and was disliked and eventually killed. Why? Because the elite did not like freethinkers."

Socrates was not killed. He committed suicide. He was not disliked by most people. You don't seem to understand Socrates at all.

[-] 1 points by iamalsoows (86) 10 years ago

You may and can suggest this.

Did Vincent van Gogh commit suicide on himself, did society and lack of love or did absinthe (hemlock) kill him or a combination.

Did God kill Sokrates? Was the trial real or was it all a story to describe an idea?

Once you take Sokrates out of context you will never understand a word he wrote.



I know you did not read all I wrote yet alone understand a word I wrote. Nor have you understood a word of Sokrates nor Plato nor Kierkegaard nor any writing here or then or ever. I have already proved that but since you did not bother to read what I wrote above (or the philosophers wrote) then we get nowhere.

Those who won today can be looser tomorrow. And even lions can get in trouble:


It will take hours and days and even centuries to educate people such as you.

Did you know that pride killed the lion hence the lion no longer is a lion so pride can no longer kill the lion. This is thinking beyond your wildest dreams I know but try. Just try for heavens sake.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

Socrates could have fled if he wanted to. He chose suicide instead.

I don't believe you've read much of Plato's works, or works of any other philosopher for that matter. If you would have read Plato, you would not believe in conspiracy theories. He was against these.


[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago



[-] 1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 10 years ago

"Perhaps 1 in 100.000 humans have even read one page of Sokrates yet alone understood the real deep meaning of what Sokrates really wrote though whoever really wrote it."

You shouldn't say confusing things like this. Socrates never wrote anything period. What Plato wrote was his interpretation of Socrates.

[-] 0 points by fishb8 (62) 10 years ago

A real philosopher with another useless diatribe

" All solutions have been tried and they all do not work. Some have tried to create utobian societies almost like theme-parks but even they are not for all and will fail."

Only thing left to do is bitch and moan. Occupy's got that covered.

[-] 1 points by iamalsoows (86) 10 years ago

All angles covered. How ultimately boring. A circle, they say, has 360 degrees. That is hogwash. Think again. A circle can have zero or endless degrees. Fantasy makes us come and if fantasy is the answer to living and creating babies we should really look into fantasy.


Semen seems to be the carrier and when it meets the eggs we invite fantasy to take over again to yet again produce more babies. Are we really nothing more than a slave of our fantasies?