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Forum Post: Michael Moore on Pierce Morgan said "global warming caused generators to fail"

Posted 2 years ago on Nov. 1, 2012, 1:30 a.m. EST by Shayneh (-482)
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For those of you who think Michael Moore is really knowledgeable need to look at the interview he did with Pierce Morgan on CNN. When the subject of why the generators failed at one of the hospitals was brought up Michael Moore said that they failed because of "global warming".

But yet when Katrina went through the same catastrophy, Bush was the blame.

The devistation that has happened to NY/NJ is 4 times a bad as Katrina and the shit is just starting to hit the fan. People think that things will be normal in 3 or 4 weeks.

Well suprise - from what I have seen 6 months from now they will be still cleaning up. You can be sure you will hear people screeming for help as you have never before becaue of what has happened.

But yet, you will never hear one bad word spoken about Obama because the news media won't allow that to happen.

However, as all goes, so goes Obama and Mitt Romney will take the lead and make sure business is taken care of.

Obama is done like burned toast.



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