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Forum Post: Major Parties' Infantile Behavior

Posted 8 years ago on July 26, 2012, 6:08 p.m. EST by lkindr (58)
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  • It has been found that prejudice against other groups is INFANTILE.
  • Democrats' and Republicans' prejudice against each other is SAME.
  • Liberals' and Conservatives' prejudice against each other is SAME.
  • See here.
  • Psychologist Karen Wynn Discusses the Origins of Human [Stupidity] - Posted on: January 30, 2012 http://mba.yale.edu/news_events/CMS/Articles/7535.shtml [I'm paraphrasing part of this.] In one experiment, a puppet tries to open a box. Another puppet helps the first one. Then a third puppet hinders the first one. When researchers then presented both the helping and hindering puppets to infants and toddlers, babies looked at the helping puppet longer, whereas toddlers reached for it. "It doesn't matter what age or what scenario," Wynn said. "A strong majority prefers the 'pro-social' character" at first.
  • Then the children were asked by gesture which of two foods they liked. One puppet then chooses the same food as the child. A second puppet chooses the other food. The children favor the puppet that likes the same food they like, which then influences how they view the hinder/helper experiment. Babies and infants far more often enjoyed seeing the puppet that liked similar food being helped to open the box. And they also enjoyed it more when the puppets that chose different foods were hindered from opening the box. This shows the roots of the adult impulses toward xenophobia, prejudice, and war.
  • Instead of seeking only like-minded people in your groups, seek unlike-minded people too.
  • Instead of rooting only for your side, root for the other side too.
  • Instead of favoring the either/or dichotomy, favor the both/and inclusivity.
  • Win-Win is Superior.



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[-] 2 points by ComeTogetherNOW (650) 8 years ago

The dems are far from perfect but the repugs having taken a very hard right turn with the Tea Baggert's insistence and have clearly become extremists. It all about their politics and screw all of us especially the middle class,

It's now the GOTP party. Also, they are trying to wreck the economy so they can hang it around Obama's neck. Truth is, because the GOTP is now extreme, they have wrecked the congress already. Historically, we are all witnesses to the worst Congress ever! The GOTP will not do a damn thing which is also record breaking. Truman's do-nothing congress wasn't even half this bad. Check the facts, it's all there.

The GOTP proves the old addage, the ends justifies the means, is very much alive and well.

Come Together NOW

and vote out every single member of the GOP.

[-] 0 points by lkindr (58) 8 years ago

Obama is just as much controlled by the 1% as are the Romney supporters. The Obamacare forced health insurance will only benefit the 1% by forcing everyone in the 99% to buy their junk insurance which doesn't insure health, because it only covers conventional dinosaur-era allopathic medical treatments, not truly healthful healthcare practices. ETC.

[-] 2 points by VQkag2 (16478) 8 years ago

But the health insurance industry knows what you seem to have missed.

This law, the ACA is laying the ground work for a public option. Vt & MT are working on their public option now. The private health insurance industry through their republican tools are squealin like stuck pigs that it must be repealed because they know what you don't! And that is that the private health insurance industries days are numbered.

This great accomplishment (although repubs prevented the public option) represents our foot in the door. It is an accomplishment that has been discussed and fought for for a hundred years.

We must praise this success, recognize the progress and agitate for the improvements (like public option) that will come.

No the 1% health ins industry may seem happy about all the new business they will get but they know they will be out of business. Lets work to hasten that reality.