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Forum Post: "Let Them Eat Covid!" (says Politicians to Us)

Posted 1 week ago on March 23, 2020, 6:57 p.m. EST by elf3 (4108)
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Disclaimer This is in reference to Let Them Eat Cake - not a call to expose anyone to the virus (but then that would be obvious to anyone with a brain cell but you know just in case I guess it's come to this). I know the TPTB love to search for ways to classify Occupy as terrorism. Because protest is now - seen as sketchy in our nation apparently before Covid. And now since we can't even gather more so which is easy to forget since the working class is still out and about working and still not used to quarantine. Careful Occupy suggesting to protest - could inadvertently land us in jail as of yesterday since gathering would be exposing others to the virus. So no dragging our sick dying bodies (as miraculous a feat as this would be) to camp out on white house or senator lawns so they can see us die - this is considered terrorism - even said in sarcasm. Do not gather in protest or even suggest anything in sarcasm or not. But lets get it straight no assholes sneezing or coughing on people most definitely are not part of this movement or affiliated more likely they are loser jackasses lacking empathy or care for their fellow humans which is the exact opposite of what this movement stands for. Since we are limited ot our forum and TPTB monitoring it for loopholes to AstroTurf us, arrest, or prevent us from seeming like rational passionate and concerned empathic people trying to get our voices heard. And since those monitoring do not speak sarcasm be very careful what we write. Since free speech is dead and the laws on it are literally changing overnight.

We have seen how Trump reacts to reporters, truth and opposition. He takes it personally and I'm sure we are a personal thorn in his side. The Toddler in Chief treats and talks to reporters like disdained ex-wives just asking polite questions - so imagine what he thinks of this.

So to continue...I think we are still in a free country so: Now that we have it clear we will not recommend for us to gather in protest:

Our psychotically narcissistic President whining about all the money he lost running for president and the things rich people have to deal with. Then don't run! We'd all be better off!!!!! EAT THE ENTITLED RICH SCUM OF THIS NATION. (disclaimer: not literally definitely not literally) although I'd almost enjoy being arrested for being the first person in history suggesting to eat the rich to get arrested for that - other than the whole hassle of it. (Has it really come to this?) Just in case - please do not literally eat the rich. My husband is out working in this and rich scum are ordering wine and zappos. Quote (while pointing) "Um no that goes around back" (from behind the screen door of their house in the snottiest demeanor possible). Others receiving their hordes of toilet paper "YEAHHH baby!"

Meanwhile he has been ordered to work 6 days a week possibly 7 down the pike (his regular days are 12 hours). No pay for time off if he gets sick because you have to actually prove you have Covid to get it.(with those tests you can't get access to).

His co-workers are working sick as dogs and don't know if they have it and are being threatened with their jobs. Many of them have little children, babies, and children with health problems who rely on the insurance they will lose even if they get paid - because they have to work so many days a week to keep it. They are almost guaranteed to bring this home to their families and spread it all over the place.

And in order to get any type of benefits I guarantee that will be the same for everyone.... but guess what no tests anywhere!!!

Another friend is working in a grocery store with a serious autoimmune disorder and can't leave because you know being homeless with an autoimmune disorder and no insurance would be worse. If he gets it - he dies.

The language and transcript is designed to screw the commoners. Paid time off BUT only "If you test positive for Covid". (i.e.Goodluck finding the test - suckers!)

The rich in this country have become so disgustingly entitled and evil it is sickening. They all have a small fake home business designed to maximize tax loopholes on top of their property income and cushy jobs and they are all happily on the take for their extra bonus Covid bail-out.

Sharks are laying in wait ready to gobble up people's homes - and our sick in the head Congress is feeding them our blood. Disband every large corporation of this sick in the head country and jail every CEO and landlord. It's time for a revolution.



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[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2430) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 week ago

Capitalism and especially the stock market are parasitic diseases of the economy. They are cancers that threaten the existence of the people economies are supposed to sustain.

[-] 3 points by elf3 (4108) 1 week ago

Yes the stock market needs to go - it indeed threatens the system we employ to sustain us and steals the money we contribute. Wall Street decries Socialism for the masses while it demands Socialism from us.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

''This Is Why Americans Are Scared To Death Of Being Tested For The Coronavirus'':

this: ''How would you feel if you received a bill for more than $34000 after being tested and treated for the coronavirus? This pandemic is showing the entire world that the U.S. healthcare system is deeply, deeply broken & there is no way that we can continue to go on like this. If coronavirus testing is quick, inexpensive & widely available all over the rest of the globe, then why can’t that be the case here too? Democrats and Republicans have been fighting about fixing our healthcare system all the way back to the 1990s and they haven’t gotten the job done. Now we have a "system" that is a complete and utter embarrassment, and it is about to be overwhelmed by The Greatest Public Health crisis that any of us have ever seen. Even under our normal circumstances most Americans are deathly afraid to go to the hospital because of what it will cost.'' Also fyi ...

sad sigh ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23151) 1 week ago

Medicare should cover all Covid19 bills.

No American should get a single bill for this virus, not because they don't have any insurance, not because they haven't met their deductible, not for any reason whatsoever. And, not just "Americans," but any and all human beings present on this soil during this crisis. If we don't do this then we are not taking the virus seriously.

The administrative structure is there to bill through Medicare and the coverage should be at 100% for all illnesses related to coronavirus.

Then later, we can put everyone universally into Medicare For All, :) because it really is the best way to go.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

"How many must die for Wall Street?'' by Andre Damon:

Yes, "Medicare should cover all Covid19 bills" but US pols don't care!

fiat lux et fiat justitia ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23151) 1 week ago

Teen died, denied treatment for COVID 19 because didn't have health insurance.


“He didn’t have insurance, so they did not treat him,” Parris said in a video posted to YouTube. The staff at the urgent care facility told the teen to try the emergency room at Antelope Valley (AV) Hospital, a public hospital in the area, according to the mayor.

“En route to AV Hospital, he went into cardiac arrest, when he got to AV hospital they were able to revive him and keep him alive for about six hours,” Parris said. “But by the time he got there, it was too late.”

R.I.P. young man.

Don't ever tell me this is the greatest country on earth. :(

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 1 week ago

“He didn’t have insurance, so they didn't treat him” - are words that should sear themselves into the minds & hearts of anyone living anywhere, because they are not words that should be heard in any kind of civilized modern society & yet they're words that are all too often heard in the most powerful & richest nation in history .. which can project its raw power anywhere on earth & which now has a "Space Force" but can let a person die in the street like a dog! I tried to find out what the 17 year old kid was called and couldn't but the answers to why he died, can be found in the psychopathy of US' ruling class & the thrall in which they're held such that The 99%, vote against their own best interests! "R.I.P. young man" & NB:

Btw, I'm not sure what the supercilious twit below is talking about, with the first & only line of his twaddle that I read, as U've been "pushing for Medicare-for-All" - for as long as U've been here as far as I recall!

per aspera ad astra ...

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4108) 5 days ago

Who would comply with such a rule? There will always be rules written and designed by those without ethics. Why do we continue to comply with those rules? That's the real issue we need to address. If you are an EMT, Dr, nurse hospital manager - it's on your conscience and that life is on you in that moment. The universe doesn't care about the rule you had to follow. And neither should you. Always let your conscience be your guide. For me - I'm going to do the right thing and if enough people see me do the right thing - they will realize they can too. And then things change - they can't fire everyone. In the end we will answer for our actions even if it's just to ourselves.

So who is damning your soul? You. They made me do it - doesn't count.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

Who'd comply with evil rules?! Well ... Amazon worker Chris Smalls helped lead an Amazon walkout for lack of COVID19 compliance that put workers, customers and New York in danger. Today, Chris Smalls was shamefully fired by the wealthiest man in the world Jeff Bezos! Support The Amazon Strike! Sign:

Yes ''The universe doesn't care about the rule you had to follow. And neither should you. Always let your conscience be your guide'' & ''They made me do it - doesn't count.'' Well said. Solidarity to U and Mr. elf.

fiat justitia ruat caelum ...

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4108) 2 days ago

To turn around and get angry at employees for the company's own wrong-doing is called blaming the victims.

Let's hope the NY Attorney Gen. and labor department launches a full investigation. It took courage for Smalls to stand up to the richest man in the world - and it's going to take the courage of the rest of the workforce to realize change can't happen without solidarity. Companies who lie about Covid spreading in their facilities should be brought to justice. What part of most of the entire country is under self imposed quarantine to prevent the spread of deadly pandemic not just for themselves but to flatten the curve for all of society do these CEOs not get?

There are people dying and they are discovering a large volume of young people too - all dying alone in a hospital room with a plastic bubble over their heads drowning in their own lung fluid. And they are playing chess with employee lives and ultimately nurses and doctors lives too because they will be more at risk the more patients they treat. The whole point of quarantine could be defeated by a handful of irresponsible companies with large volumes of employees across the nation playing roulette and betting that it won't trace back to them if they throw a blanket over it all. So if Bezos and others want to selfishly spike infection rates so hospitals are inundated all at once - many more people will die due to lack of ventilators and beds and it will be their fault. Same going on at UPS also. It's not the boxes people need to worry about it's the workers - because there are a lot of them and if it spreads amongst them - it's a wild fire spreading amongst the people they live with, and on.

It seems like both UPS and Amazon have coordinated responses to the press. These CEO's are so classist they believe that their status gives their words more merit than a blue collar worker - actually more than many blue collar workers who are deeply concerned not just for infecting themselves but their families and the public. A worker asking for proper health protocols v a company hedging large quantities of money which counts employees as a liability and every penny spent is a penny they can't show to shareholders. Who has more reason to lie? A: The companies do - obviously. I don't blame these companies for the pandemic - and they did have fortunate luck that they are still in business - but I would expect that they would respect the seriousness of the situation and risk to employees. This situation gave them an opportunity to shine and show what American labor could do and what they could do for American labor. They took that opportunity and fumbled it with the eyes of a terrified nation looking on and turned their facilities into a survival horror show for employees.

To reiterate the point to turn around and get angry at and punish employees for the company's own wrong-doing is called blaming the victims.


Also putting your hands over your eyes and saying peek-a-boo I can't see you - doesn't make the virus go away. So unless Bezos has the mental capacity of a toddler - claiming ignorance is just screwy. And for men who seem to know all the nuances of every tax law in existence and how to work their way seamlessly through K-street and numbers and algorithms out the ass, claiming they can't possibly fathom that disregarding the CDC guidelines is going to kill people is pretty unbelievable. Which makes it a malicious and willful intent to harm.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

But alas "blaming the victims" is exactly what the Ayn Rand's ass kissing 0.01% Oligarchy & their 1% lackeys in M$M - do to gaslight & control The 99%! Thanx for your thought provoking reply. I encourage all who read & learn here (& there are far more of them than we who still post here realize) to read your post above.

NY's Gov.Cuomo has found his voice and perhaps informed by his Catholicism, he articulates the wider collectivism that is needed to overcome the COVID19 Crisis, which we are all now in. ''Rich or poor or powerful or not ... This Is The Great Leveller'' he said - and never a truer word was broadcast on US TV/radio. Take care & be well elf. Solidarity to U & yours. Also NB .. https://flumob.org/resources and fyi:

et spero meliora ...

(& hope for better)

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4108) 2 days ago

Back in the 60's some musician - Dillon maybe would be out in that parking lot staging some protest 6 feet apart - standing up for those workers and helping get their voices heard so it could make the news. Where are all these people now? Please someone in NY fire up a guitar - they need you!!

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

"What spectacular timing! Like a shot ricocheting at Heaven’s Door, as a virus pandemic rages & Planet Lockdown is the new normal, Bob Dylan has produced a stunning 17-minute masterpiece dissecting the November 22, 1963, assassination of JFK ...'' - from:

NB: ''If there’s any cultural artifact capable of sending a powerful jolt across a discombobulated America trying to come to grips with a dystopic Desolation Row, this is it .. the work of America’s undisputed, true Exceptionalist. The times, they are-a-changin’. Oh, yes, they are.''

respice; adspice; prospice ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23151) 2 days ago

Kudos to Chris Smalls. Staten Island Amazon worker, a hero in my world!

We need more Chris Smalls on this earth! Solidarity to him!

I just looked to see if there is a fundraiser to help him out. Don't see one yet, but I'll post it here if I find one.

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23151) 6 days ago

Teen remains unnamed but here is an article that describes what happened to him. We must learn from this, what his symptoms were and when so that this does not happen again.

He must not die in vein. R.I.P young man.


We need all COVID 19 costs to be covered by Medicare for all people who are uninsured, immediately.

This should never happen again. And, then, when this is all over, we need every American to be covered universally by a single payer plan, Medicare For All would work perfectly.

$4.5 trillion for corporate bailouts and $1 billion for ventilators - Is there even a question about this?

Apparently, in tonight's Coronavirus Press Conference it's been announced that the War Production Act is going to be enforced against GM to make the ventilators.

But really? $4.5 TRILLION to corporations who do nothing but suck our blood without a flinch. And, complain about $1 billion for ventilators that will save thousands of actual human lives? F-kd up priorites.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

''USA's Wave of Hospital Closures Left Us Ill-Equipped for COVID-19'', by Dr. Margaret Flowers:

Sadly, yes "really - $4.5 TRILLION to corporations who do nothing but suck our blood without a flinch (who) complain about $1 billion for ventilators, that'll save thousands of actual human lives? F-kd up'' Furthermore, at what point do Americans wake up to the real Class War being waged against them?!

fiat lux et fiat justitia ...

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23151) 2 days ago

Capitalism kills. Our disjointed, fragmented, for profit healthcare system is the main thing to blame for the rapid spread of COVID 19 and the difficulties we are having at flattening the curve.

From Flowers' Truthout:

"According to the Global Health Security Index, the United States ranks 175th out of 195 countries for access to health care. Italy ranks 74th and it is having problems with overcrowded hospitals and being forced to prioritize patients for intensive care based on their likelihood of surviving. Since 1975, while the U.S. population has risen from 216 million people to 331 million, the total number of hospital beds has declined from 1.5 million to 925,000."

The truth is, we have a very good health care system for a very few people but when looked at in the round, for the whole country, it's quite poorly and lacking.

Capitalism and neoliberalism are to blame and they kill and they are killing Americans right now with this pandemic.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 2 days ago

''Neoliberal Austerity and Private Health Care Has Worsened US Pandemic'' ...

from DemocracyNow!'s Amy Goodman - in conversation with Gregg Gonsalves is assistant professor in epidemiology of microbial diseases at Yale School of Public Health; Amy Kapczynski is professor of law at Yale Law School & a co-founder of he ''Law and Political Economy'' blog. They are co-directors of the Global Health Justice Partnership.

''Capitalism and Neoliberalism are to blame and they kill ... and they are killing Americans right now with this pandemic." Period.

ergo, fiat justitia!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 week ago

It's good that you've come to pushing for Medicare-for-all now. There are many different ways in which people can die of CP/C virus but not registered as such: hypoxia [hyp-low, ox-oxygen is acid maker], bacterial pneumonia[pneu-air, lung-related], sepsis, thrombosis, febrile[feverish] illness, cardiac[heart's] arrest[halt], cardiac fibrillation, cardiac arrythmia[a-non; thus heart's non-regular rhythm], emphysema, nephrotic[neph-kidney] failure, hepatic[liver] failure, etc. No one can die of CP/C viral infection if we simply don't test for it, right? The young kids who just stand still, frozen in place, and cover up their eyes to hide from the seeker trying to catch them usually get caught and become seekers themselves, subcontractors of the angel of death.

Politicians can play games with names and accounting to look good but I know that things are much worse than they let their populace know by distorting or downright censoring media, even arresting and locking up the leakers. How else can things get so far out of control? Wasn't it weird that the U.S. went all the way to Japan to evacuate our nationals on a cruise ship but blocked for quite a while another cruise ship from being docked near San Francisco, essentially a U.S. home port of its? Do you recall how long Red Fuckgina had blocked the other countries' medical-expert teams access to Woo=han ( Warrior-Health Orgasmic down-south Man: "no feeling, no feeling : stay on keeping your legs apart" as I-tally the Red Fuckgina's money ) to learn about the behavioral patterns of the novel[-new] corona[-crown]virus[-poison] to help their countries defend against the virus and diverted them to Beijing instead. Should one go to the Deep Whites' House pressroom in Pounding Laundry ( Washing Tons of man-has-thing post-coital bedsheets ) instead of Novel Amsterdam ( i.e. Jew Jerk ) to learn about the current CP/C viral attack behavioral patterns in New Wuhan?

I trust what the people on the front lines are saying as I learnt from observing ostrich that the so-called "burying its head into the ground" works very well indeed because sound waves travel several times faster through the ground than the air. We all should learn from the birds which couldn't fly--they may have other smarts in order to survive. I like Big Bird of Sesame Street--he, of course, couldn't fly but streak.

Rest assured, things will turn gloriously red for the H1B-fixed hitherto-blue-but-now-a-bit-purple "screen of death." "When we were at war [with the Communist Party over China { CP/C } retro-coronavirus 2019]."

[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23151) 1 week ago

Medicare For All is something I've been personally pushing for, for many years. Thanks for bringing it up, though, as an issue we should all be concerned with.

Here's Bernie Sanders policy page on Medicare For All:


And, how he'd pay for it:


COVID 19 makes it very clear how much it is harming our country right now that we have so many people without healthcare and without sick pay.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 5 days ago

Earlier than Jimmy Carter's debate with Ronald Reagan? The U.S. got nowhere for more than four decades already with the kleptocracy preying on people's fear of "Socialism." Without a universal human pandemic which afflicts the wealthy ones, too, the U.S. cannot make the mindspace leap that health is a social issue requiring a social not a financial ( the Retardican-straitjacketed in "East Hall" Uncle Tom's ) solution. I was astonished that there were outbreaks of Hepatitis A in Los Angeles. It's more common where people eat fecal-contaminated shellfish, such as from New England clam chowder or foods in restaurants without adequate sanitary facilities and conscientious-of-hygienic-practice food workers. Hmm, I wonder what the late U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy ate to get a liver infection? I doubt that any sane person would eat Los Angeles oysters raw, though. Oh yes, the angel of death comes again ! Erection has Con sequences.

We need focus and get this National Healthcare thing done ( including covering the homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles blessed with more hospitable weather so it's less harsh on the homeless people than Montana winter ). Be it Bernie, Orange-utan, Yusef Bidingtime, Chicken Doolittle, Big Bird, Duktator, no matter, anything can press that Big Red Button [while practicing Kung Flu].

I'm hopeful because the U.S. populace's attitude about smoking changed for the better, unlike some still s--thole countries ( where subpar-IQ people still roam ).

Yes, even a scorpion can walk on the clouds if persists on an arduous voyage. Climb up the ancestral granite lion's tail, pass by the Gibraltar monkeys of the British Crown, through Unicorn Ridge's forest, but up the spine of the granite lion to perch on its head and patiently wait. "When your ancestral stone lion cries blood, the Deluge'll arrive," and so will in-drift the rain cloud to wet the granite at your feet. The scorpion can take off flying from that runway with the help of the granite rocks freed by the midday gun, day after day. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom ... ! ! !

Nearly every country's citizen is rushing to make and wear a mask in solidarity with Hong Kongers.

Auf deutsch.

In English: "Win, Win, Win for Liberty" !

Free Hong Kong from Imperialism and Cannibalism or otherwise gamble ( i.e. by donning no mask/goggles/gloves/gown thus showing no solidarity with Hongkongers ). The Maniacal Artist ( whose signature is written into virtual-photon-fields'/electromagnetic energy levels everywhere in the universe ) can do far more to help: Hatch { when we'll be in a more upscale biowar }.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4108) 1 week ago

Small business bail outs is the easiest of Covid money to apply for - they don't have to prove they have Covid like workers do - they just have to prove their business was affected or closed. Meanwhile those same workers who worked for them - are being evicted. My husband sees people who are telling him these things every day. Their adult children who lost jobs were evicted and moving back home. And those with homes have to negotiate with their bank. THE BANKS AREN'T ANSWERING THE PHONES. So Congress gives the banks money to ease forclosures - and THEY. DON'T. PICK. UP. THE. PHONES.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4108) 1 week ago

Also raise your hand American ladies and gentlemen if you have ever suffered a tooth abscess because you don't have dental or it doesn't cover enough so you had to wait and save up and work demanding jobs in severe pain for weeks? Or how about all you pregnant women working right up til your due dates pushing a baby out which pretty much wrips you open and coming back to work with fresh vaginal/ perineal stitches or giant C-section wounds? And our pussy president and vp can't handle a q-tip swab up the nose? Are they kidding us?!!!!!