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Forum Post: Brexit

Posted 2 years ago on July 8, 2019, 9:05 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Scotland seems pretty adamant about staying with the EU. A potential fallout of Brexit may be the subsequent breakup of the UK with Scotland going independent with yet another referendum in order that it can negotiate with and rejoin the EU. The UK should consider the potential impact of Scottish independence sometime after a successful Brexit.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 11 months ago

Re. UK's "Brexit" from EU & loathe as I am to reply to your comments & forum posts here Mr.grapes, no one should pretend they understand the whys and wherefores of 'Brexshit' without at least watching this short 6m 36s video which imo - also explains the Trump v Corporate GOP Cons conundrum and conflict:

Btw, UK itself is an 'Economic Union' but ... Brexit'll probably mean the breakup of the 'United Kingdom'!

Merry Xmas All; Stay Safe & Well!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 11 months ago

Brexit finally being born contributes to the freedom of the people of the U.K. Happy New Year ! The potential consequences of the rather difficult birthing of Brexit start.

As I'd learnt that one couldn't leave home and still retain the benefits of being home, the U.K. should keep that in mind while forging ahead. "There's no place quite like home" but there's also no old home like a new and better home. Mom may buy you some "somewhere-over-the-rainbow"-shimmering-colored guppies to cheer you up.

Those were the days when I saw clearly some of the lunar maria, craters, and highlands marked on the plastic map I was awarded in "nature" [primary-school science] class. We were all living within the hazy blue fuzz on the orb.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 10 months ago

"Brexit: Capitalism's Civil War" an essential analysis:

Also helps explain tRUMP ascent in USA if U can get it!

btw - fk U, your gobbledegook & your Freedumb gripes!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 10 months ago

Brexit isn't clear what its advantages or disadvantages amount to. That's why it had such a difficult time getting born. The U.K. still has its former colonies to trade with but they are farther away ( and thus often costlier to trade with ) than continental Europe. The rich escapes EU's onerous regulations. The working stiffs block competitors for their jobs who come from the continent, especially "migrants."

Unlike the U.S., EU's birth as an economic union to take advantage of the U.S. protection during the Cold War meant that the U.K.'s military protective role in defending Europe had been under-appreciated. The reason why the states of the U.S. were far more united in our Union than the EU states, was because our states were fighting against the British Empire's capturing and forcing [neutral] American sailors to serve in the British Navy during the War of 1812 and there was NO powerful global seafaring power to counteract the British Empire. Napoleonic France was at the time a great continental power but it was no match for the British Navy at sea. There was no global seafaring SUPERpower engaging in a global saltwater Hot War fighting against the British Empire to save the formerly British colonial states of North America. It was up to them to band together as comrades at arms or lose.

If my Big Brother had forced me to join him in the improvised homemade weapons' and spring-loaded-knives' fight ( which the police swooped in and dispersed after having been tipped off ) between the neighborhoods, I would have balked, too, because I was, of course, too young and useless to bring with to a knife fight. Unlike Kim Jong-un or Dennis Rodman, I didn't play basketball which had started the dispute. I couldn't even pump a [shared-with-multiple-neighborhoods'-kids] swing higher by myself ( Newton's Third Law of Motion meant that I kept on moving my body on the swing but one part went forward while the opposite part went backwards; where, when, and in what direction to push were absolutely required for success; it's not at all about a force's magnitude in a positive feedback resonance loop; it's about the alignment of the directions of a number of possibly small vectors.)

fk U outlasts Trump U's florid descent; Freedumb still gripes; and the gobble de gook shall never die. " Let our flesh and blood become our new Great Wall ! " Highly transmissible germs are under little evolutionary pressure to become benign, as they won't die even if they should kill off their hosts quickly ( SARS_CoV-2, an RNA virus, has about 0.45 mutations per week according to the Discover Magazine article.)

If one hangs around with Rudy for long enough, one'll become bloodied Red with NYPD-approved hemorrhoids ( or Dead ? )

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 10 months ago

Re. Brexit .. despite your ever expanding bull-shit reply

U know nothing of it .. unless U'll watch this short video:

Watch it and learn or simply spew away from ignorance.

omnia causa fiunt!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 10 months ago

I've watched it several times but I don't get what you wanted me to see in it. It speaks the truth. The fight between different flavors of Capitalism is certainly transnational and existing in multiple great political economies: the U.S.A., Red China, U.K., etc.

Jack Ma and his business "properties," for example, have certainly been crimped by the supreme power of the Capitalist "Communist" Party of China.

Brexit benefits U.S. corporations selling bananas to the British people avoiding the high tariffs of the EU. I think that cheaper bananas are a good nutritious thing for the British people to eat. It's not like Europe itself given its high-latitude coldness can grow bananas en masse to feed its people. Look, I live in a high-latitude northern hemispheric area, too, so I don't mind buying bananas from Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, or Chilé ( in northern hemisphere's winter but southern hemisphere's summer for our out-of-season bananas.) Low or nonexistent tariff on imported bananas is good for me and supports the economies of these countries. Cheap bananas for Britons seem to be a good thing. More people buying products from these countries will help stabilize them better for their peoples. People migrate in desperation sometimes. Omnia causa fiunt !

Migration should be a last resort to improve one's life though because of the cultural shock and dislocations it can engender in oneself as well as the hosting country. In my old kindergarten, I was ranked second in the class. After my family's first migration/resettlement after I had been born ( there had been a number of other war-induced 金蟬脫殼 ones before my birth and also after the first migration/resettlement,) I was ranked last in the class, very depressing but I was shielded by my ignorance of where it had been reported so my ignorance thus innocence had its ass-protecting blessing from Mom, the education zealot ( my Big Brother did ask me what my class rank was { the topmost three were always announced to the class so everyone knew them as models to aspire to but the rest were not mentioned except for who "the most-improved one from the last time" was; these model ones were honored with awards during the school assembly; some class-specific awards were given in class rather than during the later whole-school assembly; being recognized as an akin-to-"seed"/stellar pupil was glorious and often socially prestigious } after my ominous and hilarious " stare-at-my-ass-and-plume, people ! " graduation ceremony but I was innocently clueless. It's important to do a near-actual dress rehearsal for the encounter before doing the real thing of the mission: visiting Pluto { and the somewhat impromptu Ultima Thule.} ) I was totally disoriented and absolutely bored in my very expensive kindergarten because they all spoke what I would call Gibberish. Mom wasted her hard-earned money to bore me "to death" -- absolutely idiotic but I don't blame Mom because of her good intention ( she's a vaccination fanatic and an education zealot despite her being nearly illiterate; she had a little bit of adult education so she could actually read a little bit of newspapers and understand { plus the sutras--she had obviously been somewhat trained religiously,} as well as sign her name on legal documents { claiming as being illiterate which was almost true, she simply marked a cross on my birth certificate as her signature but the official said that she obviously had some education judging by the appearance of the well-modulated curves of the cross she had made--she was so happy about it that she told me years later; in the patriarchy she had grown up in, she was relegated to the role of a [future uneducated] baby-maker.} ) Mom bought me guppies to raise to cheer me up.

Appropriateness is of paramount importance. My second kindergarten was inappropriate for me. In Hong Kong, what I called Gibberish was really British English so yes, if I could become fluent in it, it would certainly give me a leg up in the economy of the British Crown Colony. Polonius' advice to his son was something like: "Know thyself." Due to my experience with the expensive kindergarten, I became reluctant to push "obviously good things" ( such as British English "immersion" which felt more like a "drowning" than a "baptism" to me ) onto others. Speed doesn't kill; excessive acceleration hurts and kills. This is why so-called Communism { are the former imperial residences and palaces now opened to the people as Communal properties for them to visit and enjoy or are they being enjoyed by the new rulers of "Communism with pub[l]ic properties" ? } has failed worldwide starting with Stalinism practiced in the former Soviet Union and the same failure will surely engulf Red China, too, to be triggered by the retirement money of the West flowing through Hong Kong collapsing the "Special Accounting Region" of Red China ( why did it defend the fixed rate of exchange of HK$ to US$ during the "Asian [Financial] Flu" of 1998 ? Omnia causa fiunt ! ) Reading the comparisons between oxygen and phlogiston hypotheses for the theory of burning and rusting in my early primary school year was perfectly fine to me despite their being parts of a secondary school chemistry class subject because I was interested and could understand.

With Brexit, the U.K. has freed itself from the sell-democracy-and-freedom-out powers of continental Europe so that it can now indeed act unilaterally to defend Hong Kong from Red China's breaching of the de facto treaty, the Sino-British Joint Declaration, regarding Hong Kongers' democratic freedoms and Hong Kong's autonomy, immune from Red China's now-recurring incursions.

I tend to stick to a rule-based outlook on the world although I suppose that I am Christian, too, giving Mercy, Grace, etc. a chance. Rules are made aloof [and usually overly broad and overbearing in order to put the subjects into a defensive mode so that discretionary power can be exerted] but the heart beats close-by. God made fur clothes for Adam and Eve to replace their leafy ones even after their sinful rebellion. Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Thus with Eve's great pain in childbirth and being lorded over by her husband, Adam and Eve would have children, the gift of a form of eternal life from God, despite their sure deaths arising from their rebellion.

America is truly the Land of Opportunity where anyone can make it Big or Yuuge ! There was not only Ronald Reagan as Marty McFly told "Doc," Dr. Emmett Brown, in the movie "Back to the Future." There is also Donald Trump { Trump 2025-2045 ? } about whom was asked these two questions by 2018 PRINT magazine's article about the April 1988 issue of Spy magazine on Trump: " Is America really a country where anybody—even an empty suit—can make it big? Or is this just some cosmic comedy? " Absolutely. You bet, 'tis !

"we’re not young ladies going to a ball" we're just old men looking for a pall.

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 10 months ago

That U saw 'It Was True', is enough!

The rest of it^ I didn't read of course!

multum in parvo ...

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Guam in relation to the U.S. has a number of similar problems as the U.K. does in relation to the E.U. Mutual learning between Guam and the U.K. about how each other deals with the problems can be beneficial. Guam is relatively close to Hong Kong should the U.S. Military needs to get involved on the far side of 西美盐湖 (the West American Salt Lake. It's inadvisable for anyone to storm Area 51. There are good reasons [for both national and international security] why it needs to be guarded against prying eyes. Exercising clairvoyance, anyone well-versed in the [unclassified] news could have figured them out. What does a dried lakebed offer?) The U.S. has tens of thousands up to a hundred thousand of nationals in Hong Kong to protect, evacuate, or be given the means to defend themselves. Other countries' military forces should get involved, too, for their nationals. Being a global superpower second only to the U.S. in its ability to project power worldwide (isn't it great that the U.S. and the U.K. are now allies? we're not coming to burn 10 Downing Street to get even,) the U.K. needs to assert and enforce what its agreement with Red China says. Red China has already broken the agreement a few times such as rigging the executive's election process with only Beijing-approved candidates.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2514) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 years ago

Remember the lost jobs! Invade China!!!

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Brexit was here!

UN has a Fuckgina problem, obviously. Our mega-teapee is a godsend. Peppering U.S. bases around Red China with intermediate-range missiles will help stabilize the geopolitical imbalance of power presented by the emergence of the regional hegemon determined to drive the U.S. out from the western Pacific despite the U.S. having rescued it several times before from being carved up among the colonial powers. 养虎为患, 斩草除根。 Building up the U.S. allies' military forces to intervene in Red China in case of a diplomatic breakdown is important. Be prepared, "He who hesitates is lost." It's time to form a Western Pacific Treaty Organization to hold back against the onslaught of Red China. It's not just a "Niggaro" te-a-pee-pee strategy from the Whites' Haus which had to be vented for the king for months before its being re-occupied.

Unfortunately, with our mega-teapee mouthing off, the U.S. wouldn't catch much of the wealth squirting out from Hong Kong soon in an exodus. Canada and Australia are likely beneficiaries because they may accept the born-in-Hong-Kong-under-British-rule immigrants explicitly barred from the U.K. which is of course, as Pootin will surely and gleefully agree, just a few islands off of the coast of continental Europe, so it's easy to view the U.K. as an elderly living-alone babushka. My Mom's trepidation upon discovering my secret micro-submarine base for launching Operation Neighborhood Microvampires made her do "the proper things - annexing her cistern and de facto adopting her as our family's Grandma" with our neighborhood "babushka" who later helped our family a lot (twice preventing us from becoming homeless or burnt { it's the reason why we feared neighborhood smokers; } she was our family's "socioeconomic catapult") "in God's mysterious ways." Forget about piling in to live in the "babushka's" little hut next to the bamboo forest and the patch of chrysanthemums by the mountain stream with her cistern (later ours but not mine { likely of Mom's doing, lest I should wield again suckpower worse than Fugushimas } as I was too small to be her water boy!) set to a side of its only door. For the U.K, Whites are preferred! Our mega-teapee prefers the same for the U.S. It's not surprising why Germany was rather muted in its hometown reactions after our 2016 election and wouldn't take him back.

The émigrés from Hong Kong will not only be just the "skilled so-called genius-visa" immigrants occupying jobs. They will be "wealthy" immigrants who have capital and can create jobs (a bit like the post-1949-Revolution Hong Kong's phenomenal growth with much talent flushed out from Red China.) Hong Kong's real estate prices may drop while those of overseas targets of emigration from Hong Kong may rise.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

Hong Kong alone by itself cannot be an independent state because it depends on the province of Guangdong for much of its water and/or food. However, Beijing has already alienated many provinces with its heavy-handed seizure of power from local control so it's fairly conceivable that Red China may easily break up into pieces. In which case, Hong Kong will probably do quite well being the most important part (aside from Shenzhen if the U.S. hasn't already bombed it to smithereens for the defense for our nationals there from terrorists, IP or otherwise; there are many U.K. nationals there for the U.K. to protect but the U.K. would rather suck up to the red-dish asshole than protect its nationals; it's why the U.S. needs to lease a military base from Hong Kong for a period sufficient to train Hongkongers to become commandos to rescue the foreign nationals in the future should the need arise; Hong Kong is also close to the submarine base supporting the cockiness of the PLA on immovable aircraft carriers and so-called "civilian fishting [cyberspying guerilla] boats" against US aircraft carrier strike force there) of a new and wealthiest country split from Red China, maybe called 广东国 (the Guangdongkuo.) Another option is for Hong Kong to ally with the U.S. and become a city-state somewhat like Singapore (or a similarly small-scale but wealthy globally aware Qatar { location! location! location! natural gas resource->artificial liquefied natural gas resource in one of the hottest places around, powerful nearing-to-war neighbors making the U.S. Military interested in stationing there to keep peace and thereby the world's economy afloat, connections such as highways, harbors, or airfields to trading and security partners } which knew how to seize "windfall/roadkill" opportunities) with the U.S. assuring the freedom of navigation necessary.

Allying with Taiwan can also be helpful because Taiwan has a strong and ready military force very close by and will certainly empathize with the plight of Hong Kong. Taiwan is slated to follow the footsteps of Hong Kong to go back to integrate with Red China so how it goes with Hong Kong is of intimate concerns to all Taiwanese. However, Taiwan may well fear being militarily invaded by Red China if it should ally with Hong Kong. Ultimately, Hongkongers must look for help from the U.K. (remember the cross of St. George the dragonslayer's? "Celebrated on April 23") because it not only is the second most powerful global superpower but it also has the standing agreement with Red China to enforce.

The U.S. definitely has a case for intervening to protect its numerous nationals in Hong Kong but not an excellent case for "invading China." Possessing the most powerful military force in the world ever {Thanks to our king's long, diligent, incessant, devoted, and dedicated study of the globally revered DPRK classic "Il-Sun's peacekeeping thoughts" which had seized total control of Pootin and Shi as well, the other totalitarian deputies of our king's super-secret triad, the Amero-Eurasian Union,} the U.S. is a powerful grunting bull. Getting a bull into a china shop? Hmm...

Maybe after the U.K. has taken the initiative, it can invite the U.S. to help "stabilize" Hong Kong, a bit like how Russia kept on saying that the Russian forces are legitimately bombing, maiming, and killing in Syria because Assad had invited them in. How did the Iranians get to Syria and Lebanon? At the invitation of Russia, it's "subcontracting," duh! Then the U.S. will have to take over more Chinese provinces such as Guangdong because they will be needed for the stabilization of Hong Kong. The U.S. must bomb the terrorists who attack the U.S. nationals in Red China. Subcontracting to Japan makes sense due to its proximity and historical record of its competent administration of Chinese and Korean territories which gave rise to the industrial might of North Korea. While drawing with his pencil and having made a "mistake," the British kindergartner said, "Give me a rubber." His Japanese classmate replied, "We don't have it -- we are not racist. We go raw with our comfort women. Is it tea time yet?" Their even worldlier American buddy said, "Give him a eraser! You've watched too much hentai, kid. You can't go to the powwow in the 屌撚 teapee. It's reserved for the blood-orange adulterers." I remember my Big Brother asking me to clean the bathtub with ammonia after my bath verifying my Dad's claim of having running hot water in our new home in the U.S. Ammonia works with chlorine bleach better than pee and chlorine bleach in producing nauseous fume made of heavier-than-air toxic chlorine gas. Fire extinguishers were designed for mixing two substances and dispensing the result.

The U.K. might have "thrown a pearl to a sow." Maybe it should have been thrown to a real-estate Mongoloid Trumpanzee developing the tallest hotel in the happiest country in the World. The aroma of a roasted suckling ¿pig? is pleasing to the Lord, so I have read in the Holy Bible. Hmm, are suckling pigs kosher? Hey, Jude!

Although not being kosher, red-colored roasted-pork buns taste great. Red is for witness tampering with the rusty scent of blood so "the volunteer" climbed into the barrel of the cannon to stuff it up to make the buns when it was fired.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 2 years ago

A UK broken up over the economic benefits of a Brexit whose benefits will accrue primarily to England will probably lessen its sway and influence in international affairs. The EU is already troubled by some of its eastern-flank countries' turning towards authoritarianism. We all in the Free World need the UK to be a bulwark for freedom worldwide, especially in nearby continental Europe should the idiots from Eurasia decide to launch a military attack on what they believe to be weakened Western countries. "We dare not tempt them with weakness."

Our descendants, if any, shall NEVER be slaves.