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Forum Post: * LEGIT OWS POST = BEST OF OWS: What are your favorite posts, who are your favorite posters?

Posted 8 years ago on Dec. 30, 2011, 11:10 p.m. EST by BlueRose (1437)
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I would like to call attention to legitimate posts, not this spam stuff on here lately. Please feel free to give me the link to posts and answers you find particularly meaningful, as this site is hard to navigate now with all the spam. Also, if you do post, maybe start with "* LEGIT OWS POST =" or something so we can see it better through all the garbage. And DON'T BUMP SPAM threads, no matter how many times Thrasymaque or NewEnglandPatriot tell you to do it "for your own good". They WANT the spam posts and nazi troll posts to obscure legit posts.

This is what it's like here: The Prisoner - Number 6 Speech ( I, I, I)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnQYtbbsJzM The spam needs to stop.

Notice how my comments just got thumbs downed within five minutes, Thrasymaque's suddenly went up 5 thumbs. And now the spam posts are starting up again, hmm...



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[-] 9 points by JadedCitizen (4277) 8 years ago

This is getting out of hand. Where are the moderators?

[-] 10 points by jimmycrackerson (940) from Blackfoot, ID 8 years ago

I agree with freedom of speech, but what's going on here is fucking ridiculous. Motherfuckers think they can disable pro-occupy sites with a bunch of spam bots...No, all they're going to do is encourage and incite activists to fight even harder for revolution. PEOPLE have freedom of speech...but robots can kiss my ass.

[-] 5 points by JadedCitizen (4277) 8 years ago

You bet it will incite the 99%. This is the latest proof of how the motherfuckers operate, NO ETHICS OR MORALS to speak of. They can't handle real competition. Bunch of pussies!!!!

[-] 4 points by skittleskattle (10) from New York, NY 8 years ago

rulezforradicalz7 might have freedom of speech, But I also have the freedom the trace his ip, track him down and whoop his miserable little ass.

[-] 3 points by JadedCitizen (4277) 8 years ago

I bet you could whip that pussy with one hand tied behind your back!

[-] 4 points by GirlFriday (17435) 8 years ago

Yep. And the great thing is that this has an opposite effect. So, they don't win ANYTHING.

[-] -3 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

It might be great, but I would like it to stop. We should work together towards this goal. It's time to shed our differences and work as a team. BlueRose is not helping by trying to divide us.

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 8 years ago

I would too. I learned the limitations of email function yesterday.

That division was already happening last month. Endless threads of faux whining on censorship. Endless threads of Paul, endless threads of bullshit. I tried to tell you before they were trolling. You didn't want to hear it. You wanted proof. I told you then and I am telling you now, you just need to know how the game is played.

Here we are, Thrasy, fighting the very same trolls that we had before.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I don't remember you telling me this. If you did, I'm sorry I didn't listen. Iv'e tried my best to slay the idiots around here, but some sneak through the cracks. I'm only one man with one machine.

What's your take on this thread: http://occupywallst.org/forum/black-helicopters-up-your-ass-in-america/

Should I deface it?

[-] 0 points by GirlFriday (17435) 8 years ago

Comic relief this early. Absolutely.

[-] 1 points by DYLANDIRT (44) 8 years ago


[-] 1 points by nachosrulz (63) from Eureka, CA 8 years ago

i hope it dosent come to a hard revolution that would be a war we cant win..

[-] 3 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

This is what it's like here: The Prisoner - Number 6 Speech ( I, I, I)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnQYtbbsJzM The spam needs to stop.

[-] 2 points by GypsyKing (8708) 8 years ago

That is the twenty four dollar question! I think we need to pressure the NGA to either get this forum in hand, or to create an official OWS forum!

[-] 0 points by Muppetmaster (62) 8 years ago

How can you have something official with a leaderless movement?

[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8708) 8 years ago

Maybe we could call out the muppets, and have Kermit make it official.

[-] 0 points by Muppetmaster (62) 8 years ago

Everyone knows that Kermit is the defacto leader of the muppets. He has a difficult job and he has made it clear that it is not easy "being green." He did do a fine job of directing the talent on "The Muppet Show." Anyway, the point is that he is a leader.

[-] 0 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 8 years ago

I've lost the link - but the OWSNY put out a statement to the effect that the operators of this forum were a separate entity.

It may be that OWSNY has found reason to distance themselves from this forum for some reason, and it is possible that the original moderators have followed suit.

I know when I first signed up there were several links to psych surveys - presumably affiliated with one of the NYC colleges.

[-] 5 points by GirlFriday (17435) 8 years ago

I have several posters that I like.

It just occurred to me, it has gotten particularly nasty here for the last few days................deadline perhaps?

I say, screw their deadline and lets keep going.

[-] 3 points by GypsyKing (8708) 8 years ago

We need our own OFFICIAL forum!!!!

[-] -2 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I'm not sure how that would help. It would only be attacked like this one which is essentially the official site. What is needed is moderation and coding to stop the spam.

Why and how do you think it would help to have another forum?

[-] 2 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

They won't hire you, no matter how much you deface this forum.

[-] -2 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I don't want to be hired by anybody. I already have a job. I'm offering to volunteer my time. What are you doing to help? Trying to divide people who want to help is not positive in any way shape or form. It would be nice if you understood this before it's too late.

[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8708) 8 years ago

My brilliant friend, Thrasymaque; You have been my most avid correspondemt. I thank you for that honor, because, for whatever else I may say, you are a very brilliant man.

Is it that you are embittered? We are all embittered by this life. Is that you see this existance as the end? Is it that you simply want to destroy all hope, out of a deep disenchantment with being? We all, or at least those of us who have expierenced this life, feel this way. Do you wantt those that hope to be deprived of hope? Do you feel power in disilluioning people?

I'm just curious, because some of us who have seen the light know that this earthly existance is trasitory, that our embitteredness and disillusionment are transitory. I know this, I have seen the light. You are a serious, intelligent man. This is not a game to you, so let go. It is the ties to this earthly struggle that bind us. You could be an asset for the transformation of the material world towards the divine. You have read Plato, why do you hold back?

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I'm not embittered in the least. I care about this forum, and that's why I want to help. It's not because I disagree with some of the goals and tactics of OWS or the conspiracy theorists that I don't think serious discussion is important. This forum was a great place to discuss the many problems affecting America and other countries. I think it's crucial to discuss such problems. That's why I'm here, and that's why I want to help stop this spam attack.

Holding back? In what way?

I'm still wondering about your suggestion. How would it help to start a new forum? Wouldn't it just be attacked like this one? I think we should try to solve the problem by working with jart to add some code in the hope of curbing all this spam. You don't think that's a good idea?

[-] 1 points by GypsyKing (8708) 8 years ago

You are very quick with the keyboard. It doesn't leave much time for self-reflection. I'm glad you can dismiss questions like the meaning of life and the eternity of the soul so bruskly. I means I no longer have to take you even remotely seriously.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I don't know where your questions came from. They don't apply to me because I am not bitter in the least. You have the wrong assumptions about me. I'm quite happy in life. Very happy actually. I spend my days doing what I love, and have never had to work full time. I read, write, do music, and program. Every day. I love it.

Now, can you answer my question? You know, the one you avoided? In what way do you think a new forum could help? I'm curious because you might have a good idea. It would be nice if you shared it with us instead of creating distractions to get away from the important spam issue.

[-] 2 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

The Prisoner - Number 6 Speech ( I, I, I)


[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Please stop spamming.

[-] 0 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

Oh in no way is it spam, it directly relates to how you trolls want to shut this forum down.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Calling the people trying to help trolls is spamming, divisive, and harmful.

[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

It's getting weirder:

[-] Thrasymaque 1 points 1 minute ago

It soon will. I'm almost finished programming a few scripts that will permit me to control the forum and wipe out the spam and conspiracy theories. I would have liked to work in tandem with the moderators, but they don't seem to be around, so I'm taking things into my own hands. I'll be alerting all users before I do. I would like a vote on the question of whether I should or shouldn't intervene with my scripts. I'll post about it later today. ↥like ↧dislike reply permalink

[-] 0 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

Thrasymaque did say he was going to comment and bump spam posts, and then quickly delete his comment, he has done this to my post here several times now, I have gotten notice he comments, then comment is gone. I see this happening, coincidentally now, with the other spam posts. They will have a couple comments, and then POOF! Comment gone! Yet the spam remains bumped. Thrasy is begging to be a moderator here, he is pushing a particular solution to this spam problem, I would advise against his suggestions..

[-] -1 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 8 years ago

I think you are the one spamming, seeing you are the only one considering any solution to be a threat to some other conspiracy; you probably sit here and monitor the spammer trolls, and pretend to make comments on a few threads . You are their supervisor, simply here to make sure they are effective...

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

"Thrasymaque did say he was going to comment and bump spam posts"

Stop lying. You are here to divide the movement.

[-] 0 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 8 years ago

Did you run the script again? I see things look better.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Ya, I just got up, took a coffee, and ran the clearing script.

[-] 0 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 8 years ago

It is working quite well, we must be on a similar wavelength, I just made a cup myself...weird.....you and I have too many co-incidences; I refreshed and all the spam got pushed down to the bottom of the forum list, it is helping...

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Great. I'm going to work on another coding project today, but I'll run the script once in while if the forum gets infested again.

[-] 0 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 8 years ago

Thx for the help, since the new conspiracy is BlueRose and ows-something or other think I am talking to myself.....I haven't laughed this much in a long time....

[-] 0 points by NewEnglandPatriot (916) from Dartmouth, MA 8 years ago

Hey yep and as Blue says I am Thrasymaque, another easter egg. I like being a conspiracy theory...Now anti-spam products , this is preposterous.

Whatever she says must be so


[-] 0 points by jomojo (562) 8 years ago

Edit the post. Waste your time here.

[-] -1 points by turak (-812) 8 years ago

Favorite post to bluerose by turak:

"So you don't need friends?

you need a good hard kick up your ass"

[+] -4 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

You fail to understand that NewEnglandPatriot and I are trying to help. For your information, I personally never bumped a single spam thread. NewEnglandPatriot does, but only once to deface and mark them. Check those threads, and you'll see they are mostly being bumped up by the spammers themselves. NewEnglandPatriot is only marking them so they can be deleted by the moderators with a quick database check. He succeeded in identifying some of those spammers and of stopping them momentarily yesterday. He's not here right now and the spam is still around. Unless we work together to stop it, the spam will remain. If you really care about this forum, you should congratulate and thank him, not insult him with assumptions because you don't understand how he is helping.

You should not bump those threads. He has said so himself. If you do look at them, just up vote his defacement and move on. If you want to help by defacing the posts, please talk to NewEnglandPatriot so he can tell you how to do it in an effective way. Done correctly, it helps a lot. If you don't understand how, don't bump them please.

[-] 3 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

I just watched your thumbs up go to five in less than five minutes, my answers go down five thumbs. You should be banned.

[-] 0 points by ShubeLMorgan2 (1088) from New York, NY 8 years ago

Blue Rose, this is formerly alouis. I think it's a good idea to wipe out the spam if the moderators cannot or will not do so. I am not a Thrasymaue fan by any means but if he and NEP are working to zap the spam, well that's good and should be encouraged. other battles can be fought at other times or places.

[-] -3 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I'm doing this because you are hurting this site by trying to divide those who want to help with your lies and assumptions. Your sunk post below was just another spam.

We must work together, not against each other. Stop hurting this site. Please. Try doing something positive for a change. Trying to start bickering does not help.

[-] 0 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

Thrasymaque and Blue Rose. You two seem to have some history and enmity, and are talking past each other. If both of you are trying to help, perhaps PMing each other instead of fighting publicly on this forum might be better.

I understand, Thrasymaque, that you are trying to help. But BlueRose has a point, too. If you manipulate the "like" and "dislike" buttons, you are not being helpful, but manipulative. Your views on spamming and trying to get some code to stop it are correct, but any perception of your positive intentions are undermined by what is seen as underhanded behavior on your part. Manipulation of any kind is more divisive than anything BlueRose - or anyone else - might have to say, as it leads to nothing other than suspicion and resentment.

I write this not to hurt you, but to help, and hope you take my words in the positive spirit with which they are intended.

[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

"You two" stance does not help. I have gotten confession from him and NEP, for when someone does clean up this site and cares to hold persons accountable, they may use the fact that he illegally redirects traffic. He had ADMITTED this. If this site does nothing, I shall be moving on, as I have doubts as to whether this entire forum actually supports OWS, something people at this point should question. In regards to "fighting publicly," I am answering on MY post, for those who care to know TRUTH and be WARNED of what is going on. I am NOT constantly bumping dozens of spam posts under the guise of "helping". You must not realize he is telling people to bump spam posts over and over again, I have had to gently tell people this is asinine, as I will tell you.

"You two" may work to silence your kids, not me.

[-] 0 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

""You two" may work to silence your kids, not me."

Yet both of you seem to be acting like kids to whit: "I am answering on MY post". Who cares? If you want the divisiveness to stop, why continue to contribute to it? You won't control him, he won't control you. It's a lose/lose for the both of you, and it does nothing other than leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth who visits here. If nothing else, be the bigger person.

I have the same thing to say to Thrasymaque, and will reply to his post next.

I'm NOT taking sides. There's plenty of negativity to go around. And you BOTH have valid points, too.

Your arguing with me about this is only using me as a foil to further vent at your nemesis.

Nevertheless, I will no longer involve myself in your feud, nor get in the middle between you two.

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Can you show where I ask people to bump these spam posts? If you care for the truth, you'll notice I actually ask for the opposite. I'm starting to think your goal is to help the spammers. Prove me wrong by stopping this divisive attack of yours. Don't make assumptions, provide evidence for your claims. Like to a permalink where I ask people to bump spam. You can't, because I never did.

Read my comment below. You don't agree?


[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

We need to take care of the BlueRose problem before taking care of spammers. He's trying to ruin the reputation of those trying to help. I'm posting in his thread, so it's not much of a problem.

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Thanks. It was a joke. For fun. I did it twice or thrice. If this bothers OWS protesters so much that they don't want me to help by volunteering to code for this website, then so be it. It says more about OWS protesters than me in my opinion. These guys are drowning in their own conspiracy theories. It's quite laughable actually. This site is going down the gutter. Fast. Unless people rally together to help.

[-] 1 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

Sorry, that's no excuse. It's still a manipulation. You claim to want to help, but in the very post I'm responding to, you make sure to insult OWS protesters. If you really want people to rally together as you claim, insults and forum tricks and manipulations are not the way to do it.

Why don't you just stop? And even apologize, with sincerity, instead of rationalizing adolescent "fun" that clearly ruffed a whole lot of feathers. Some jokes are destructive; a refusal to acknowledge that says more about you than it does about OWS protesters.

As I said to BlueRose, I am NOT taking sides, since both of you are both right and wrong, if not equally, then close enough. I have no wish to get entangled in childish swiping, the kind that exists on so many other fora around the net. That's not why I come to these fora.

I come to see if I can help the movement in some small way realize some positive change in the world. And so do many others. But when they see this nonsensical back and forth - nothing more than a battle of personalities rather than discussion of political/economic ideas and proposals for action - they don't see a movement, but a room full of children. And then they leave.

At any rate, as I told BlueRose, I will no longer get between you two. Work it out or not. But know that both of you are doing harm to this movement if you don't.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago


This is my next defacement. It proposes the idea that US has black helicopters which are nothing more than lifeforms created with nanotechnology. It's a great laugh! You should read the posting before I thrash it and implement some fake like/dislike links in there.

These guys are killing this website and OWS and you don't even realize it. It's sad.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

In all honesty, I think my attack on conspiracy theorists is required and helps OWS. It's important to prone logical thought and slay illogical fantasies built on mountains of assumptions. I feel no shame or remorse when I attack conspiracy theorists with all the methods I can come up with. As far as I am concerned, they are harming OWS. I will continue to slay those who contravene forum rule #2 unless this rule changes or I am slain first. But first, I'm taking a short break to slay the spammers. I'll be back to harass the conspiracy theorists once this bigger issue gets solved.

[-] 2 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

Just remember, you can listen to conspiracy theorists, or you can listen to a corrupted organization that has proven to be massive liars over the last X amount of years.

This is why I at least humor the theory people. They arent basing their opinions of of press releases.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago


To deface or not? Do you believe in helicopter shaped lifeforms? Great way for OWS to end 2011 no?

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

They aren't helping. They just confuse the issues more with their wild assumptions and idiotic ramblings. I prefer to listen to what the government is saying and to use the scientific method and serious research to weed out the lies from the truth.

Be my guest. Read about Reptilian Overlords, Truthe babblings, the Illuminati, the New World Order, ... That's fine. I don't enjoy polluting my brain with such nonsense, but, if you like it, please indulge. There are many sites for this type of talk. Go on one of these. You'll be able to discuss Hollow Earth theories to your heart's content. I hear that's where the Reptilian Overlords are hiding. Maybe you can figure out who they are.

If you're going to do some detective work with your conspiracy theorist friends, you'll need a pipe, a monocle, and a nice blazer so you can look like a little MatLock. However, don't use a cane. That will make you look like Mr. Peanut. He's another problem altogether.

Whatever you do, don't discuss this crap here. That would contravene the forum's rule #2, and I would simply thrash your posting. Use a site made for this type of discussion.

And, remember, a claim is not necessarily true simply because it doesn't come from an official press release. It's not because you heard about Reptilian Overlords from your zit covered teenage friend rather than the New-York times that Reptilian Overlords exist. Evidence is important.

[-] 2 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

I wasnt exactly talking about the wild ones, just ones like 9/11 and WMD and Iran Contra/Mena Airport/BillClinton, etc.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 8 years ago

Who's to say what's "wild" and what's not? That's a matter of opinion. If the topic is on a conspiracy website, I think it's safe to say it is a conspiracy theory.


[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Those you mention are also wild. They all work in the same way. Weird science. Remember that movie?

[-] 2 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

Everyone thought vietnam was a bunch of crap, and it turned out is was, due to certain info leaking out.

Who knowsn what was up with Iran/Contra, but that seems to be a pretty messy situation.

And after you look into those two, I think you have to at least humor the idea that the administration may have known about 9/11 before it happened. Im saying they did it, because they are usually just puppets for the behind the scenes guys (need to know basis).

Or the gov testing shit on guatemaulan girls, like trying out different stuff on them, killing them- that just leaked out last year. Pretty shady stuff.

But, who knows.

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

"And after you look into those two, I think you have to at least humor the idea that the administration may have known about 9/11 before it happened. Im saying they did it, because they are usually just puppets for the behind the scenes guys (need to know basis)."

This is an example of flawed logic and illustrates the problem with conspiracy theorists quite nicely. Thanks for the example. What you're doing here is called an appeal to motive logical fallacy. You have no proof at all, yet you still share this idea. Truthers have been "researching" their theories for ten years and they have nothing to show for it. Why? Because they don't know how to do research. They throw around assumptions like you are doing here, then they try to make those assumptions magically fit together in some nicely packaged theory. It's illogical, unscientific, and it doesn't lead to the truth. It's garbage thinking and needs to be eradicated.

Where's that Reptilian Overlord when you really need him. I'd like him to eat all the conspiracy theorists on this site. During their sleep so they don't feel any pain (I'm a nice guy).

[-] 1 points by Listof40 (233) 8 years ago

This is getting out of hand, I'm not sure what is occurring with the bots and whatnot but maybe a little clarification could be helpful here....

If people do not respond to the bot posts, won't they just sink? If not, are the bots responding to their own posts, or are people who are trolling bumping them? A little confusing...

If the bots or people trolling are bumping the spam, then it does make sense why someone would try to mark these, but it also would then bump these, so it may seem like it temporarily boosts the bad posts...

Changes to the like buttons could be an issue, but I don't want to go into this too much... If people come on the forum, and initially respond to some of these posts with the like buttons and are somehow re-directed, we should avoid this... In that case it is important to not try do this and move forward, them others dont have to be concerned with this...

It is also important to move forward... We can all understand that the situation with the different spam posting, bots, or whatever...it is a problem, and we can understand that someone may try different tactics to stop the spam, etc...

It is important to be on the same page... Like and dislike adjustments should now be avoided, even if we can see concerns with this... However, we should not be accusing each other of trolling if is only a educated guess... people can do things that we don't agree with, but we can get on the same page, too... it is just a choice...

It's not always easy but if we can approach our reactions with clear points, this can help us move in a positive way forward...

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 8 years ago

Well what proof do we have for anything? How do we even know these guys in 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia? They could have all been Russians for all we know...

Im just saying we really dont know anything for sure. The only thing we have to go on is what the press releases say. I personally dont get lied to by the same person before I start to disbelieve him. I treat our gov the same way.

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Well what proof do we have for anything? How do we even know these guys in 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia? They could have all been Russians for all we know..."

They could have been Reptilian Overlords from the planet Zaracustava, or tiny Mexican midgets almost completely hidden with large sombreros screwing donkeys in back alleys from the porn movie Little Dorks Doing Donkeys. Does that mean it's logical and productive to talk about all these possibilities, about all these assumptions. The answer is a resounding no.

For your information, this is a variation on the logical fallacy called: God of the Gaps. When scientific knowledge is missing some bring in God to explain the gap. Conspiracy theorists bring it nonsensical claims to explain gaps in knowledge. If you can't explain something with solid information gained from solid research, it's better to shut up then to start talking about Reptilian Overlords. It's not a requirement that all the gaps in knowledge be filled at all costs. The cost of logical is too big. It's better to leave the gaps alone until we can patch them properly.

[-] 2 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

Look, Thrasymaque, your participation in the "Socialism" thread was intelligent, well thought out, and level headed.

This other stuff is just crap.

Yes, conspiracy nuts are annoying. So what? Trolls are annoying. Bad grammar is annoying. Concentrate on the real stuff. And don't give them more fodder by manipulating "like" and "dislike" buttons, or redirecting to other sites. Dong so is no better than spamming: the ends do not justify the means. Let me repeat that: the ends do not justify the means.

Alert mods to spammers. Leave it to them to deal with. If they don't listen go to the admins.

In the meantime, apologize for the manipulations you engaged in and move on. Look at the bigger picture: the ideas, the ideas, the ideas. Not this petty nonsense. You are not St. Michael: no one has charged you with the role of dragon slayer. There is a certain arrogance that's shown by your self appointment to that role. It is clearly creating a reaction. And harassing anyone or any group only creates a tone of harassment, while solving nothing. That tone brings this site down to the very level you want to rescue it from. It makes people - not spammers, not conspiracy nuts, but visitors - take one look at these internecine wars and leave.

I don't think you want that any more than I do.

As I said, your contributions when involved in real discussions are substantial. I, for one, appreciate them. Focus on that. The rest of this crap is just that: crap. And destructive crap to boot.

That's my two cents. I have no control over you, and you will do what you want regardless of what I say. But please, step back and breath. Focus on what really matters. Your positive contributions are too important for you to be spending your time mud wrestling. Mine is not an argument, but an appeal.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

It's a question of priorities. I think it's more important to slay the illogical ramblings of conspiracy theorists than to try to be nice and welcoming to them. I truly believe this type of illogical thought is one of the worst problems in America today. Logic is nearly absent. Nobody knows about the scientific method anymore. It's almost uncool to be a thinker.

By defacing theirs posts and providing them with a few easter eggs here and there, they get angry and show their true colors. This helps weed out the idiots on these boards.

BlueRose went nuts because I posted fake like and dislike links in 3 comments over a period of 2 months. He can't get over this easter egg. It's eating up inside. This is good. He gets angry and shows his true colors. It's obvious he's not a thinker and should be ignored. It's a way of weeding out the bad apples from the movement.

I'm sure you don't agree. That's fine. I think we should all strive to do what we believe in. OWS is occupying parks to share their message with the world because they really believe in that message. They are heard. I occupy the threads of conspiracy theorists because I want to share my message to OWS: that they are nut jobs and should be ignored if serious discussion is wanted. I'm being heard. It works. Some have left because of me. This is great.

You should also do what you believe in. If you think I'm a troll, you should report me to the moderators to have me banned. Follow your heart and do what you think is good for the movement. In the end, truth will prevail.

I'm curious. Did you even see what Mr. Rosy is talking about? Can you link to one of the messages where I created fake like and dislike links? Or, are you just talking in the wind without really knowing what he's referring to and simply accepting what all the conspiracy theorists are telling you at face value? I'm just curious.

[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

Why suddenly are spam posts popping up again, as soon as you are back on here?

[-] -2 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

I have nothing to do with this spam. Stop making lame conspiracy theorist type assumptions. Your divisive attitude is hurting the forum and all its users. I want to help. NewEnglandPatriot wants to help. You should too. This infighting needs to stop or else the forum will die in a flood of spam.

[-] 0 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

I was a victim of your spam, a redirect to a supposed porn site, as I have explained to others before and will again to new people, you make fake dislike buttons, then respond as another person, after THAT is the end of your post with the actual dislike button. Every time you will deny what you do here, I will clarify for others.

[-] -1 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

This was an easter egg. I did it twice or thrice. It was a joke for the conspiracy theorists. There was no porn at all, only in your fantasy. Get over it and stop crying like a little baby.

What I do here is transparent. I have always been honest about everything.

We need to work together to stop this vicious and organized spam attack. Stop trying to divid the troops. You're not helping, only making it worse.

[-] 1 points by BlueRose (1437) 8 years ago

You are illegally redirecting traffic from this site.

[-] 0 points by Thrasymaque (-2138) 8 years ago

Whatever! It would help if you stopped crying like a 12 year old little girl and helped me and NewEnglandPatriot resolve this spam issue instead of being divisive. Soon, you won't have a forum to troll if you keep going on like this.

[-] 0 points by ShubeLMorgan2 (1088) from New York, NY 8 years ago

I happen to agree with you here. And you have known me as alouis, a handle I have abandoned. Not because I much like you but if you and NEWENGLANDPATRIOT are really trying to eradicate the spam posts I salute you both. We can have our own scrap at another time and place.