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Forum Post: "Tearing Down the System" - Official OWS Consensus on Why We're ALL HERE?

Posted 2 years ago on Jan. 29, 2012, 3:02 a.m. EST by owsleader2038 (-10)
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Out of this place for a few months and now returning its seems odd that all the old trolls are gone - ok that's good.

But now its largely republican apologists, I think that good liberals have fled, 99% of the people on this forum today are apologist's for the status-quo USA police state, not surprising, given OWS has only two missions. 1.) Re-Elect Obama 2012 2.) Grow the Prison Unions

The goal here was always that the system had to be torn down and destroyed, nothing good can come from a rotten corpse of a country.

The OWS was largely co-opted back in October 2011, by Team Re-Elect Obama-2012, ... but you can see by what's going on in Oakland that troops in the street are NOT following the marching orders of the NYC GA of OWS.

Nobody uses this forum for anything useful. Just saying.

But it is interesting from time to time to remind people that our SYSTEM is not worth saving that it is rotten to the core that both the DEM & PUG party's and all their sock-puppets and talking heads must go.

Post US Dollar collapse we can only hope that an old tired prison colony can re-invent itself.

Yes you don't need to tear down the system, because it will implode, in only a few years nations, like China, Russia, Iran, ... will simply require GOLD in exchange for OIL, once the USA cannot buy OIL with US Dollars ( worthless paper ) the entire PONZI we call the US police state will collapse over night, its coming and quick.

I think Oakland is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Blood must flow to awaken the parasitic TV watching nation. While the folks in NYC fear the cold weather, such a thing doesn't exist out West, so the Revolution out west is a 365/24/7 revolution, not a panzy ass re-elect obama-2012, hibernate til spring when your needed revolution.

Doesn't play well for the CANVAS CREW ( google canvas know your OWS leadership ) team re-elect obama-2012 to be associated with violence.

But pray-tell the USA is the most evil homicidal maniac prison colony in human history, a mercenary army that brings bombs and destruction to the world, there still lie more bombs in Laos that were used in all of WWII.

It doesn't play well but like JFK assassination its all about "chickens coming home to roost", the folks out in Oakland have long lived in a mod