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Forum Post: Is this being manufactured? Cheating Republicans!

Posted 5 years ago on Aug. 20, 2012, 12:18 p.m. EST by VQkag2 (16478)
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Ohio Secretary of State Removes Democratic Members of Election Board for Supporting Weekend Voting Sunday, 19 August 2012 09:17 By Judd Legum, ThinkProgress

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted immediately suspended two Democrats on a county election board after they voted to allow weekend voting.

Earlier, Husted issued a directive canceling weekend voting statewide. In 2008, Ohio offered early voting on the weekends and thousands of voters cast their ballot during that time.

Husted issued an ultimatum to Dennis Lieberman and Tom Ritchie Sr., members of the Montgomery County Eleciton Board, to withdraw their resolution to maintain weekend hours or face suspension. The Dayton Daily News has more:

But in their afternoon meeting, Lieberman, an attorney and former county Democratic Party chair, refused to withdraw his motion, arguing both that his motion did not violate the directive, and that it was best for local voters. He acknowledged that the move could cost him his BOE job.

“I believe that this is so critical to our freedom in America, and to individual rights to vote, that I am doing what I think is right, and I cannot vote to rescind this motion,” Lieberman said. “In 10 years, I’ve never received a threat that if I don’t do what they want me to do, I could be fired. I find this reprehensible.”

The Obama campaign has filed a law suit in federal court to restore weekend voting. Originally published on ThinkProgress



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[-] 5 points by VQkag2 (16478) 5 years ago

R's must cheat 2 win


[-] 4 points by VQkag2 (16478) 5 years ago

"They must beaten about the head and neck"

[-] 2 points by richardkentgates (3269) 5 years ago

Agree. This is unacceptable. point^

[-] 6 points by VQkag2 (16478) 5 years ago

Wow an agreement. I'll watch for lightening! upvote 4 U