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Forum Post: In a few paragraphs, tell us about your best fight against the police

Posted 2 years ago on June 13, 2012, 3:43 a.m. EST by anarkos (-7)
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What's the best fight you had against the police? How did it start? How did it end? How many participated? Would you do it again? What did you learn? Any tips?

My best cop fight happened at one of the first OWS protests in NYC. I was walking near the back with some of my friends when the cops closed in behind us. Then, a few cops came from the sides and cut our way to the front. We were boxed in. They started sandwiching us. We found a small alley and quickly ran inside. There we climbed the fire escapes, and as the cops came in the alley, we threw some rocks and firecrackers from the top. They made their way inside the alley, then suddenly a whole bunch of other protesters came in the street. They saw what we were doing and started throwing rocks at the cops from the street. The cops were boxed in! They finally fled the alley to the other street, and we came down and rejoined the main protest.



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