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Forum Post: If you are over 40 years old. P L E A S E DON'T try to FIX ANYTHING! Haven't you screwed up our future enough?

Posted 1 year ago on May 10, 2013, 7:27 p.m. EST by Jason91 (-30)
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Anybody over the age of 40, P L E A S E keep your ideas to yourself and stay the hell off this forum. Where were all your great ideas years ago? Who cares about your useless old Reagan and Clinton anecdotes? That's ancient history! Your generation is an epic failure. Let us young people map OUR own future. You screwed the world up and now all the sudden you have all the solutions? Your track record speaks for itself. Stop trying to "FIX" things for us, before it's too late.



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[-] 13 points by NotMyWI (17) 1 year ago

I'm over 40, over 50 as a matter of fact, and many of my over 40 and over 50 friends occupied Freedom Plaza in DC