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Posted 4 years ago on March 7, 2014, 8:41 a.m. EST by Durvasa (-4) from Davie, FL
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There is an element embedded deep in our society that actively repudiates peace. To adopt peace into our world would be to draw two or more opposing groups into one. The reason we do not consider peace is obvious and rests upon a simple paradigm of power. In the beginning it was realized that cooperation within our species led to many revelations. Hasatan immediately sought out to force cooperation. The establishment of a market capable of satiating the masses was needed. Work needed to be done. Not the kind of work where you obey a master, the kind of work where you obey yourself. It’s called thinking. They thought about the ultimate magnification of uncertainty (a situation where it would be virtually impossible for two opposing sides to become one). They created religion; a void of limitless psychic capital that very plainly relies on an innate human impulse or archetype. Everything in nature evolves, this includes our understanding of ‘god’ (religion) and the cosmos. It’s time we stop working so hard for an outdated system- I think it’s time for us to stop and think. There is no greater power than your imagination and you are wasting it as you search for little pieces of green paper. I found out a long time ago that they throw green paper at you so you stop thinking. They’ve created a whole system around this scheme and most have bought it hook line and sinker. NeuroPsychologically speaking- upon your arrival to this plane through your mothers cunt you are met with ravenous mighty lions who are biologically and now ideologically programmed to think that they special or better than others. It is when we see true power and beauty rise up out of the ghetto that we truly understand what is going on in this world. The babies are fed to the lions and in turn grow up to be lions themselves. The system was put in place to think for you, you don’t have to do anything but obey. However there will always be those of us who actually don’t mind putting in a little extra work and think



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