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We are the 99 percent


The dysfunction and dystopia plaguing our society arises from the complacency and desensitization to gender, race, economic, cultural and political inequality. Affect, cognition, motivation and group behaviors have been manipulated to create organizational behavior that revolves around the exploitation of our attributes, expectations, needs and rewards. Group behaviors have become self-reinforcing structures that promote in-group favoritism while simultaneously creating and “punishing” dissidents. The wicked soirée under the guise of truth and impede global congruence with socio-cultural relics who’s limitations are not fit for the modern evolving man. Propaganda and torture techniques are being used by the establishment as methods of brainwashing or mind control and were originally erected through proximity or subliminal persuasion.

Edward Bernays is considered to be the “father of public relations” and argued for the conscious and intellectual control of public opinion as a vital part of a civilized world. Unseen men are to recommend our ideas, they pre-cast our minds and mold our tastes, supposedly for the benefit of a functioning society. This is not a functioning society. Beyond the corrupt enclave we call country endures a world of men aching to steal, rape and murder what little light we have left. What lies beyond the walls, death anxiety and terror management act as basic high functioning mechanisms used for the art of public manipulation. In spite of his achievements, the legacy of Edward Bernays survives as a tribute to his uncle Sigmund Freud. It was Freud who taught Bernays about the libido, repression and powers of the human unconscious. Bernay’s employed his uncles’ theories on our unwitting public with tremendous success and made a lot of money doing so. Corporate elites, big businesses and governments across the world immediately began to manipulate the masses with their own inherently irrational and desire-driven behaviors. The emotional and psychic energy related with our instinctual biological drives was to be used in unison with propaganda for economic benefit, social control and the establishment of a mass production society. Bernay’s felt that the extensive manipulation of the masses was not only a tool of business but an approach toward the satiation of dangerous animal urges that threaten civil society. The orwellian dystopia afflicting our world today is proof that our societal elites are just as animalistic as our peasants.

Why am I dying to live if I’m just living to die. The contradiction is only magnified by the pointless hellscape of neo-liberalistic corruption and delusions that dictate the course of my surroundings. I try to exist in a universe outside that conventional wisdom, outside the environment that has molded me into what I am. But when I see that DNA is the organic compilation of ‘previous surroundings’ or ‘sensory perceptions’, it becomes evident that human beings are transcribers of ‘sensual experiences’ and manipulate their descendants via psychophysiological vestiges. How do I shed these physical conduits of behavior; desires, impulses and inclinations of which I had no hand, they keep me trapped in a vortex of suffering and happiness. It was not apparent from an early age that the world was steered by the psychic hegemony of vexatious men; the complacent are just as sinister and embrace their masters’ delusions as their own.

The wisdom of crowds is difficult to oppose but if there is any hope of reconciliation then it must rest within the self. Organized religion has forcibly ushered mankind into the 21st century under an externalization of God and the denial or “discipline” of an individuals’ conscious identity. My parents sent me to school in order to obtain a career that brings me bountiful joy and prosperity. However at its core, this world does not run on currency like dollars, pounds and yen. Power is our currency and it assumes the form of love, desires, dreams, jealousy, hate, fear and everything in between.

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