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Forum Post: How to make the Occupy Wall Street movement really non-violent

Posted 10 years ago on Oct. 6, 2011, 2:22 p.m. EST by stevenlldgv (5)
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Dear courageous people in Wall Street and all over the world.

Since a couple of weeks, I follow with great interest the online news, youtube movies etc. I posted on sites of Belgian newspapers and even wrote to them to ask why there were ignoring all this amazing news.

You`ve got my support.

I`m not there, I live in Belgium, so I have only access to the internet to get know more about all your collective activities.

Ive been and Im still a big admirer of Ghandi. And it fills my heart with joy that this Occupy Wall Street is non-violent.

But to be really honest with you, I do believe it`s non-violent only upon a certain level. Yes, there are no fights and you do not behave yourself as being physical aggressive to the environment and the police.

But I sense and see on the youtube movies a lot of inner violence like frustration, unhappiness, anger and pointing with the finger to the greedy banks and government.

I see a lot of people screeming to the NYPD: SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. Have you never done something in your life for which you were ashamed of? I`m sure I did.

At the same time it makes sense: the 1 % is immensely greedy, egoistic and manipulates all the world for their own purposes.

But, have you, yourself, never been greedy, even once in your life? For example not shared candies with your other friends when you were in school? Have you never done something wrong, just for your own sake? Have you never been, on any level of you life, even a little bit egoistic?

Please understand me, Im not here to start a discussion, or to accuse anyone from anything. Im just sharing my feelings about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. When I`m honest with myself, I too have felt and sensed a lot of anger pointed towards the ill-management of governments, big companies and the greedy banks.

So at the same time, I`m writing these words for myself.

I believe, in my heart, that it`s time to even leave all the inner frustrations behind (me too need still to do some inner work here), and to even hold our so-called most worse enemies in our heart, and to send to love, compassion and forgiveness.

I believe that, if we all can shift our minds towards our hearts, really, in full compassion and love for those 1%, only then the real New World will emerge.



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[-] 1 points by stevenlldgv (5) 10 years ago

Thanks for the comments. My way of non-violent action is through music! http://www.stevenvrancken.com/Eng/index.html

[-] 1 points by Tocqueville (4) from Brooklyn, NY 10 years ago

I agree, our attitude and methods and goals should truly reflect our ideals.

This is why I think we need positive proposals, rather than demanding "punishment" of one group or another:


[-] 1 points by noahtron (48) from Montreal, QC 10 years ago

agreed. empathy and compassion - and forgiveness - is the only way to win on our terms.

[-] 1 points by Forrest (17) from Dubai, Dubai 10 years ago


[-] 1 points by meep (233) 10 years ago