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Forum Post: How many Occupiers believe there's a difference in Parties Get Real

Posted 8 years ago on March 1, 2012, 10:58 a.m. EST by corralled (23)
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[-] 3 points by Puzzlin (2898) 8 years ago

Aren't all humans pretty much the same. Really! The DNA is 99.99% the same.

Why do we bother with such distinctions. We were born on this earth out in the Universe in the middle of God's knows what being slowly sucked into a black hole at the center of our galaxy after the sun obliterates our blue planet.

Yeah, let's get real, really!!!

[-] -2 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

Save the Whales

Ban money from Politics

we are the 99%

All the above are slogans designed for idiots.

The USA since day-one is RULE BY INTEREST, Hamiltonian Democracy, ... $1 one vote.

To suggest that you can remove money from US Democracy shows that your a god damn fucking idiot ( 99% of humanity )

The US is money and ALL politicians were designed to be bought&paid for from day, ... witness golden-boy obama whose shit you eat 24-7, he is ONLY president cuz the bankers you claim to hate funded his election.

You would NOT have OREO-OBMAMA if it were not for money.

But you go on about money, OWS would NOT exist if it were not for SOROS&CIA money. Fact.

Money is the blood of politics. This is an established fact from Poly-sci 101, for anyone to suggest otherwise only shows they're a pathetic idiot or a liar, .

[-] 2 points by Puzzlin (2898) 8 years ago

What kind Oreos do you eat?

Why would that be like eating shit?, do you eat it? why would I?

[-] 0 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

OREO Obama

is Goldman-Sachs white on the inside, and fake-black on the outside

Obama took more money from goldman-sachs than republicans and jesse jackson said "Obama aint black"

[-] 1 points by Puzzlin (2898) 8 years ago

You get out much?

[-] 2 points by GypsyKing (8708) 8 years ago

Translation . . . "Please, please, don't vote Democrat so we can own your ass and stick a billy club right up it, while we're at it."

Don't get corralled.

[-] 2 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

The Republicans are 97% corrupt, the Democrats 75% corrupt. It's a matter of degree. But I'll still go for the less corrupt at election time.

(Then there's the difference in the kinds of judges they appoint. In that area, and perhaps that area alone, there really is a difference. It is not inconsequential.)

[-] -1 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

Obama got more money from Goldman Sachs than any Puglican, ... I wish for a moment one of you god damn shit eating DNC whores would admit that while the rePuglicans are assholes the Democrats are bigger assholes and bigger parasites on the system.

Like the OP suggests here BOTH party's eat shit, and feed shit to their lemmings.

But the ONLY thing that OWS ever say's is 'the other guy sucks more',... but is that really true?

We're told we're here to oppose the 1%, but the 1% is our golden-boy he was put into power by GoldmanSachs, and this Website and OWS itself was paid for by Soros the richest investment banker in the world.

So what the fuck gives?

Talk about corruption for what?

The PUG's while assholes tend to tell the truth, but the fucking Democrats lie through their teeth every fucking time, cuz they're pathetic liars.

You'll NEVER see one tell the truth, they hate the truth like this forum, anybody that tells the truth gets 'shadow banned'.

EPA1NTER is a perfect example of an OWS golden-boy where they maintain a list of the shit-eaters that NEVER get banned, and just go on everyday about how the DEM is best cuz its only 75% corrupt, ... but I think we have plenty of evidence that OBAMA is 100% corrupt and so is OWS.

[-] 2 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

So if you believe OWS is 100% corrupt, Why are your on its site?

Hand to dick masturbation not enough for you anymore?

[-] 0 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

I hate god damn fucking hypocrites,

Thus I come here to call you out.

I too at first had hope that OWS was something special, but realized from day-one here that "99%" was code for OWS-CONSENSUS, aka mind-fucking.

I come back here to speak my mind about this BULLSHIT co-intelpro gig that OWS is playing on the innocent people who actually care.

[-] 1 points by epa1nter (4650) from Rutherford, NJ 8 years ago

So you think that your trolling here will effectively disband OWS? Your deluded grandiosity is masturbatory.

So, go fuck yourself. But please, do so in the privacy of your own home.

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33802) from Coon Rapids, MN 8 years ago

You must not look into the mirror. Or do you use that time to flog yourself?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

All apparently true, but there are some deeper understandings that make solution all easier. The corruption of the elite exists for a reason, like they do. Many factions over time, oral histories, families, clans, competing.


[-] 2 points by SmeggitySpooge (78) 8 years ago

They all know the people's government is no longer by and for the people.

They all condone and assure it proliferates and NONE speak of giving the government back to it's people.

[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 8 years ago

ya whats wrong with people, they only live once, and they only care about money. they sure are going to regret it.

[-] 1 points by JPB950 (2254) 8 years ago

Differences in who they pander to, but in their actions, I agree not very much at all. They are all concerned with reelection more than any party platform or promise.

[-] -2 points by nweiner (-9) 8 years ago

We have ONLY ONE GOAL, its a short-term GOAL re-elect Obama 2012, fuck the future, ... we only think about this election year, next year we can mind-fuck the little people with some other bogey-man,...

Essentially your right, but the reality is as follows.

1.) Soros paid for CANVAS years ago, a bunch of servers to cause unrest around the world. The CIA used this software to bring about all the 'arab springs', CANVAS while paid for by Soros is owned and ran by Kalle Lasn of Vancouver, Canada. ( Owner of this website 'occupywallst.org' )

2.) Kalle Lasn decided to use the software in the USA, and he called it 'Occupy Wall Street', the goal was an 'arab spring' in the CIA, and of course had it been ran by the CIA from USA it would be illegal, but under the law as long as it was offshored, ... its all good.

3.) Yes, the OWS only exists to PROTECT-OBAMA, it has NO other purpose.

4.) Worst of all is that OWS was co-opted from day-one by Van Jones and SEIU, and now completely taken over by the public education and prison unions. Modern USA education is prison for children, and then later they're warehoused in permanent prisons.

Welcome to the CIA's "Arab Spring" for the USA.

Ran from the white house? Sort of true. Paid for by Goldman Sachs? Absolutely true.

Numb Nuts? Hair-lip single digit IQ ameriKKKan's are god's chosen people for the coming slaughter.