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Forum Post: How Are The Georgia Guidestones Connected To Politics today?

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 25, 2011, 1:03 a.m. EST by sovaye (259)
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No-one knows how the Georgia Guidestones got there, but they are clearly political and meant for us to use as a template for better living in our society. Can anyone tell me their interpretation?



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[-] 2 points by shadz66 (19985) 8 years ago

Thesis #X re. 'Georgia Guidestones' = Quasi-Masonic, Mumbo-Jumbo for a Nation built on 'Q-M, M-J' !!!

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Are you just practicing mumbo-jumbo or is it a spelling issue? Maybe you are referring to the "circumnambulations".


[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

sovaye wrote: Interesting! This, I'm sure, happens with the elite mind control programmers as well. Matching persons within their secret society with certain character traits or personalities for their particular role in the New World Order, which would be exponentially more successful.

Absolutely. When people are matched in their roles to their nature they are much more consistent. In fact I don't think much can be done with some one who had not been selected for a specific role, particularly if it involves extremes.

sovaye wrote: I'm curious about your take on the Zeitgeist movement. The literal translation of the word is time (Zeit) spirit (geist), but in its more contemporary use, it is associated with a German meaning, "Intellectual and cultural climate of an era". The Guidestones seem to project this sentiment. Again, a very Aryan resonance. I know that many German war criminals fled to North America after WWII. There's some evidence that suggests that Hitler was a Rothschild. Lately I've been feeling like the German's never lost the war, they just had to move.

Time spirit is an "oral history" and obviously the author has one, as well as the product of a vision quest. His level of compulsion shows it. There is similarities to the Guidestones in the message. Of course that message is basically fairly logical just to keep the environment intact so it will support human life.
It is all about how sustainability is attained. Either humanity has what it takes to recognize its unconscious existence and consciously seek to control it effectively or a destructive force suppresses the mass of humanity which cannot control itself.

The "Thule" society obviously has its own oral histories and they include techniques of oppression that we saw hitler use. It is true, the nazis did not loose the war. They evolved into infiltrations of other governments. Part went into the Russian government and some others went to the USA. Certainly there are scraps of their agenda and oral history around the globe. Critically the issue of mind control that the nazi mind control doctors researched and perhaps perfected, is what humanity must oppose.

It is quite clear that the church of rome has worked to remove human awareness of the unconscious, while nazis were exploiting it. They were friendly and respected each other.

sovaye wrote: Then, on the other hand, is Zionism. Here too is a group that operated in secret for a long time until recently. Not to be confused with regular Jews, lots of good everyday Jews out there. Zionists, I believe, are a breed unto themselves. These bloodlines are ferociously protected from within their Secret Societies.

Good perceptions there, and yes, there are many different types of Jewish people. The best fit with the rest of humanity struggling in fairness and concern for their species. Their oral histories are vast in time and have considerable variety. History says there were 12 tribes. This leaves lots of room for everything we have in our world. Here is an interesting fact. There is a sect of Judaisim called "Ashkenaz" note the "naz". It turns out that "naz" is specifically a German Jew. The "Ashkenaz" appear to be an exceptionally open and positive group with a positive history. We know the word "nazi" is presented by history as an acronym, but it could also be something else. There could also be a division that is dark and destructive between the naz faction and others. An unconscious infiltration that combines the deep historical resolve of the standard Jewish oral history with something darker from the forests of Northern Europe. Even further north and older, the "thule".

The Rabbinical oral histories include reference to a 2012 type action where the planet flips, "When the sun is in the sky and goes to the north, the end is near. When it rises in the west, the end is here." A very old people surviving would remember such an event if they could.

Critically the important thing is the deep trance basis and what creates the depth of resolve. Is it fear, or is it love, or might it be understanding?

sovaye wrote: Secret Societies are riddled with abusive behavior, but there is much information that suggests the worst kinds of debauchery and ritual are practiced within this particular group. This behavior of course, creates a certain level of callousness, which speaks directly to how Zionism has managed to grow unfettered to the ugly monster it is today.

As fear increases in the world, secrecy follows. An ancient oral history exclusive to whatever people, will control them in their tribal activity. Oral histories create a tribal or clan relationship automatically. Another reason that sentient beings now must demand that an adequate understanding of the human unconscious be developed immediately. Mental health care issues in the states mandate it as well as many other aspects, and we will learn of one that is critical in particular, maintaining a constitutional government.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

"Oral histories create a tribal or clan relationship automatically." This makes Secret Societies almost....natural, family like, and have been around then since the beginning of humans, and dare I say, in animals before that. It is instinctual to want to be accepted as a part of a family. It gives comfort, and so, being called upon to be in a secret society is, at least in the beginning, an acceptance akin to nurturing which is what most people desire. It is easy to see then, how easily someone with bad intentions uses this psychological framework to trap followers into their clutches. Like in cults.

Follow that then by abuse, torture, threats, bribes, promises of careers and obscene amounts of money, and voila, a group of narcissists, bent on taking over the world, with the mentality of having the divine right to make 'godlike' decisions on unsuspecting citizens.

I agree. Constitutional Government is at a critical juncture. Its difficult when you see the headlines in the last few days. Scary laws are being passed through that any normal human being can see, are whacked. It is obvious that the level of governmental collusion is at an all time high in the U.S. and global governments right now.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, a social structure with a good deal of prejudice for your clan and watchful of others trespass. Competition. Not a very evolved social structure but a solid one once clans respect each other with a social contract be it conscious or unconscious.

The followers are hierarchically lower that fellow clans and for the use of the clans generally most often. People inducted as children with somnambulism then tended to through their adolescent and brought into "deals" where the society pays off right away. Years later expects the agreed performance for payback. This can be very difficult, even extreme when secret societies using fear are acting.

Not sure that the term "narcissists" fits uniformly. The presence of an oral history provides a perspective that others have a hard time appreciating so a description of exactly what is seen that is objectionable or disturbing about that kind of power/position is not something we'll be able to define easily. There is a prosecutorial arrogance with the darker factions, a sociopathic structure of justification with an assumed hereditary right to impose . . , whatever in order to have a consistency with the oral history which is mostly not conscious as such.

The people who won the lost war which the Magna Carta was the treaty that ended the war, are the one that gained the ability to make such magnificent contracts as the constitution. The losers printed history so the winners are left out. Kind of a reversal from what we are used to.

Collusion is obviously a tightly sequenced agenda of intermeshing, recipricol oral histories of infiltration with tentacle like associations in the branches of government. Or is it Hydra?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Like how you left that tentacle dangling. Ok, so what is Hydra. This term is new to me.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Many secret branches can exist when memory control is used and none will be aware of the other.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

The myth.


The image, a snake with many heads. Indicating a many pronged intelligence driven with reptilian instincts. Sound familiar?


[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Alright, ya got me!

Interesting turn on topics. It kinda leads me to the next topic I wanted to talk about. The connection between Freemasonry and the occult.

I wanted to delve a little deeper into Freemasonry, seeing as there is more and more information coming out about who is a Freemason and their practices.

Ideally, if OWS protestors could find out who of our elected officials are Freemasons, they would have a much greater understanding of the connections between them, their agenda and consequently how we ended up in this mess. Exposure of these people and their agenda would expedite truth and awareness. Who of the citizens would do the elite's bidding if they knew how horribly they were being manipulated by their own government? Every police officer and military personel would put down their guns. It would be game over for the NWO. So easy...yet so difficult.

For Freemasons, it is a lifetime endeavor to acheive the goal of the New World Order, and they are sworn to secretly protect that agenda and each other no matter what else happens. Most people also don't know that the bloodline connections of the Elite elected officials are much closer than anyone would suspect. There are many websites that expose which officials are Freemasons and how they manage to keep administration after administration "all in the family" so to speak. I think people would be furious if they knew that the same family bloodlines have been ruling supreme for a millenia. I've added a most interesting link that makes the connections. The Bush/Clinton crime syndicate is of particular importance in understanding historical but recent distortions of authority that have contributed to our situation today.

The ritualistic nature of Freemasonry is shocking, but the world needs to know about this if there is any hope of our citizens ever breaking free of their own cognitive barriers, so that they can break the cycle of manipulations that have caused unwitting mass public collusion with these crazy Ruling Elite oligarchs.


[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

It's important to remember that not all Freemasons are involved with the nwo. It is not a Masonic plan per se. The nwo is more the nazi connection which infiltrated aspects of Masonry in the US and instigated a deep nwo agenda in the US government with infiltration. Completely different mind control operation.

Occult means occluded, blocked or covered, the unconscious qualifies. There are many animalistic practices that invoke genes that are of great antiquity inside of us. Occult would mean more of an unconditional abandon to the ancient animalistic genes than other uses of the unconscious. Phylogenetic DNA has more twists and turns than that which makes our physical bodies and it cannot be seen easily.

There is a certain amount of info on past presidents and others which is quite solid.

But the rank and file elite that are in congress, wall street corporations, banks etc. are the real actors. The figure heads just sign the documents with the pretense that what they are doing is making all the actors roles legal. It doesn't.

Basically Masonry uses forms of auto hypnosis that exploit the childhood induction to somnambulism and post hypnotic, general, conditional instruction. During the coaching sessions later, the initiatiate learns "circumnambulations" which when chanted cause a methodical deepening of the trance. Each degree of Masonry is a deeper trance state than the one below it.

The rituals relate to the levels and some of the meanings in the "circumnambulations" and different bloodlines respond differently to the instintual invokations performed with the symbols presented.

Very basically, the methods use in Masonry promote the secrecy whereas ancient shamanistic techniques simply guide the trance towards deeper states and the unconscious aspects are a default secrecy.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Interesting! I've seen evidence of "circumnambulations" within OWS, but they were kind of creepy trance-like chants and amateurish. Used properly though, circumnambulations could be of tremendously positive use for the higher good of humanity. Particularly on a personal level.

It is interesting how powerful language is. This last week has seen some disturbing political decisions that have radically taken away our freedom of speech.

That may make it difficult to do what I think is one of the two things that I feel should be done simultaneously and are absolutely necessary to ousting these horrible rulers that call themselves our leaders. One being EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE the individuals responsible, by name. Not the corporations, but the actual owners...which are the "Ruling Elite". The second being, using the constitution, or what's left of it to bring them down. We HAVE to hang on to our freedom of speech.

This makes me revisit a solution I have seen on this site by a poster with a solution to both of my hopes. On the links he included (I'll include below), he speaks of using "The Greater Meaning Of Free Speech". which predates the Declaration Of Independence. I see it as a great way to bring greater understanding, which is the vehicle we need as a people to undo the damage that has been done to the people's minds through the manipulations of language over the last 100 years. How can we use this "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech" to get into the minds of OWS? I'm inclined to make a post focusing on just this topic....What do you think?


[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Here is what I've learned in a little searching and reading. My first search with the terms, "The Greater Meaning Of Free Speech" came up with this.


Which talks about revising the first amendment. Apparently principles in the Declaration of Independence were plagerized from an earlier set of values to be included in the new republic that was forming. Good reasoning with a state legislative position and policy for invokation of the revised first amendment, but beyond most folks realization of how important free speech is. Then from a link at the bottom of that page I found another to a page about strategy. This is must be the kind of thing you are referring to when you say this,

"is the vehicle we need as a people to undo the damage that has been done to the people's minds through the manipulations of language over the last 100 years."

Which mother or father in this nation will ignore or pass up the real opportunity to assure their child will grow into a nation that holds high and honors understanding that can create; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness?

I'm going to have to read more of this. Anyone with children might have deep interest in something that can serve to bring the truth to politics through mass media. This might be the kind of thing that can dissolve barriers between Americans and make common ground much easier to define and hold.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Yes, the NWO has done much to keep people divided. In reading that link, I have to agree. We need to get back to a fundamental place of nurture. Almost like starting over, if you will, and there's no place better to start than with children.

When you say ~ "Which mother or father in this nation will ignore or pass up the real opportunity to assure their child will grow into a nation that holds high and honors understanding that can create; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness?~ It speaks to the very core of a woman's/parent's deep desire to give their child the tools by which to live a content life.

My heart aches when I realize how far we've allowed the primitive instinctual teaching of our children to be misdirected. As intentionally undermined by the Ruling Elite as its been, we still need to take some responsibility for this.

Aside from needing to do something on the Constitutional side, we also must live up to our own potential as humans/parents apart from the political arena. This will guarantee the leaders of the future will lead from nurturing values.

I know, that all parents, if they closed their eyes in quiet thought, would agree that these fundamental building blocks of a humane and thoughtful society is what they wish for their children and the only way we must move forward if the human race is going to survive. Cooperation is the way to build communites, and these principles, when learned from childhood, are the stepping stones by which to do so. I don't know of any normal human being who could refute this.

This focusing on the core teaching, gives us a kind of strength that is action for our own well-being as opposed to re-action to a government that is trying to bury these instincts. It places the point of power back with us and leaves the tyrants powerless to do anything about it.

I wonder how we can present this fundamental need to OWS and the rest of humanity in such a way to get people to pay attention and get results. Not only that, but how can we get this language into the Constitution? Why not overlap the emotional part of humanity into policy? It seems to me, a natural healing part of what we need as mothers and fathers and most of all, as children to evolve from here.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes media has exploited all the wrong instincts to create better consumers. That is the kind of compulsions the unconscious powers of collusion are forming. The field of semiotics working In TV, films and video games. Leaving generations without communication skills based in meeting needs.

Living up to the human part is going to take courage. Western humanity has seen so much of what I describe above that it really needs to regroup so the proposals for a revision of the first amendment deserve examination by anyone thinking they are serious about working for change. Logically, the site and concept of defining how speech is shown to be really worthy of public support, seems to convey methods to correct the environment that amendments might be approved by states. Excellent aspect Democracy doesn't work without good info and fair voting systems.

Yes, if OWS could see how deprived Americans are of functional means to share what they need to be involved with self governance, and what that does to children. Yes, that would be great.

I like how is is all based in understanding, which by the way has a great deal to do with the unconscious mind. Un der standing. Un = unconscious, DER = of, STANDING = conscious. Harmony between instincts and cognitive appraisal.

Children really do very well if they are helped to understand things. Imagine how awesome it would be have schools teaching that through understanding; forgiveness can be created, then tolerence inspired, with time acceptance can be found, even respect, perhaps the blessing of trust, friendship and love. Over time, these things can protect the childs life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness. Teaching the community of children to respect and desire understanding for those reasons, and to feel a need to see that such understanding comes quickly, always in time to protect their lives and the lives of the ones they love, seems a natural function IF there is an intent to snatch a population from the jaws of a corporate monster.

IMHO, this below means America is in consensus right now because NO parent is coming forward to deny that understanding of such things about life to their children.

Which mother or father in this nation will ignore or pass up the real opportunity to assure their child will grow into a nation that holds high and honors understanding that can create; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I love that clause Which mother or father in this nation will ignore or pass up the real opportunity to assure their child will grow into a nation that holds high and honors understanding that can create; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness? It is beautiful, and bears repeating. It melts away all that is unimportant, and that is how we know in our very center, it is at the core of how we must move forward.

I read further on that link you mentioned at the bottom of this link,


and I have to say, it has a natural place in protecting and empowering what the writer calls an article 5 convention which is also explained in this persons website.

One can't help but see how well the "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech" and an "article 5 convention". How do we get involved?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Well, not sure. That search term "Greater Meaning Of Free Speech" found the page about it, but there is no link there to the thread here. Perhaps some searching will turn up posts in the thread which you saw. I'll search around see if I can find the thread here and learn more.

This from that link,

"When speech is disabled or prevented from having its greatest meaning, it is a time when people are not sharing knowledge needed for survival."

Seems very much like now. That invisible fear we know while media shows a wrm happy world but our memory holds scraps of an awareness of deep betrayal. It goes deeper than that I feel. Those immense social fears that are unconscious have been whipped into monsters that invisibly are controlling the people with fears.

This is a very interesting situation for America to be in. If it does not destroy America, it will provide a lesson to the human race regarding an obsolete, unreasonable fear of that 86% of ourselves, we call the the "unconscious".

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Hey, this one is great. Like a step by step "lawful and peaceful revolution"


Occupy needs to observe the logic at that site. Definitely well thought out. It has your favorite saying sovaye for bashing critics of the concept giving speech its vital value.

Which mother or father in this nation will ignore or pass up the real opportunity to assure their child will grow into a nation that holds high and honors understanding that can create; forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, protecting their life, their liberty and their pursuit of happiness?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Wow! Your right about that effect of the street chants creating trance states. Alpha and theta can be occupied almost constantly during those activities. However it seems that any kind of trance needs guidence. Even if it is preliminary, on your own; guidence from an objective position of another is an intrinsic aspect of most healing. And recall masonry communicates aspects of those circumnambulations to a child in a trance. So the later coaching is conscious reinforcement in a certain way.

I have to agree soundly with the notion of bringing meaning to speech. I mean people yell in parks all day long and it means nothing, even if it is life saving information, almost always no one understands. I haven't seen those posts here, stuff gets lost. Only the very powerful can afford to be heard, just like the price of justice. I'll try a search to see what specifics I can find on how meaning might be brought to a sacred concept.

[-] 1 points by JesseHeffran (3903) 8 years ago

from what i just read two minuets ago on Wikipedia, there is not much to interpret. it seems pretty straight forward and relevant.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

The winter solstice alignment and multiple languages make it pretty clear this is an extension of the old mystery schools. The other newer perspective is less articulate but portrays dark events, the murals of the Denver airport.

The guidestones at least articulate something that makes sense and can be used to interpret other intents.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

sovaye wrote:

That's amazing! How aware are the Icelanders that they have transferred this historical unwritten psychology into modern day political protection? Is it subconscious? Instinctual?

How are the Ruling Elite dealing with this earthly power coming from Iceland? Would it not so infuriate the Ruling Elite that their actions will become impetuous and unpredictable?

Yes, culture and social structures are instinctual with tremendous unconscious control.

The elite don't mess with Icelanders when they are angry. Not worth it. The Norse countries have staunch support for them.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Ya, well....Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel were out having lunch and apparently absent when they were handing out the "Responsibility of Fertility" rations.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Ron Lawl too.

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 8 years ago

Yeah-ya. They mean we need to kill off 90% of the human population - and give up our humanity in the process.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yep, that is the way it is set, unless we can control ourselves. If the 99% can do that, then the 1% will get in line.

By working with the unconscious mind, as do the elite, but for our purposes, we gain the maximum control and find lives that reflect more of the mystery and meaning that we are capable of.

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 8 years ago

you go master your mystery

meanwhile I'll be marching in the streets

hey ho

hey ho

the repelican party has got to go

hey ho

hey ho

[-] 2 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, but republocrats are every bit as bad. They are all repulsive at this point. BTW, did you know you were using cognitive distortions? Specifically 2, 4, & 10. You've used them to justify not examining the devastating aspects of secrecy that are explained here by looking at the unconscious.

Be well, be safe!

Not that such knowledge is needed to demonstrate in opposition, but observing the potential for secrecy and protesting it to increase awareness works towards making sure you do not have to do it again next year, or at least next year will be a different protest.


  1. All or nothing thinking: Things are placed in black or white categories. If things are less than perfect self is viewed as failure.
  2. Over generalization: Single event is viewed as continuous failure.
  3. Mental filter: Details in life (positive or negative) are amplified in importance while opposite is rejected.
  4. Minimizing: Perceiving one or opposite experiences (positive or negative) as absolute and maintaining singularity of belief to one or the other.
  5. Mind reading: One absolutely concludes that others are reacting positively or negatively without investigating reality.
  6. Fortune Telling: Based on previous 5 distortions, anticipation of negative or positive outcome of situations is established
  7. Catastrophizing: Exaggerated importance of self's failures and others successes.
  8. Emotional reasoning: One feels as though emotional state IS reality of situation.
  9. "Should" statements: Self imposed rules about behavior creating guilt at self inability to adhere and anger at others in their inability to conform to self's rules.
  10. Labeling: Instead of understanding errors over generalization is applied.
  11. Personalization: Thinking that the actions or statements of others are a reaction to you.
  12. Entitlement: Believing that you deserve things you have not earned.
[-] 1 points by PeoplehaveDNA (305) 8 years ago

This is what I say if thousand upon thousands of people online are talking about these conspiracy theories so often than they must have some truth to them.

[-] 2 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, people do have DNA!

And ours might be getting tested. Or, have we been made so afraid of our unconscious existence by crusades, inquisitions, social ridicule, and unreasonable fears that we are willing to accept slavery then extinction before we recognize enough of ourselves to control ourselves, remain free and survive, then evolve?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Within the Secret Societies of the Ruling Elite, I am aware that there are many who would love to escape, not only from generations of paediphilia and violent mind control, but also that there are those within that do not agree with the ruling elites plans for a New World Order and would love to help humanity keep their freedoms and help them flourish as a people of this earth. These "White Hats" if you will, certainly would have access to corporations and like minded politicians who could help in better utilizing alternative energies that are being stifled by the Ruling Elite, the British monarchy owning BP Oil comes to mind. I wonder if there is outright in-fighting within the individual factions of each secret society or if the persecution for such behaviour would be too great?

Wouldn't it be great if there were several White Hats that were covertly working together to thwart or "Dethrone" the more evil elites? Also, if there is a secret society of the Ruling Elite where life becomes unbearable, could an individual who secretly wants to escape do so without retribution? I think again about "Svali" who initially had to walk away from everthing and is in hiding for fear of retaliation.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

I would have to agree. That if there was an escape unconscious programming that was of that type, that it would a fairly tempting option. And that these secret factions are not all dark or light. My sense is that the association might be conditional upon recognition of a few simple facts. About the time the unconscious is accepted with a few dynamics outside the box our society knows, conditions change.

A case where the medical procedure can enable reaching the unconscious directly for fundamental reprogramming, along with conscious reinforcement, is actually a much more real option than about any other for them and us.

Imagine if we could actually control our consumption. OWS has a point about that, I hear that. However, it depends on unity and some form of media. The flip side is the some of the sciences behind renewable energies can be and will be empowered by some of the more successful (future) corporations, even "White Hats" and show the beginning of a partnership that works with consumer responsibility and corporate accountability.

Consumer responsibility? Well . . . Americans are addicted to mass energy and a material life that is sustained by corporate rape of the environment. Therein is where that same treatment alcoholics and drug addicts can benefit from, can be made available for volunteers participating in a sustainability shift to empower completely new communities that have much higher degrees of independence and diversity which reduces transportation needs.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Yes, not to mention "Elitist Personality Disorder".

Seriously though, its hard to not get angry. I know these people have been horribly abused as children, but there comes a time where they reach the "age of reason", after this point I think of them as criminally insane. Which still fits the criteria for the treatment you've explained.

Criminality. That brings me to another point. It amazes me how much collusion is required to keep the NWO's twisted agenda going. Particularly interesting is how they use the internet and media. CNN drives me crazy. Honestly, the propaganda is staggering. Sometimes I just wanna break out the popcorn, sit and laugh my head off. The elite must have a small army of think tanks just to come up with this stuff!

Another deeply troubling area of criminality that has dramatically changed the landscape for the American people, probably for years to come, unless OWS does something about it, is the Presidential Directives of late. Particularly regarding the amount of power the government has under an emergency. Again, the collusion between the different branches of government is remarkable. In essence, under FEMA, we are actually listed as non-persons, which automatically strips us of our basic human rights. The NWO brought in the beginnings of what is now known as FEMA under the Nixon administration, Carter refined it, and each administration since has run with it, making it more and more insidious. The Constitution has taken a severe beating. Article V is our last defense against this criminal oligarchy. Once it is gone, not much will resurrect it. Its up to us to rescue it from the hands of the NWO.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Oh,the Presidential Directives. I forgot to speak to that. Excellent you know about those, now we are really getting towards the heart of some very difficult political issues of history. Which curiously can come back to a stone monument in the sleepy hills of Georgia with some justification.

The civil war was the beginning of Presidential Directives. Abe Lincoln made the first. People think they know why the civil war existed. I'm beginning to think it existed for completely different reasons because it never ended, and in its permanency we find our constitution and ourselves under attack. Consider this.

No real good date exists for the beginning arrivals of Europeans in the Caribbean and gulf of Mexico. The written history shows the major populations arriving in about 1750 with displaced Arcadians from the northern territories. However, they were going someplace, otherwise, why travel so far? It seems natural that they had a destination.

Some research shows that there were small communities quite old, in the Louisiana area, that predated the arrival of the French Canadians. They were considered pirate settlements in the accounts which refer to "The Brethren or Brethren of the Coast" by around 1630. In speculation, there is some indication that refugee Cathars from southern France after the Albigensian crusades of 1180 may have sought new territory and established some trade communities in areas of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico that early. Those locations would have been a specific destination on the mainland of north America in a big way for the French Arcadians leaving Canada from the French English war. It is known that France had hired the pirates as a strike force against the English to create French control in the Caribbean. France knew the pirates well enough for that indicating a very old alliance.

When you start to examine the reasons for the civil war it really does not make much sense. A few little reasons, the biggest material issue was probably the cotton leaving for France after French weavers became more proficient and cheaper than those of New England. There is one secret issue that could easily be behind the vehemence and hatred that erupted IF the Cathar knowledge of the unconscious mind was in use in the slave owning society to make complacent slaves.

All that would be needed was contact with the children of slaves by those trained as "Parfait", who could easily be in the Carribean because they, in France had contact with the Vikings no doubt, who had, along with the Celts settled parts of the North east of North America. There were some racist aspects that were known because there appears to have been some conflict with the Moors before 1000 AD. So when the Dutch traders in slaves got them started as slave owning plantation managers, that opportunity would be a natural one.

Induction of a child providing suggestion to be happy as a slave will work. Now, take this right because the Cathars were very benevolent, the church of Rome was very jealous of them, or the peoples love of them, and would not generally do this as a one way street as implied. They would actually take care of the slave. Of course not true in all cases, but certainly some. It has been determined that it is cheaper to keep a work force as we are today in America, than keeping slaves humanely There are as many stories of benevolent slave owners as there are otherwise, but not so readily available because it cannot be used to create division like awareness of abuse can.

The north was comprised of politicians that were associated with the Templars more than anything. The thought of the southern part of the nation getting involved with using the trance on African slaves to build a competing society was far more than they could handle and war was inevitable. Help economically and with arms manufacture to the North was assured from Britain. The civil war was a form of unconscious crusade in America by the dominant religious warrior of Britain and Rome against heretics, once before vanquished. At the end of the war the Templar dominated North decided that with what the Cathars had started and the Indigenous Americans pagans, that they should just declare war on the population of north America.

So, long after that, some Cathar associating with Rosicrucians, ends up making a stone monument, hoping that the simple guidence will be heeded unconditionally in a self directed fashion, rather than the harsh control of the nwo applied by default.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

So...in their all-knowing "peaceful" minds....they think they are actually protecting us?!?!? Saving us from the "evil" secret societies as opposed to their benevolent one?

They're deluded.

Where do you think the Rosicrucians are tonight? They're sitting beside the Georgia Guidestones, having a picnic, gazing up at a starry sky, with eyes glazed over and silly grins.....thinking, I just know we got through to those skull and bones. They wouldn't kill their own people now...would they?

What on earth can we do? How does that medical deprogramming procedure work again? Maybe we should start a clinic or something.

It would be funny, if it weren't so damn serious. How can they be infiltrated?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

There are different factions. Over the last few centuries there have been various infiltrations that change the shade of grey a little darker perhaps. Just because they are all secret does not mean they are all bad. Secret is not good only because bad might hide within it.

If a good one is secret, and knows of bad that will happen that will come from the other factions, they have some duty to breech secrecy at some level to warn people. Yea, I know. It's not much.

It is up to us to share the truths widely and use them to understand and control ourselves.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I know, that's what has me worried the most with OWS. Loss of control. I hope I'm wrong, but I think he writing is on the wall. If history is anything to go by, these engineered uprisings have invariably ended up violent and I think thats what the Ruling Elite want this time as well. They have the resources to pull it off, and when it comes down to it, its hard to control a bunch of angry 19 to 25 year old men from responding violently when they're being hurt. Was it Hitler who said that socialism/communism would be ushered in by the people's own revolution? That's how successful these crazy oligarchs are at manipulating the masses.

With all the global political posturing between elite leaders right now, I would imagine there is much threatening going on between the NWO factions. Ranging from global war to very personal threats. It makes me wonder about the influx of paedophilia cases with the sports coaches in the news right now. Its important to expose of course, but on the scale of things, with global financial crisis and wars (maybe even global), why is this prominent in the news right now?

In terms of wealth and power, even high ranking coaches would be in the middle range of elites within these secret societies, freemasons perhaps. Unlikely they would be ruling elite. I was wondering if you think that the secret society members are using these coaches as disposable pawns to threaten each other, "Do as we say or you'll be the next headline" This could be used from high ranking decision makers right down to military leaders and local authorities. Personally, I think the elite, despite their posturing, are in abject fear right now of being found out. About all the criminal activity that goes on at the top, from theft to murder to rewriting histories to paedophilia, that they are willing to create absolute pandemonium just to divert attention from us and bury more history. People that are afraid, especially ones that have been subjected to the kinds of mind control and torturous abuses that these NWO members have been, are capable of desperate actions. How far would they go to protect themselves from being found out?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Somnambulism and conditional instruction of 19 to 25 year olds at age 3-4, later they have been playing video games while being deprived of examples or guidance of critical thinking, perhaps it would be quite easy to get a violent reaction. The MKultra created provocateur that is led off responding to conditional instructions in a group compulsion. The groups could even be tended by people post hypnotically scripted for leadership roles.

Those would be people that were capable of instant hyper-amnesia so could be programed and seconds later have no idea such events had transpired.

I did some forays into forums providing community to people who felt they were mind controlled in around 2000. Almost none there could realize that mind control using hypnosis and a mental state called somnambulism was actually ancient history. I showed mass evidence, but still beliefs that were stuck on psychotronics were dominant. Chips implanted. etc. Not very good evidence, but definitely some showing what appeared plausibly to be some sort of receiver transducer.

It is completely possible to post hypnotically script someone to respond to an internal electrical signal that they might not be conscious of, triggering a script. Depending on the person, they might be able to conduct cognitive processing and completely conceal their true purposes from themselves the entire time. Usually such people have a deep trance basis created at around age 4 which is later tested and potentials explored before being generally released to act on nwo agenda no matter where or when they are triggered to do so WHILE creating a some what credible cover explaining what they are doing to anyone that asks.

Phone calls in the middle of the night can be instantly dissociated but carry details added to earlier post hypnotics, and trigger actions.

All that spun off the secret goings on of Masons and the groups that they control after they were forced to accept secrecy by religion, whereupon darker infiltration's took more power than was offered by using fear over time.

I would intuit as you, that yes, the coaches and priests are media sacrifices as semi relevant sensation that appeases some public sense of knowingness. Without really knowing anything.

How far can they go? Conditions control that. Our actions and reactions have most to do with it. When we reach with well defined reason for the highest laws, for use in controlling these forms of sociopathic insanity, with understanding, then the tendency for extremes are reduced while curiosity piqued.

As long as movements led as OWS has been are dominant, the immunity of working for constitutional defense will not be known. Without the immunity escalations could easily be attempted.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

With all the heightened global activity lately, we can probably expect more attention on the messages within the Georgia Guidestones. The sinister messages that are sandwiched between peaceful words are so indicative of a mind that has been manipulated. The sheer coldness, the self proclaimed "god" mentality.

When I read the "Commandments" on those stones, I can't help but see the similarities to Aryan ideologies. On one hand the messages are clear, but on the other it seems to be speaking in riddles.

Given the mystery surrounding the Guidestones and the following book, it would only stand to reason that there would be more than meets the eye. Future events, dates, ceremonies that are to be played out by the people within the secret societies to further their deluded vision of the future. The Guidestones have elements of Astronomy as well.

I wonder what else might be involved that we'll only know for sure as the future unfolds?

There is great speculation that Ted Turner is the originator to the project, but it looks as though there may be another contender. I wonder if we'll ever know?

Here's a great link with some insight into the Georgia Guidestones http://vanshardware.com/2009/12/decoding-the-georgia-guidestones/

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, the minds that concieved the Guidestones are manipulated, however, knowing there are many such minds within the nwo, and that just because they have a role, does not mean they are the designers. In fact it only really means that they carry oral histories that are ancient and have different sides of the same program.

The fact of the slot and solar alignment instrument at the solstices the guidestones are indicate they are linked to ancient knowledge of sun sworship. If the old world had all been as bad as people suggest, how would humanity have ever made it?

When it seems it is speaking in riddles, it is addressing ancient stigma that relates to the knowledge removed from society to enable massive secrecy. Their vision of the future is not that, it is an oral history they share which is also a conspiracy. Within such things are tests by and for each factions interests and the tests determine which way humanity will evolve.

What you term "their deluded vision of the future" is actually a better future than their counterparts plan for us by a long measure. Their dark counterparts do not write things down to guide the masses. They just structure their demise then take over.

Consider 86% of human mental capacity is unconscious. Consider that humans can make conscious alliance and unconscious alliance. We know nothing of the latter. Being a member of a secret society invokes the 11th commandment.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I see...so the unconscious alliance in simpler terms, would be something akin to co-dependency.

The conspiracy is in the way of an oral history so as not to be found out. One cannot take over the world if the evidence is written in manuals for the "undesirables" to find out.

I would have to come to the conclusion that part of the reason they are now letting information out through controlled deserters, information on the internet and possibly even the Guidestones, is that they are so far along with their plans that even the masses becoming aware of their agenda cannot stop the takeover. Another reason for the leaks could be to instill fear. Given the way fear controlled their lives, it is a formidable tool to use to keep us from standing up against them.

Ok.....so what's the 11th commandment?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

The 11th commandment is basically human nature in the world of unconscious communications, manipulation. It is, Thou shall not be found out."

To say, "they are so far along with their plans" probably is not correct. I do not believe that the current political situation, 9-11, the war, etc. is the plan of those that made the Guidestone. Indeed, if the guidence of the stones is simply acted upon reasonably of its own volition, it could very well prempt the entire agenda we see looming now. Those that made the guidestones exist in a parallel universe with those that will impose what the guidestones advise. It is an unconscious universe where time hardly matters.

Because they use those very deep forms of hypnosis, and have each carried aspects of the past for a very long time, some dominant for whatever reasons, others simply trying to keep intact, there is an interdependency where their medium of social interaction is unconscious and over long periods of time. those that made the guidestones are power enough to give guidence, to articulate some warning that is specific and relating to the issues that the other darker factions use to justify genocide.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I hope you're right. Society taking on a role of responsibility with population in a gradual but free manner wold certainly be preferable. The key word there being "free".

How did you find out about the 11th Commandment?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, free is vital. Only children would have fires inside their house and fill the house with smoke, destroying themselves. Free but knowledgable and accountable to evolving with ever more sentience and understanding of ourselves and the universe we are in. I would add, unafraid of ourselves.

Hah! The 11th commandment was learned from a Sufi. While asking me if I knew what it was, I didn't, while he was telling me what it was, a friend of mine for many years was riding his bicycle around us in the deep grass of a public park, babbling incoherently but intensely. The Sufi while explaining the 11th commandment was violating it because he had been instructed by a local secret cluster of Indigenous people who were extending my education in the the only way they know how.

They knew my old friend, and had controlled him all of his life, then lent him to the Sufi for the demonstration after explaining to the Sufi that there was to be no fear of such a violation of the commandment in that way. It's hard to get people to do things that are not within their nature. My old friend was quite eccentric so fit right in with the activity. It was his nature.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Interesting! This, I'm sure, happens with the elite mind control programmers as well. Matching persons within their secret society with certain character traits or personalities for their particular role in the New World Order, which would be exponentially more successful.

I'm curious about your take on the Zeitgeist movement. The literal translation of the word is time (Zeit) spirit (geist), but in its more contemporary use, it is associated with a German meaning, "Intellectual and cultural climate of an era". The Guidestones seem to project this sentiment. Again, a very Aryan resonance. I know that many German war criminals fled to North America after WWII. There's some evidence that suggests that Hitler was a Rothschild. Lately I've been feeling like the German's never lost the war, they just had to move!

Then, on the other hand, is Zionism. Here too is a group that operated in secret for a long time until recently. Not to be confused with regular Jews, lots of good everyday Jews out there. Zionists, I believe, are a breed unto themselves. These bloodlines are ferociously protected from within their Secret Societies.

Secret Societies are riddled with abusive behavior, but there is much information that suggests the worst kinds of debauchery and ritual are practiced within this particular group. This behavior of course, creates a certain level of callousness, which speaks directly to how Zionism has managed to grow unfettered to the ugly monster it is today.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Hehehe, Americans addicted to "Elitist Personality Disorder" too. Almost, considering the way they cling to the media tripe the elite dribble for mass entertainment.

But the age of reason, oh no! That brings in memory control. Okay, question.

What is easier to do than forgetting?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Ohhhh.....remembering Lady Gaga's favourite colour??? Its silver!

I don't know! Enlighten me.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

The correct answer is "I don't remember".

But seriously, that issue of memory control can be attributed to one of the factors that control the criminality. In order to get hypnotized people to do things they did not initially want to do, researchers had to suggest that the desires associated would increase and the perceived consequences of the action diminished. The people would conduct, "Repugnant, dangerous or antisocial acts".

So simply forgetting a regulation at a critical point can be a powerful tool to gain an official omission of duty within a certain setting.

There appears to be intense manipulation of events to manufacture sensational news which can then be used to distract the news camera towards the sensation rather than worthy knowledge. A great example of this is BCCI. Have you ever heard of that?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Ha, ha, ha!

Ok, so you're funny.

No, I have not heard of BCCI... but something tells me I'm about to find out.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Okay, but did you hear about OJ Simpson?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

Um...I'm afraid to ask.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Okay, everyone heard of OJ. That was June 12, 1994. At the same time there were elections with ties to the end of the BCCI (banking credit commerce international)congressional hearings where the council on foriegn relations operations were the focus Subcommittee on Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics. John Kerry, skull and bones had investigated Pakistan-based Bank of Credit and Commerce International finding (BCCI) had facilitated Noriega's drug trafficking and money laundering getting to close probably to bush connections. Here is a sort of timeline of surrounding events.

Published: TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1994 Opens Doors For Further Prosecutions : BCCI Deal

Abu Dhabi has promised to hand over Swaleh Naqvi, the former BCCI chief operating officer, to the United States within 120 days. He faces multiple fraud and larceny charges.

Mr. Naqvi, who was indicted shortly after international bank regulators shut down BCCI in July 1991, is believed to be the former bank executive best able to help investigators unravel the bank fraud, in which more than $12.4 billion has vanished. Washington, for its part, has promised as part of the accord not to prosecute anyone in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi courts in 1994 convicted 13 former B.C.C.I. executives on charges of fraud, misappropriation and criminal breach of trust.

June 12, 1994 Brown and Goldman found murdered

BCCI wind-up moves to federal trustee Business Wire, Nov 16, 1994

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 16, 1994--The New York State Banking Department has turned over to a trustee for the United States assets seized from the defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

I had been waiting since the gulf war where I learned that checks from BCCI were used to guarantee funds used by other banks where checks paying for saddams "big gun" were drawn. The media was mentioning BCCI and closing indictments some months before the murder. After the murders, almost nothing on BCCI from media.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago


It never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes all I can do is sit and shake my head.

Its funny....ever since my "awakening" I look for these mass media mind control distractions, and when the Michael Jackson/Murray trial was plastered on CNN every day, I remember thinking..."with the world collapsing in front of our eyes, why the hell are they putting this on the news? What are they up to now? What are they hiding?"

Man, are they beyond help? Its agonizing when you realize how far along they are.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Tracking BCCI it can be found that they were also the recipents of a lot of the money from the savings and loan rippoffs in the late 1980's. All deregulated by reagan. The mind control plays a huge role in getting these things done. And, through Masonry there are connections across borders, from England, through Israel, into Saudi Arabia. Behind memory barriers created with specific instruction exploiting the natural hyperamnesia of somnambulism. There is an inference that psychology has not made about memory. In many ways it is the first, "Inference One".

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

If that is the case....that is, if the natural inference of these Ruling Elite is blended with an artificial inference response through early childhood mind control, it would effectively create an automated inference that literally changes their evolutionary growth, albeit a twisted growth. This goes a long way in explaining how the elite end up becoming the megalomaniac power hungry characters they are.

Of course this becomes instinctual and generations later we have almost a "breed" of people ruling us that is barely recognizable to every day people.

Breading then brings me to wonder about the women leaders of our time. Given the natural feminine nature, mixed together with the automated inference would have to make it near impossible to be a normal parent. I can only come to the conclusion that it comes down to basic survival. Maybe they aren't so different from the rest of us after all. They are mothers after all, and they are making sure they do what they have to do to make sure THEIR children survive what ever atrocities may be coming our way. The focus of course should be on how to break the chain of indoctrination.

I had an earlier post about Iceland and their evolution. Have the Elite running that country had some sort of realization about the indoctrination, given that Iceland is managing very well to create a new government and holding the worst of the elite banksters at bay? If so, there's hope yet.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Okay, the cultural maternal and familial roles that are the network in society that is derived from subsistance survival methods.

All of Iceland has an agreement based in survival in their environment. Despite 50 or so years of modern life, these things linger.

The maternal role needs a protective structure of some sort when the weakened and vulnerable aspects of childbirth and child rearing are involved. It used to be village leaders and elite families that would share in order to see survival. There was a protocol and moral structure that was not dissimilar to what we know today, just not written down.

The Icelanders have that and recently what they had written was radically changed to reflect the needs that the matriarcle values but it appears is was done to shake off predator banks. New global parasite for small countries.

So, they revolt write up a new constitution real quick that ganks the power from the bankers that infiltrated and drained the society while the entire time the matriarcle values are in place by unspoken agreement between the people. That such agreement would exist is natural. Indigenous people refer to the package of instincts involved as the "Responsibiity of Fertility". Life just is not continuous without it.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

That's amazing! How aware are the Icelanders that they have transferred this historical unwritten psychology into modern day political protection? Is it subconscious? Instinctual?

How are the Ruling Elite dealing with this earthly power coming from Iceland? Would it not so infuriate the Ruling Elite that their actions will become impetuous and unpredictable?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

If that is the case....that is, if the natural inference of these Ruling Elite is blended with an artificial inference response through early childhood mind control would effectively create an automated inference that literally changes their evolutionary growth, albeit a twisted growth. This goes a long way in explaining how the elite end up becoming the megalomaniac power hungry characters they are.

There are two matters tangled in that post. "Inference One" and memory control, and the maternal roles in survival and evolution. let me try and re structure what you describe here,

Its called " Epigenetics" http://genesdev.cshlp.org/content/23/7/781.long and when this form of hypnosis while unconscious, uncontrolled, is involved, weird things can happen to phylogenetic DNA. That which controls behaviors. Okay, couple that with the other side, fear. The crusades, the inquisitions, genetic memory. Social fears. Environmental aspects play a role in triggering genes to manifest in cells or not. The unconscious mind again. What you've described is how a specific unconscious pattern or set of thoughts are reinforced generationally, and I've provided a scientific mechanism by which it can happen.

Here is a scan of a page from a compilation of earlier research in psychology and hypnosis relating to memory.

EMOTIONS & MEMORY:D. Rappaport, 1964 http://i42.tinypic.com/inz8r8.jpg

At the top of page 175. "The general tendency" of the subject to forget the events of the trance after emerging from it. (1) states that suggestion conducive to remembering is successful. If this is so it is reasonable to assume the reverse to be easier and more successful because of the "tendency to forget". The implications of; (2) reversed as well of (4) with regard to cognitive reinforcements creating severe distortions and the consideration of multiple subjects, given conditional, reciprocal suggestion motivated by disassociation's or repressed parental complex, fears or desires and phylogenically driven affectations; can be extreme in memory control as well as action.

Consistently post hypnotic controlled memory or action, elements of behavior, are shown as easily attainable when instinctual needs parallel to survival or evolution are invoked that are phylogenically correct. in addition the extreme becomes moreso in potential with consideration to memory and post hypnotic action over long periods of time enabling drastic repression's, dissociation's, cognitive distortions and reflex conditioning.

The implications of; (2) reversed as well of (4) with regard to cognitive reinforcements creating severe distortions and the consideration of multiple subjects, given conditional, reciprocal suggestion motivated by disassociation's or repressed parental complex, fears or desires and phylogenically driven affectations; can be extreme in memory control as well as action.

Consistently post hypnotic controlled memory or action, elements of behavior, are shown as easily attainable when instinctual needs parallel to survival or evolution are invoked that are phylogenically correct. in addition the extreme becomes moreso in potential with consideration to memory and post hypnotic action over long periods of time enabling drastic repression's, disassociation's, cognitive distortions and reflex conditioning.


Relating potentials for hypnotic performance to results of research, practice and experiments of hypnosis.


The first sentance of page 175 of EMOTIONS and MEMORY, 1964, by David Rappaport,

"The general tendency" of the subject to forget the events of the trance after emerging from it."


(1) of the same paragraph states that, "The hypnotist can successfully suggest that no posthypnotic amnesia develop".

Basis 2 Restated; Suggestion conducive to remembering is successful or generally, suggestion effecting memory has effect against a general tendancy.


The first note page 175, EMOTIONS and MEMORY, Note #8 states (first note below main text) that the results of memory described "in general are valid only with subjects who are able to reach the somanmbulistic stages ofhypnosis."


Logical inference of BASIS 1 with BASIS 2, is that; suggestion to forget will have a greater effect on memory because of the general "tendency to forget". Research confirms with observations of behavior consistent with general hyperamnesia at the top of page 176, the end of a footnote that begins on page 175 stating;

"we find hypnotized people indignantly denying they have been hypnotized."


If the tendancy is to forget following hypnosis that induces a trance to the level of somanmbulism and suggection effecting memory is successful then suggestion to forget will be more effective than suggestion to remember.

This becomes so severe that hypnotized subjects where vehemently denying they were hypnotized. The top line of the next page.


[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 8 years ago

For some information on the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver airport murals, go to this siteand click on the 'Sinister Sites' tab at the top:


[-] 2 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Thanks, that site is really loaded. I'll have to click around there for a while, I love that domain name. Vigilance got commercial.

[-] 2 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 8 years ago

Yeah, lots of good stuff on that site. It opened my eyes on a few issues. I'm hooked.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Ah oh, last I looked someone speculated they were financed by the Roscrucians. Many say that it is nwo goals, but mostly it looks like a gentle warning compared to the antics of the NYPD and Oakland cops.

Secret societies, the occult, that is all people will recognize, Then forget about it 'cuase no one knows.

[-] 2 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I wonder if its the same group that's responsible for the creepy murals at the Denver International Airport? Have you seen those? Pretty strange, and they have quite the NWO images. Alex Jones did a piece on them recently. There is a best seller book called "New World Order" by Pat Robertson. It shook things up for quite a while. I wonder if the Rosicrucians were a part of this as well. Is it public knowledge who was responsible for the murals? I know the artist is listed, but is the group or person who commissioned the murals known? Here's a link to the book I mentioned.


[-] 2 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Ha! those are strange. I think that gives a great perspective between the nwo, dark control of unconscious society, or "secret society", and others that try to follow more closely the beauty and understanding that only the unconscious can find. Rather than imposing that dark, unknowing an fearful stuff the nwo gathers up for.

Know one knows, that on one level they are all the same. They were all inducted as children with a very deep trance state call somnambulism. What is different is the knowledge that is used to manipulate them, what instincts are exploited, what the side effects are and so on. That hypnotic, deep trance basis is used throughout their life to involve them in post hypnotically scripted scenarios.

Who can imagine those greedy folk cooperating enough to get their banking scams to work. It takes decades. Well, using the unconscious mind, makes it so time doesn't matter.

Essentially they are abusing what was humanities methods of keeping the past in dense and durable oral histories. Some have dark animalistic origins and they use fear with violence to control. Others use love and understanding because that is what they inherited before the mandate of secrecy descended upon them in their own confused abandon of the task of describing the sublime.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

It staggers the mind what kind of abuses the elite must have suffered to keep them "in line". I imagine that among them, there must be a wide range of awareness of it, from totally unaware to crippling fear and everything in between. Most I think would fit into the middle somewhere, where they have memories lurking just underneath the surface and they know not to think too much about it for fear of total psychological collapse. There is a woman I listened to a while back on youtube by the name of Svali. She was an Illuminati programmer that risked her life after her abuses became clear to her. She is now in hiding and counsels the few others who have dared to leave the Illuminati and other mind control groups. She goes into great detail about her abuses, and they are horrific. The methods she was using to program the very young were also horrific. The fear she lived in is beyond what a human can bear. She does provide some names that are well known. These are the people that are leading our country. I don't know how they do it. Or is it so buried they somehow manage? Leonardo Da Vinci was the worshipful master of his Masonic Lodge. Freemasonry was connected to the secrecy but the secrecy wasn't what it is now, filled with fear. Then it was mystery and purpose. Naturally sublime. Still he had a "Vision Quest" that was indoctrinated at a very young age and one wonders how his life might have been different had he not been involved in generations of secret societies. Below is a Svali link. Its disturbing, but enlightening.


[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

The abuses with the darker fear oriented secret factions are extreme. And yes, there is a childs terror controlling adults operating as nwo moles in our government. Unconscious blackmail.

Oh yea, the illuminati programmer, I wonder because most of the activities described that sound so dispicable are mostly things attributed to the nwo. the Christian angle seems to fit that too. We have to remember that there is a promotional network that will absorb and promote people selected to conduct expose. Keep in mind that there is some knowledge that will stop them, and lots of knowledge that just embarasses them but sounds like it should stop them, but it will not.

Have you heard where she divulges here programming methods?

Leonardo, wow, dan brown certainly got lots of milage out of his relationship. Yes, Leonardo was the worshipful master of his lodge. The Masons have always used this form of hypnosis to induct children into their societies. Originally it wasn't about secrecy really, it was about remembering. Yes, naturally secret. The vision quest is a hypnotically driven quest for knowledge. Perhaps into the collective unconscious mind. Freud and Jung both felt there was something vast just beyond conscious limits that was the origin of a great deal that ended up in our conscious minds.

Oral histories. The people that forget the past, or its mistakes are bound to repeat them. Before the written word there was oral histories. It turns out we are controlled by what we know. Surprise! So if you teach a person about a bunch of conspiracies around them, then they grow into that, guess what? They do conspiracies.

Vision quest is one of the real allures of working with the unconscious mind for society. Another is mental health care.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

On the Georgia Guidestones, one of the glaring directives is to maintain a human population at 500 million. Their secret society is more passive. Yes..they wish the earth's population to be quite low, but will never act on it, knowing full well that other secret societies will. As much as these secret societies sometimes disagree on ideals and want power for their own group, they will "help" each other for the greater goal...the NWO. Its funny how they are interdependent that way.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, that is my take, and they provide a warning to what the others will do just like you say. Now, consider, a group could act over 100 years, or 10 years. With humanities understanding of the unconscious organizations, both benevolent and sinister, they can use law to protect themselves from the dark, and follow the light in ways that are consciously reasoned.

It seems to me that if humanity just does the default "stupid" and is completely unable to control itself, proving it will destroy the ecosphere, then the dark ones get to run society into the dirt before that happens, reducing populations qucikly. Whereas if peopl get rid of all the unreasonble fears that control them, then they can use their unconscious to control themselves and create rewards in living that exceed any material riches they might know.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I here you when you say they use law. Its a little scary right now how quickly they are passing through laws that are taking away people's human and civil rights. They've made it so essentially they have the right to do anything they want, yet when it comes to working out anything of a policy nature, they look into the camera, shrug their shoulders and claim "we just don't know what to do...we're in a quagmire". Their arrogance knows no bounds.

I find it interesting too, how they manage to spread the policy to the local level. Their reach is tentacle like, sinister. Freemasons are who they use for making local policy. They're your Mason lodges, Lion's Clubs, Shriner's Club. Here's a group of secret societies deeply entrenched in the darker teachings. There a masons in every city and town that are infiltrated into each level and branch of government. Also, high level judges, lawyers, doctors, churches, you name it. Sadly, they also have a high infiltration in the child protective services as well. I guess this is how they perpetually continue the abuse you speak of.

Many of our leaders belong to Masonic Lodges. The Bushes, Cheney, Clinton, the list is long. I wonder how society will react to this knowledge now that the internet is making this information readily available and the elite don't seem to care that people are finding out. You would have to think that some of them would be anxious that the sexual abuses are becoming public knowledge and have some sort of psychological break. I recall reading that the Bundys and the Chapmans, who most people don't know are very wealthy elites with political ties, were indoctrinated and their violent attacks were a result of mind control gone awry.

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

There was something that happened about 1850 that caused children to be inducted with hypnosis into Masonry, but never brought into the lodge. This started what I've heard referred to as the "Secret Masons". Masons that do not know they are Masons. Arond the same time Masons noticed that they were colluding so much through their unconscious association, that they were essentially working against their ancient benevolent purposes of building civilizations. They created a thing called "The Code of Masonic Conduct", it allows one Mason to help another to evade the law for all crimes lesser that murder or treason.

That "something" that happened was an unconscious infiltration by the darker part of what had earlier infiltrated them the same way, but again, those doing the infiltrations were basically unconscious of what they carried. That earlier infiltration was the Templar military orders which had a dark streak running through them that was exposed in inquisitions in France.

Again, these organizations are not all dark or light, they are grey. They do share being completely unconscious of their associations in most ways. As far as I can tell there is a good likelyhood that the Rosicrucians were a division of light from the Templar order.

There appear to be a number of renegade European Templarian lodges. They apparently created the mass murderer Anders Breviek of Norway to strike a blow for their unconscious racist position against Islam. Mexico has a huge problem with renegade lodges and drug cartels.

Yes, the paedophila is used in the unconscious with social fears to create the ultimate blackmail schemes and keep officials under control. And of course Bundy showed that gone an exptreme course in psychosis resulting from being unconsciously manipulated since childhood.

These are the main reasons that psychiatry and psychology never find away to treat mental illness. When you actually can, you are working with the unconscious, then you might uncover some of the earlier manipulations leading to the breakdown of memeory barriers and exposure.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

My "awakening" if you will, started only four months ago. You have very interesting knowledge, I must say!

When you speak of breakdown of memory barriers and exposure, it makes me think of a type of political mind control called Mk Ultra. Something tells me you may know about this. It is a ghastly practice that was admitted and apologized for during the Clinton Administration, but there is some evidence it is still being used. I viewed Cathy O'Brien on youtube when she explained her breakdown of memory barriers. What's your take on MK Ultra?

Cathy O'Brien's testimony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4zB1j_AkBg

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

The Church commission exposed it in about 1975. A secret CIA program never justified with anymore reason than for "national security" about 150,000 Americans were influenced psychologically by hypnosis, drugs, electroshock, psychotronics etc. without their knowledge. It was supposedly stopped but everyone knowledgable states that such programs do not die, they just pop up in another identity.

It seriously appears that there are many people walking around that have conditional post hypnotic instructions that are designed to react to the things in the news that are events planned for a decade or more.

One of the obvious things recently that really should have set of some alarms were the people in the 9/11 world that believed there were no planes and that everything seen by eyewitnesses at the WTC was holographic projection of some sort. There were a cluster of them that would select one piece of evidence and compulsively exercise it without regard for any facts or reason. Critical thinking appears disabled. Some of them appeared sincere in everyway, although prompted and handled by some in their internet social grouping I observed.

Certainly the paedophilia and stories like O'Brian are linked. I've heard far worse from mothers who have lost children in a family law court system that is run by those that exploit the children. The sex abuse causes trauma divided layers of memory, and deepening resolves, that are distinct but related to response structures later on. Below those levels are the conditional post hypnotics defining collusion and obstruction of justice, treason, fraud etc. that officials might be induced to commit.

MKultra had projects: clear eyes, artichoke and a couple of others that were distinct and leaked after the 1975 main exposure.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

What would happen if, say...some of the people that were unconsciously put through an MK Ultra indoctrination were children of the elite that already had mind control in place from earlier Secret Society practices? I imagine that some of the people were chosen for MK Ultra by virtue of their proximity to politicians and the Ruling Elite. What kind of madness they must go through, not understanding why they do some of the things they do. We know from people like Cathy O'Brien that there is hope of a breakdown in memory barriers, but how much hope is there really for someone that has had their mind meddled with to that degree. Can they be helped?

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Interesting point. As the different MKultra projects happenned, there was accumulating information and technique for mind control. Naturally, the elite and their children may elect to use these developed methods to create greater and greater control.

With O'Brien I sort of think her memory barrier breech was something planned. There were aspects that were so outrageous it causes fairly severe cognitive dissonance, which doesn't help the cause of getting the truth out. She speaks of a recovery, and, if she was a planned breech of memory barriers, they could have given prepemtive recovery instruction to separate from teh difficulty.

There is a potential treatment which is a medical procedure of narco hypnosis. The basic somnambulistic state is mimicked to a large degree. It uses nitrous oxide to disslove the barrier between the conscious and unconscious mind. With that done, it is all a matter of a hypnotic script and an environment where the unconscious re program can be reinforced consciously.

What is in the unconscious is permanent. Time doesn't matter. All that can be done is overiding undesireable instructions or memories with positive structures of experience, thought, feeling and knowledge.

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 8 years ago

I wonder if there is any professionals out there in the psychological field or mental health arena that practices these methods with any success.

That brings us back to the NWO and the Ruling Elite's stranglehold on power and control. The Georgia Guidestones messages are carved in stone. The Ruling Elite have clearly stated their agenda. How are we going to keep our freedoms when their agenda is so deeply entrenched in the minds of the key players? Can we beat them at their own strategy? Could OWS use these methods to get control back, and how would one start to organize something like that?

[-] 1 points by riethc (1149) 8 years ago


[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

I think psychology and psychiatry are afraid. Church and state issues with their state licensing. They will probably claim liability, but the procedures are so safe that very similar procdures are used in dental offices on a daily basis.

If we just knew our true past. Then the notion of using that other 86% of our mental capacity would not seem so strange.

I've not heard of any, but that could change if citizens realize how important it is. If we can use state health codes for example. They are created with and bound to the Hippocratic oath. Many states may have codes that indicate that if there is a chance of loss of life then municipalities must work with the public to develop investigational or experimental treatments.

The obvious place to apply this today is drug and alcohol recovery. Most programs are very ineffective and amount to a revolving door. Another place it would really help is domestic violence. Some states only have a license for hypnosis related to marriage and family counseling.

This is basically very telling as to our human psychological makeup. Unconsciously our lives are about relationships, hypnosis works with the unconscious by a rapport that allows the conscious mind to move aside and the perceptions go direct to the unconscious mind. We have instincts there that relate to the family interaction. Unconditional love plays a role with the limbic system and frontal cortex and the releases of dopamine and serotonan, new and deeply rewarding feelings and thoughts can be made available from a persons own memory of feelings an awareness that guide them.

Sustainablity is going to require a shift from the current paradigms of material fascination. Realizing that one simple thing justifies support for finding ways to compel government to provide appropriate mental health care.

However, in that, we are charged with a new responsibility; monitoring that mental health care system to make sure that people are being properly programmed for their interests as human beings. Hah hahahahaha that . . . will really give the new agers something to do.

[-] 0 points by nickhowdy (1104) 8 years ago

If you check out the Georgia Guidestones,


You'll notice their #1 "Suggestion" : Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Why would they say that ? Imagine a world without oil..then it all makes sense...

[-] 1 points by rayolite (461) 8 years ago

Yes, absolutely. Indigenous elders made a great point when they said population was not a problem until the energy industry came along.

The safest thing is for humanity to consider itself addicted, spoiled and corrupted and quickly get into recovery with 1 child per family for a few generations.

Can we control ourselves? Would we do it to assure future generations have a chance at a better life? Or, life at all?