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Forum Post: How long have you been a slave?

Posted 2 years ago on Feb. 15, 2012, 1:13 a.m. EST by DiegoAlbanese (1)
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Most people think they have been slaves since birth. The truth is, you have been slaves for generations and generations. After dying, we reincarnate into the next generation of slaves. Yesterday, you were building pyramids, and, today, you are working for multinational corporations, the money and power machines of the Global Elite.

You fail to understand this because your mind is being controlled by advanced computer chips created by the Global Elite thousands of years ago from alien technology.

OWS must fight this madness. We must come together and step out of the matrix. Go to a doctor and get your body scanned. You most likely have a tiny chip implanted somewhere in your body. Usually, it's placed inside your left knee cap.

Let's not let the Global Elite take control of our minds.

If you have managed to make it out, tell us about your experience. Tell us how we can fight the Global Elite and their hyper modern technology.

Renaye did a great job at reporting Svali's story here:

Perhaps you have more information to help us and OWS?



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